Инна Иванова Thursday, February 3, 2022

The danger of sex: the exchange of karma

The danger of sex: sharing karma

You have met another person... And this other one is very attractive at first. Although, perhaps, he is so attractive to you only as long as the desire to get a "new prize" includes hormones. Unfortunately, it is during this period that many people very quickly and recklessly build relationships, i.e. they rapidly get closer and have sex. But this has nothing to do with real union and real sex, which, in fact, is the highest spiritual practice.

If you are set up for a family as the most significant project in your life, then first you need to get to know a person mentally, i.e. find out if your analytical abilities match. The test is very simple: I wonder if you are together. Talk. Just talking. Without sex. Then there is a stage of emotional cognition.

Of course, the mental and emotional stages take place against the background of the spiritual component of the relationship, i.e. your souls, your electromagnetic fields exchange information. There is a certain reading of each other. At all levels. An excellent option if your souls are at the same level of development, i.e. both partners have a lot of diverse experience from past incarnations. But, unfortunately, the most common option is...

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Инна Иванова Saturday, February 3, 2024

Business: the pause of the great Master

Business: the pause of the great Master

There is a common trick of the mind that I observe in most business dreamers. Many of them like to talk about how they will rest, what they will drive, in what houses they will live. There is no money, but people spend it selflessly. And, strangely enough, — this is logical from the point of view of neurophysiology.

The brain does not care that the person does not have "colored paper", encrypted in a piece of plastic, the brain still releases dopamine. And the dreamer is in ecstasy from his future achievements. True, for many they then turn into unrealized desires, which slow down the fate, but — Oh! — for the "free" dopamine you have to pay.

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Инна Иванова Thursday, December 23, 2021

Give me admiration!

Give me admiration

There is a wonderful expression: "She made it up herself — she upset herself". And it always works for a hundred percent, regardless of gender. Of course, such behavior is attributed to women, but men are now not far behind the anxious ladies in terms of anxiety. Which is logical...

Behavior is determined not only by the differences in the work of the brain of men and women, not only by social affiliation, education and cultural traditions, but also largely depends on how a person forms a picture of the world.

Obviously, many people create models of reality from constant fear and inflated vanity. And these "bright qualities" do not have a sexual instinct, but multiply in a huge progression. And, of course, this is primarily facilitated by the dogmas of people who have not learned to live happily for thousands of years, but have learned to create rules "how to live".

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Инна Иванова Monday, November 15, 2021

Why do we need past partners?

What are past partners for?

We come into this life to work on the issues we couldn't handle in previous incarnations. Our task is
to make this life so intense that it becomes the last in the cycle of reincarnations.

The words "last life" don't sound scary, considering that many had hundreds of identical incarnations before. Without memory. Without strength. Without fire.

Remember the movie "Groundhog Day". A good comedy? Of course... Only the word "comedy" should be taken in quotation marks.

Imagine that one day repeats for you until you finally make everything in your life beautiful. This is how dozens or hundreds of incarnations go: the same people, the same lessons, the same actions that lead to the same result.

Result: death — reboot — another birth. And a new "day" without memory of the past.

But in this cycle of lives there are two positive aspects.

The first bonus: anyone would go crazy, seeing how foolish they acted before.

The second bonus: your soul comes into a new life with a full set of memories, experiences and skills.

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Инна Иванова Sunday, October 3, 2021

Freedom of choice and responsibility for fate

Freedom of choice and responsibility for fate

Today we will talk about such an ambiguous concept as freedom of choice. I have repeatedly used this phrase in articles, saying that everyone on this planet has it.

Ha, only in fact — this freedom of choice has everyone and everyone. What externally looks like a tempting bonus to fate or a spun brand, in fact — a colossal responsibility.

Freedom of choice — this is not a pleasant state, when I am so beautiful all make a decision, what to prefer: tea or coffee, Bali or Maldives, this person for sex/marriage or another and so on down the list.

This is not freedom!

For most people on the planet, this is just a list of desires, based on instincts, passions, hormones and, of course, on cultural traditions, accepted in different societies.

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Инна Иванова Friday, September 3, 2021

Love, risk and adventure: the simplest way to fulfill your wishes

Love, risk and adventure: the simplest way to fulfill your wishes

People are passionately talking about faith, love, freedom, responsibility, awareness, but as soon as external circumstances disrupt the usual course of things, many immediately experience emotions of anger and resentment...

Although everyone has heard a thousand times about the need to accept any situation and, of course, to be grateful for everything that happens.

I wrote in the article "Freedom of choice": "wish that something happens to you that you could not even dream of". Because it is when everything goes not according to plan, there is a reason to experience gratitude. Although at first glance it does not correspond to human logic.

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Инна Иванова Friday, July 16, 2021

Thy will be done! My will be done?

Thy will be done. My will be done.

Many people like to talk about freedom. Most often they talk about free will, freedom in decision making, freedom of choice. And we talk about it... Only...

To make all this a reality, you need to first understand that almost everything that people do in their lives is dictated by biological needs: eat, sleep, have sex, achieve goals, enjoy the results.

All this is programmed in the brain by the hierarchical instinct, the instincts of reproduction and survival, the centers of hunger, satiety and thirst in the hypothalamus. Therefore - freedom of choice is extremely limited in fact...

But, so that a person does not feel dependent on such rigid settings, in the brain there is an interpreter, who tells the person that he is the main one and he chooses himself. And what is so unusual that a person chooses? Right - what is already loaded into him at birth.

Absolutely all the goals to get something from the outside world - to become rich and successful, loved and in demand, realized and happy - are dictated by instincts.

The progress of civilization has been going on for centuries according to one evolutionary scenario. Therefore, most of the population of the Earth lives life after life, without breaking out of this cunning circle. Although this breakthrough is liberation.

Awakening from a thousand-year sleep is the very necessary charge for the process of Ascension at the moment of transformation of death, which guarantees the exit from the sphere of illusions.

So - evolution is the enemy of free will? No, of course...

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Инна Иванова Saturday, July 10, 2021

Show-off is more expensive than money or how to make money?

Show-off is more expensive than money or how to make money?

After the materials about money Grab the customer by greed, Multiply money by parting with money, When the rich cry and Luck in business the flow of questions continued about how to make money.

I will not reveal to you a great secret, but only give my personal version of adequate and very simple understandings, based on working with many successful businessmen and many naive dreamers. This, of course, is only short notes on some important points, because the topic of money is very extensive and interesting. You, as always, can do as you see fit. It is enough to check on your own experience. So...

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Инна Иванова Friday, July 2, 2021

Cosmic logic: multiply money by parting with money

Cosmic laws: multiply money by parting with money

For many, fear is a constant emotion that merges so much with consciousness that you don't notice it. I'm not talking about the fact that a person is directly shaken by fears for any reason. No, of course. Fear is very insidious and often looks like logic for the mind: "I will not risk/start my own business/fall in love now, because the political/economic/psychological situation is not suitable."

Then fear suggests a dozen reasons why a person can not do it today, tomorrow, always. And the person begins to actively "look for a way".

Searching for a way usually occupied by people who do not know where to go and what to do. They are not to blame for their condition — it is a neurosis and it is successfully treated. It's a pity only that often a person does not realize that he has such a state and writes off his neurosis to negative external circumstances. It is such neurotic personalities that are easiest to lure to trainings of "successful success".

After all, when a person is eaten from the inside by anxiety, then he is constantly looking for a Savior. Now especially welcome, that the Savior had also a considerable money capital, although the previous history of mankind successfully proved the opposite...

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