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Stories from practice: what leads to strokes of fate

Nobody will know

Interesting observation: people prefer not to remember compromises. They tell well about important events — in their opinion, of course: such as accidents, funerals, breakups, illnesses. People remember physical and mental pain well. But pain is already a consequence of the fact that the soul, brain, body have exhausted all the ways to reach the superficial mind, which many are very proud of. Result: "Ouch! Why is all this for me?"

Compromises are "seemingly" small points on the way, but which — when used incorrectly — turn into huge funnels of retribution.

Nobody will know?

The girl fell in love. The guy sympathized with her. They spent time together, but the relationship was friendly with a touch of flirting, understatement and aching uncertainty of the future. The girl dreamed of how they would be alone ...

At one party, she saw that "her" guy was hugging another. The disadvantages of the "other" were a 4th size chest, a thin waist and depraved behavior! I note: the girl imposed plans on the man, and not he — on her. She invented a joint future, and not he.

The girl was very upset, went home and there, crying in the bathroom, again anticipated how he would fall in love with her, and she would take revenge on her rival ... And then she was visited by a sweet thought: "Let's go now I'll go and see where his car is ... If at his entrance, then tomorrow I will behave like this ... And if at her entrance, then I will take revenge on him ... I don't know how yet, but I'll think of something ...". Hatred always suggests the "best" options. The main thing in this little story is that the girl was happy: "No one will ever know about this. I'll just go and see to understand how to act further.

Freeze. You are now remembering those "sweet" moments when you were alone with yourself, thought and did not yet embody something "well, not quite kind". You know for sure that you will not tell anyone about it, but you will do it and get "bonuses".

"A little" compromise. A little ashamed? Pinches inside? Long forgotten and covered with a load of lived years. It is a load, because compromise creates heaviness. It's like a wound that itches and itches a little, and then it becomes loneliness, illnesses and other "malignancies".

It is compromises that are the most important turning points of fate. And for their consequences there are many smart words in psychotherapy. They are all "correct". They work with what you remember, and not with what you don't want to remember.

... The girl Lena had already stepped over the threshold of the house to go hunting and fight with her rival and the whole world for her future. She reached for the door handle, full of righteous anger, and then it hit her: "I'm going to spy on people. And this secret act will stay with me forever." At that moment, Lena saw how two tunnels of her future diverge from the threshold of her house.

First option

She drives, sees his car at the entrance of the rival, cries sitting behind the wheel, then the tears dry up and options for punishing the unfaithful appear. She gets the chosen one through the mud.

At first he stays with the rival. Lena goes and asks the witch to help her tie the beloved. The witch fulfills the request.

The rival gives birth to a child from this man. The child dies. They break up. He comes to Lena. They live together for a while. No children. No love. There is only what she ordered on the love spell — he is next to her, tied, but does not even want to sleep with her. After a few years, he crashes in a car. Lena has a uterine tumor. They cure her, but there will never be children. She is left alone. And no man approaches her. She becomes fanatically religious and atones for sin. In the last picture — she is on her knees on the floor in the church. The action is interrupted.

Second option

She stays at home. Her "guy" marries the "fourth size", they have a child. Lena suffers from unrequited love. Lives alone. Switches to work. After two years of success in business, she meets her former classmate at a meeting on a new project. Two years ago he divorced his first wife. They start dating, get married. Two sons. She sees how they and the family of her "ex-boyfriend" and many more friends, whom she does not yet know, fool around near their country house: barbecue, music, songs ... Her husband and "ex" return from fishing. They are friends. They were supposed to become and became friends. Next to them, children cheerfully shout and demand something. She stands on the top step of the veranda and sees how her beloved busty friend carries a huge plate of salad and shouts: "Lenka, be careful. Step away from the steps. You are pregnant." And Lena feels pushes inside — this is the first time a new life manifests itself in her. A girl will be born.

Do you think Lena was so lucky that she saw her future? You always see it too. At the moment of compromise, it is enough for a second to stop yourself and ask, what will this decision lead to?

And now You Know Forever — Nothing can be hidden.

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