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The danger of sex: the exchange of karma
Business: the pause of the great Master
Give me admiration!
Why do we need past partners?
Freedom of choice and responsibility for fate
Love, risk and adventure: the simplest way to fulfill your wishes
Thy will be done! My will be done?
Show-off is more expensive than money or how to make money?
Cosmic logic: multiply money by parting with money
Grab the customer by greed: motivational whirlpools of money trainings
One-time love
Evolution versus happiness
Harmful goals
Finding your destiny by the plan of three priorities
Inappropriate people
Love and Death from the perspective of quanta
Spiritual attractions
How does the Soul form the blows of Fate?
Efficiency in action: three years to form a skill
Family scandals as a blocker of luck
I'm a girl. I can do it!
The illusion of a family based on melodramas
Stupidity Ceremony: a battle between loved ones
Taking responsibility: who owes whom and to whom?
Sex and money: what do people have under masks?
Stories from practice: what do you want, beautiful?
How do I find out my energy level?
Cheating: How does an ideal partner kill love?
Spiritual deception: How does lying to yourself lead to cheating?
Pain Bonuses: why do we need suffering?
Brain versus Personality: What kind of trash is sitting inside?
Typical misconceptions about freedom and awareness
How to shape the future?
How do you know that God hears you?
Desires: how fear leads to pain, and relaxation to bliss?
How does female upbringing paralyze men?
Women's money: want more or have more?
Genre classics: if you want, he pays
I want love: sex, hormones, neurons and money
Hero label and the paradox of suffering
Hormonal boom: divorce for wimps
Illusions of love: What do you need from another person?
Kill Cinderella and become happy
Neural paradox: people don't need money
The Law of Retribution against "Irreparable Good"
Flights to despair: how to suffer properly?
Yes It will be Better This way
Crisis of Power
Business luck doesn't work fast
Money or enlightenment
Profit technique in love and business
When the rich cry
The only sin
Your life does not belong to you
Program failure: male girlfriends and testosterone women
Love is the greatest danger for us
The practice of conscious "control": expanding perception in one day
Who is good here or who is happy here?
Secrets of love: you don't know who suits you
Stories from practice: where revenge leads
Harmful tips for faithful wives and faithful mistresses
What is the danger of "love" with the rich and nasty?
The Health. The Energy. The Relationships
The crown of celibacy: magic with the abolition of logic
Instinct of wisdom: the practice of getting rid of suffering
Secrets of love: tasting through bed
Fate: predestination or awareness?
The Millennium question: on what date is it possible?
Stories from practice: grab luck by the wallet
You, Love and the Cosmic humor
Stories from practice: a million shades of black
The technology of prayer: safety technique
The technology of prayer: how to effectively ask for health
The technology of prayer: how to effectively ask for money
Make God laugh with your spirituality
Freedom of choice: is loving right or effective?
Apocalypse: life in the age of change
Antakarana: captured light
Meditation: getting rid of illusions
How to find your person?
The importance of the physical body and fast neurons
Risks and benefits of astral travel
Indivisible energy and the phenomenon of our world
Astral travel and the principle of quantum mechanics
Astral travel and the way home
How we fly: every night you travel
The structure of God: what God looks like
The structure of God: our Universe is not alone in God
High-frequency energy: cutting off energy ties
Stories from practice: what leads to strokes of fate
Stories from practice: dust to dust, love to love
Stories from practice: threesome love as a gift of fate
Learning about Love as a Force: higher yoga for two
Learning Love as a Force: love by birthright
The program of fear as a training for the Soul
Love and Fear
Collapse PracticePractice
Collapse <i class='bi bi-globe'></i>Structure of the UniverseStructure of the Universe
What to do to start practicing
The most Important things to understand
Q&A on common topics
Q&A on practices
All troubles can be resolved competently
People's reviews with feedback
Collapse <i class='bi bi-magic'></i>Getting rid of sufferingGetting rid of suffering
Getting rid of the past experience
Deconstructing hypnotic beliefs
Circle of Antakarana
Trataka for working with the past
40 days
Returning energy from the facility
Saying goodbye to the past
Squeezing out pain
Meditation: Relief from suffering
Breathing: Recipe for despair
Collapse <i class='bi bi-heartbreak'></i>If you're in despairIf you're in despair
To beat or not to beat? Beat!
What to do if you want to die immediately
Facts for those who want to say goodbye to life
Life after suicide
If a partner or child blackmails you by suicide
How to get rid of a rapist
Collapse <i class='bi bi-lightning-charge'></i>Energy enhancementEnergy enhancement
Discovering the life forces
Ashwini Mudra
Connection to the center
Practice working with the flow of water
Sunlight breathing
Pineal/Third eye training
Toothbrush practice
Energy balance training
Collapse Impulse practicesImpulse practices
A question to death
Collapse <i class='bi bi-lungs'></i>Breathing practicesBreathing practices
My Vipassana. Vision and forgiveness
Abdominal Vacuum (Uddiyana Bandha)
Nada Yoga Sadhguru
Lion's Yawn (Simha Kriya)
Qigong: Breathing for calm
San Dao: The practice of storing energy
Meditation with Sadhguru for success
Collapse <i class='bi bi-tropical-storm'></i>Sufi practicesSufi practices
Whirling Dervishes
Breathing to start meditation (prayer)
Breathing to release emotions
Breathing to relieve stress
Breathing to remove pain
Breath to remove Entities
Breathing to get rid of fear
Breathing to cleanse the body
Divine breath of fire
Collapse <i class='bi bi-calendar3'></i>Everyday practicesEveryday practices
How to sleep properly
Five Tibetan pearls
Contrast shower
Zhong Yuan Qigong exercises
Exercises for the spine
Knee exercises
Joint gymnastics
Foot massage
Meditations of the rays
Meditation: Entering the heart
Collapse <i class='bi bi-yin-yang'></i>Chinese MedicineChinese Medicine
Qigong exercises
Exercises to keep your hands warm
Popping body massage
Massages for heart and blood pressure normalization
Massages for women's health
Massage for memory impairment
Vision. Hearing. Healthy teeth
Massage if it hurts...
Collapse <i class='bi bi-person-heart'></i>Face &amp; Head massageFace & Head massage
Qigong facial massage
Magic tricks from Taisha Abelar
Head massage
Collapse <i class='bi bi-egg-fried'></i>Nutrition: A Practice of Mindful ConsumptionNutrition: A Practice of Mindful Consumption
Collapse Myths about Nutrition for weight lossMyths about Nutrition for weight loss
What is forbidden during the weight loss period?
Nutrition after strength training
Nutrition after a cardio workout
Are meals good for you?
Qigong: Massages for weight loss
Insulin index: How a fat cell grows
What to eat at night to lose weight?
What is the right way to drink water?
What is protein?
Sensitive issues
Belly fat: How do people make mistakes?
Music for practices
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