San Dao: the practice of energy storage

We are not our body, mind, pain and suffering.
We are a manifestation of eternal presence, love and consciousness.

Yu Jao Shin

Master Yu

Master Yu is the director of the San Dao International School, teacher and author of the book San Dao invitation to mountain Taoist practice. During many years of studying with various masters of wisdom and his own work, he created the method of "Applied Tao", which offers practical solutions for spontaneous healing and transformation of consciousness with the help of the breathing system.meditations. Master Yu helps people not to be afraid to take risks and live life to the fullest.

Energy storage practice

We always have enough energy inside and outside. When we need energy, it is always available. The main element of this practice is consciousness.

Connect your fingers in front of you in the lower abdominal area. Breathe calmly. Spread your arms a little. Perhaps you will feel an energy ball between your palms. Imagine that as you inhale, the balloon expands and the hands follow it. On exhalation, the ball contracts, and the hands follow it.

Inhale — expansion. Exhale compression.

There may be a feeling of warmth in the lower abdomen. Breathe. Then, on an inspiration, lift the balloon to your chest. And repeat: inhale expansion, exhale compression. There may be slight tingling or sensations of air density between the palms. Slowly begin to make circular movements with your palms relative to each other. Focus on the sensations in your palms and fingers. Expand your movements. Now the wrists and elbows are involved in the practice. Your hands are dancing. Feel the spiral spread of energy. There is a flow of energy around you. Always. Use it with the power of intention. Enjoy.

It doesn't matter if you felt something the first time (the tenth time) or not. For practice, it doesn't matter.

Energy recovery practice

In a life filled with a huge amount of information, which leads to stress for many people, it is necessary to stretch energy throughout the body, even if only for a few minutes a day. Master Yu recommends a simple practice to achieve this goal.

Sit straight in an open position. Stretch, bend over and twist your torso several times to the right and left. Interlace your fingers in front of you, lift your chin up and hit the chest area with your clasped hands. The shocks should cause vibration. After that, tap the back of the head with the pads of your fingers, then go to the crown, forehead, the area around the ears, return to the back of the head and back to the crown.

You can feel the stimulation in different places where the energy is blocked. In these places, consciously direct energy and do additional tapping.

Then, with your hands, without touching your face and body, stretch the energy over your face and down your body, washing yourself. Rub your palms until you feel hot, gather strength in them, close your eyes, put your palms on your face, hold for a while, then massage your face, neck, rub the back of your head. Pull the earlobes down and rub the ears intensively. Again, draw the energy from the head to the feet.

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