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Neural paradox: people don't need money

Neural sex: people don't need money

Money is not "bad" or "good", "positive" or "negative". They are just colored paper and numbers on accounts, which people on this planet give value to as "destiny makers". But destiny doesn't care about money. And money doesn't care about destiny. Because — in essence — people don't need money. People are only interested in how they can satisfy biological needs, written in the brain. And there are only three needs: security system, hierarchy system, species preservation system. We don't consider Maslow's pyramid and other psychological/social needs. Only the brain and its original programs.

If you don't dive deep into neurophysiology, then the security system includes the famous "fight/flight" and the desire to learn new things. In the modern context — the desire to earn money.

Money in this case — is a mechanism for calming the mind, which conditionally protects from unforeseen dangers, when there are no predators nearby. Also money — is a necessity to move, learn, go forward and overcome difficulties.

Why do we need this? Very simple — with every cognition in the brain, a neurotransmitter dopamine is formed. And dopamine — is such a lovely hormone, which is released during sex, sports, and eating delicious food. Therefore...

Awareness — is a damn pleasant state — constant neural sex without additional actions, conventions and human dependencies.

The hierarchy system involves the need to understand who is the leader in the pack/society, and as a consequence — the desire to take a worthy place, i.e. to move up the career ladder. In the modern context — the desire for power. You can also call this inner urge — the desire for realization.

Well, the need for "species preservation" — is getting pleasure from recognition, understanding, communication. People call this state "love". Although the need for admiration has nothing to do with real love. It's just a biologically prescribed program — the desire to admire a stronger entity (God, guru, teacher, husband, boss, oligarch, rock star). And at the same time the need to get admiration from — from relatives, colleagues, business partners, etc.

Cosmic trick

Many people write to me asking why they didn't become dollar millionaires, even though they did everything right: they used all the postulates, dogmas and technologies of business trainers for many years. In general — they are cool by all parameters, but they still couldn't cross that border, which seemed so close, but still remained unreachable.

You know, there is an explanation that you won't like: "I didn't become a millionaire, because I didn't plan to be one in this life. Unfortunately, I don't remember what I wished for before I was born, but obviously it wasn't my priority." There is a cosmic trick in making you be "very rich". It's just written in the script, which people are used to calling fate.

They say about rich people that money sticks to them and luck favors them. This is certainly true and it is related to the passage of a certain period of soul growth and liberation from the karma of previous incarnations.

By the standards of our quantum mind, having "a lot of money" / "a lot of power" — is not a reward for previous successes, but a temptation comparable to retribution. Few people pass it worthily...

And those who manage to understand that all this tinsel with the pursuit of money and power was a "setup", cry about the missed opportunities of "ordinary" friendship and love, which they postponed for later. Then enlightenment comes. Definitely. Only after decades spent on the pursuit of happiness illusion.

Cosmic humor: to want and get what is not important, to have time to be disappointed and not to have time to "replay".

The desire for pleasure wins

Be very careful with unconscious/imposed/social/fashionable desires, otherwise my favorite fate-making rubric "years went by" will pass through your life.

Years went by, and you never became a dollar millionaire. Time passes right now, and you spend hours of life on dissatisfaction, thinking about why it didn't work out, didn't succeed, didn't build.

Years went by, and true love never happened to you. Also a common regret...

And now dig deep into your memory: what did you want? Love? No, it's just a word that you use. You wanted convenience. You wanted admiration. You wanted worship. Such a nice person, trained to please you.

Did you want money? Come on! You wanted or still want security. Your desire to earn money stems from the biological need to be protected, which is expressed both in the desire for new — cognition, and in the desire to be in the "comfort zone" — as if something "uncontrollable by me" didn't happen.

The consciousness of personality is torn between these two "formulas". On the one hand, boredom kills "fate" and leads to depression, on the other hand — it's scary to change something. But... The desire for pleasure always wins in a healthy brain!

So, let's remember: if your desire to earn money is based on the biological program of security, then you won't be able to persuade the brain that you need more than anyone else. The brain knows exactly that you ate today, drank and the beasts are not chasing you right now. Therefore, he is indifferent to your desire.

Surprise the brain with a great idea

Do you think I want to dissuade you from becoming millionaires? What are you! I'm all for us all being very rich! How to do it? Surprise the brain with a great idea.

What is a great idea? It's not just something to come up with or do something. It's to start the organism so that dopamine is constantly released in the brain even just from the fact that you think about your — specific — project.


You don't think about money. You take action to implement a project that will make people's lives better. By the way, this is how million and billion startups work in Silicon Valley.

This is the great idea — not to enrich yourself, but to create something new — to become a co-creator of the future. It is on the new, unknown, "unattainable" that dopamine is released. Only in this case the brain agrees and accepts the task for execution. The electromagnetic fields around you change and conditions for achievement begin to form in your life, which people then call "luck".

Cognition — is the best sex, which stimulates the production of dopamine — the hormone of pleasure. We are always delighted with the new. We are always delighted with the changes, even if they look like disasters and revolutions. We are always delighted with what excites us. We — in this context — are our brain.

Therefore — we use intention: "I make efforts every day to act at the maximum of possibilities". The maximum of possibilities — does not mean to work a lot, so that they raise your salary or you can buy something or go somewhere. No!

The maximum of possibilities — is to act so beautifully, that for the very idea of living as you feel, you could give your life.

Monday, November 2, 2020 12:31 AM 

Благодарю, прекрасная, за эту важную статью!!! Очень все отзывается!!! Жизнь прекрасна, когда мы живем и творим ее сами!!!! Только Во Благо!!! 

Friday, November 6, 2020 11:27 PM 

Спасибо Инна! Самая нужная для меня  статья! Люблю.

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