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Women's money: want more or have more?

Women's money: want more or have more

I know many women who have earned and are earning themselves. And they don't care that someone thinks that they are losers in their personal life and should have followed the path of a "happy marriage." These girls had a different fate. Not in the way prescribed in the right books and not in the way recommended in women's seminars. They certainly had relationships with great men. But the beautiful men broke up with them. In general, the scheme is known. It works for everyone, regardless of gender.

Many were left with children and without funds. Some with sick children, which further aggravated the situation.

These girls, as usual, were initially determined to wait for a miracle: someone was about to come and decide everything. Someone is the next man who will love her and her child. There will be a "real feeling, because God sees how I suffer, and He will definitely help." But at God, as always, has his own plans for humanity in general and for each character in particular.

When will the man appear?

Some girls turned to clairvoyants to get guarantees of the future. Some went to church. Some were crying and drinking with their girlfriends. They persistently tried to embody the classic scheme of the relationship between the sexes, which we discussed in the material Classics of the genre: you want, but he pays. They tried to conform to traditions and standards.

The question to fortune tellers and clairvoyants was always the same: "When will a man appear?". And the prayers were only for marriage. But God "for some reason" did not react, and the love spells did not work. And — Thank God that persuasion and human stupidity do not work on God. Because... The girls did not know what power they contained!

Yes, they all looked around with hope for a while, practiced loving different male objects, but happy families did not add up. They were crying again, as they should. They prayed again, as they should. And — they began to work furiously and earn furiously. So much so that if men knew how they masterfully solve issues now, how tough they are, they would slow down the arguments on the topic "a woman in business is not a competitor to us." Now hundreds of "cool guys" are working meekly under the authority of the "weaker sex".

Pain as a condition for a breakthrough

You know, if the number of single women with children increases, then in a couple of decades women will become the heads of most corporations and companies. And exactly those who were abandoned. It is those who have lost hope of love. This statement is based on facts.

For millennia, women could not voluntarily leave men, and men could not leave women. The way of society was designed in such a way that it was extremely difficult to get a divorce and disgusting for reputation. The formula "until death do us part" worked flawlessly, which, of course, with a successful "getting married" protected a woman from the outside world and directed her primordial power to the well-being of the family. The girls were guessing only at her husband. Marriage itself was already a guarantee of the future and satisfaction of the instinct of security. And women after marriage did not ask questions: "Is this my fate? What if I meet a better person?"

The changes took place only in the last century. And, really, if people didn't break up so easily, there wouldn't be a trend in women's business. Because...


If a person is in comfortable conditions, then he has much fewer opportunities to create a business than someone who is now desperate. Pain is a great condition for a jerk.

As I said in the article "Flights to Despair", hatred has a huge energy potential. You don't have to be afraid of her. It needs to be brought to the surface. It needs to be used properly.

Hatred has qualities that activate biological needs. And one of these needs is security, expressed in the availability of money.

After all, money is not needed to enjoy the beauty of printing and the quality of paper. Well, really, we are not such aesthetes. Money is just a use. It is better to be literate.

Using money wisely is a skill. It is quickly developed when you earn it yourself. And it doesn't work out at all when you're on maintenance.

Authority and reputation

In addition to the classic version of "happy marriage, if you are lucky right away", there is also a good option for the development of a woman's fate: you earn money yourself first, and only then you get married successfully. When you have a business, you naturally expand the opportunities to communicate with smart and well-off people. And you end up in a society where wealth is the norm.

In a rich society, you can only be represented. And, of course, after your reputation was assessed as impeccable. That's where the choice begins. It's worth studying and working for.

Of course, there are idiots in any team, but in the business sector they are easily recognized by several transactions. It is for these transactions that you look at how the partner assumes responsibility for fulfilling obligations. You don't even have to go on dates. Everything quickly becomes obvious.

And... After your personal capital works for authority and reputation, you beautifully marry a decent man. And — you invest his money qualitatively in yourself, in the house, and in the well-being of the family. He will be very grateful for such conscious behavior. And your opportunities will increase, because he will enjoy earning money for you and for you.

The real secret is a well—functioning brain

Of course, I understand that many girls think that it is very easy to enter a millionaire's club. It is enough to review the films "Pretty Woman" and "Secret" several times, make a "wish card", remember a few motivating slogans and — of course — believe in yourself! No...

The grounds that you are beautiful, your butt is pumped up, your face is tuned and new breasts are made — they work only in illusions, when applying for an internship in the first ancient profession, well, and in instadive posts. But remember, you can lie on social media! You can put any stunning photos from the rooms (sometimes toilets) of pretentious hotels. And languidly declare that "I only date millionaires." But — in fact — you are a kept woman, not a wife. And she has already put an end to her reputation.

Note that the wives of millionaires "for some reason" are not so bright with conscription forms and are not so young, but they have a real secret — a well-functioning brain. As one of the characters of the series "Unscrupulous" said: "It's harder to find an intelligent woman than a rich man." That's right. Prudent and wealthy men do not part with wise and devoted women. They are millionaires, not idiots.

That's why, girls... Therefore, boys...

If you are not in the mood to wait for mercy from nature, fate and future partners... If you don't like charity, because your brain is rebelling against the very concept... If you are tired of dreaming about "your man" and learn to live beautifully alone... Then start a business — any business that brings you joy, despite any difficult periods, "retrograde Mercury", viruses and crises — external and internal.

Enjoy it now. And all the bonuses of fate will naturally be applied to your enjoyment of the flow of life.

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