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Antakarana: captured light


Antakarana is the connection of the spiritual and the material, as it was originally conceived by the System of God... Even before the Big Bang.

Antakarana is a symbol of three sevens. Three is the interaction of three forces: male energy, female energy and the Spirit that binds them.

Seven is the number of our three-dimensional world. Seven notes, seven energy centers of subtle bodies, etc.

The life of each person is divided into segments of 7 years. There are other cycles, but we will not consider them in this material.

Every seven years, all the cells of the human body are renewed. Every seven years, a person becomes a completely new personality. And this personality must move to a new level of Antakarana with improved settings.

Antakarana is light that has taken a geometric shape. An effective code created for the development of manifested matter, so that people and other entities learn to love as a force.

In order for the previous sentences not to look too figurative, some explanations are needed.

In three-dimensional physical space, there are three basic pure colors — red, yellow, blue, by mixing which you get all the other colors and shades. There are also seven colors of the visible spectrum, into which a solar ray (white light) breaks down if you pass it through a triangular glass prism. Thanks to Sir-physicist Isaac Newton. He was the first to conduct an experiment on observing dispersion in the history of civilization known to us. And he proved that the seven "components of the rainbow" are the simplest colors that cannot be decomposed further.

When we talk about color, it is important to understand that this is not a property of light itself, but only a function of the human visual reproduction system, which is very poor. The human eye perceives electromagnetic radiation in a very narrow range of wavelengths from 380 to 740 nanometers.

Objects of the material Universe have no color. They only reflect light, as wavelengths, and are colored in certain colors, depending on the settings of the visual system of the "looking" entity.

Light is a stream of photons and running waves at the same time. And the higher the frequency of oscillations of light waves, the more energy the radiation carries.

The symbol Antakarana has a huge radiation, even if you see it in a "black and white" version or do not see it at all... For universal geometry, space is not determining, whether a person sees geometry or not. Geometry works regardless of our "cut" perception of radiation.

We interact with the symbol Antakarana through wavelengths, as with any other symbols of nature.

The symbol Antakarana does not belong to any of the teachings. Although it is often used in the Japanese practice of Reiki, as one of the symbols of healing, not being a traditional symbol of this system. In Tibet and China, it is considered a symbol of meditation.

The symbol Antakarana can be used by everyone without exception. And each one gives exactly those changes in fate that are necessary at this stage. No more. No less.

Analytical abilities of a person grow, physical body strengthens — the symbol begins to work differently: electromagnetic fields around you expand (the Soul grows!) and you are able to pass more light through yourself, i.e. more information that the collective consciousness of photons possesses. This is how we learn wisdom.

Saturday, April 11, 2020 9:36 AM 

Здорово! Благодарю за полезную информацию! ❤️ У меня как раз такой период — и происходят приятные изменения с моим телом и сознанием. 😃🙌

Monday, July 26, 2021 11:14 AM 

Согласна с Ramonak, очень интересная и полезная статья. Теперь этот символ сопровождает меня всегда.

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