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One-time love

One-time love

Now existence has become so "civilized" that it is difficult for men to feel like warriors and knights, so many unconscious personalities strive to become macho and millionaires. And many women are no longer interested in being kind and faithful "ladies of the heart", because they were imposed the notion that they should fight among themselves for these very macho and millionaires. Both men and women who practice this approach to life are unhappy.

Men complain that women are mercantile and only want their money, and women are unhappy that the world is filled with infantile boys.

And a huge number of representatives of our species have the illusion that if not today, then tomorrow they will meet someone for a living using one-time meeting applications.

Well, my friends, where is the minimum logic here?..

If people were free

"Tempting" high-speed mating under the slogan "get to know each other better" in general it does not guarantee a fateful meeting with "your man". Of course, most people don't care about that. Of course, most people will choose sex. Of course, most will enjoy it. Of course, most will break up immediately after sex or after a few dates. Of course, most people don't have a "problem" with this. How fashionable it is now to say "everything is normal": today one prince, tomorrow another, today one princess, tomorrow another. Of course, after many meetings in the format of "one-time love", even the most pumped alpha males and sex goddesses become depressed, because people do not need sex in the public domain... Everyone needs a "soul mate" who understands and accepts so that it is warm to live inside.

Now let's say that people were told that they no longer needed to look for anything, that they were free. Yes, they are free. Including from the search for love from external sources. And everything that is necessary for happiness is already in everyone. And people would "suddenly" realize the beauty of creation.

People could have sex and not get stuck on it. These would be psychologically healthy individuals who would be happy to do a pleasant thing, and then thank their partner for the time they spent together. But they wouldn't make a tragedy or a comedy out of it. Or... We wouldn't have sex at all if we didn't want to. And it would not be considered shameful. And people wouldn't be bombarded with all this popular hyped nonsense about how they should do it, how often, how many times and at what age.

Then alliances would be created on the basis of intimacy, and not on the condition of "wow, we managed to rub against each other." It seemed warmer outside, but somehow empty inside.

All people are looking for reciprocity and spiritual penetration. But then why do many people build relationships only on physical contact? After all, they are usually fine with sex, if you do not take into account certain neuroses and pathologies.

It's not about the sex process itself...

Sex is arranged by evolution in such a way that no one is in danger of a Nobel Prize for discoveries in this field: whatever you do there, billions of entities have been doing all this for billions of years before you.

The real process of sex takes a short period of time, but thoughts about sex take up a huge amount of resources.

Most of humanity has neurons constantly mating, not bodies. This is a senseless waste of both energy and time.

An extraordinary prize

By the way... After the article Evolution vs. happiness messages started pouring in. The material contained a very "unpleasant" answer to a very important question: "My God, why don't you give me true love, and what you give is not the same all the time?". Simply: "Because you, my wonderful man, still love in a way that is convenient for you to take, and not so beautiful to give."

The general trend of many letters is: "Well, how is that?! I've done so much to get true love. I know how to love!" Eh... I know...

You sincerely believe that you always do more for another person than he does for you. This is a typical trick of consciousness. Plus, a sense of self—importance brought to the point of absurdity.

Now many people regard themselves as an extraordinary prize, for which the partner must fight and prove with all his might that he is worthy of such a lottery win in life. No!..

If you have such thoughts about yourself, then it is safe to conclude that you are an ordinary infantile neurotic trying to disguise your fear under the appearance of coolness.

Illusions... Selfdeception.. It is logical to remove such postulates from consciousness. Otherwise, you will get burned and suffer over and over again.

Giving love is beautiful

There is only one way to give people your beautiful emotions and your beautiful love — without demanding in return either love, understanding, or admiration for your outstanding qualities. Only you want an assessment of your merits — at the same moment you drain the energy. De-energize yourself.

When this happens, suffering begins, because — as I have repeatedly stressed — people love only your energy in you, i.e. my condition is next to you.

As soon as you start clinging to a relationship, you rapidly lose energy and become unattractive to the opposite sex.

Your actions to drain emotions from another person resemble the actions of a vampire, not a loving person. They begin to be subconsciously afraid of you, although outwardly you really "invest in a relationship." But sticking in a partner causes him to resist, because a psychologically healthy person feels such worship as deprivation of free will. No one likes to feel obligated. Especially for love.

And you, of course, continue to insist on your "great sacrifice" and do not accept the detached behavior of your partner, and assign him to blame for your suffering, i.e. place your neurosis in him.

To understand that he is to blame for the breakup is sometimes very painful, but very effective for later life.

Well... And if your partner is also prone to similar neuroses, then, of course, you will create a couple in which you will constantly be dissatisfied with each other, but it will be extremely difficult to separate.

Yes... The chances of meeting "your love" in this wonderful world are limited precisely by rejection.

Not accepting other people is a low level of energy. It's only enough to take a person's emotions towards you and evaluate how much they love you. But...

It is impossible to love more or less. You either love me or you don't. You are either loved or not.

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