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Stories from practice: what do you want, beautiful?

Stories from practice: what do you want, beautiful?

The girl was "terribly" lucky. She met a successful man: a car, a house, an apartment, and... a wife. It took her a long time to get it. She was both modest and persistent. She withstood all the hardships of fighting with other contenders for a comfortable place next to him. She became a lover in a rented apartment. But all her further tricks about being better than her lawful spouse ran into an impenetrable wall. He spoke firmly: "If you want to live in luxury and receive gifts, not a word about your wife."

After six months, this state of affairs began to strain her. On the advice of a friend, she went to an appointment with a sorcerer to enchant her lover. The sorcerer agreed to work with her, but said that she would pay hard for her desires. The girl didn't really believe in "all these things", so she laughed at him:

— You're giving me crap here, Grandpa. Do you want to fill the price? I came because all my friends go to places like you and feel great. So come on, do what you have to do, take the money and work. If everything works out, I'll bring it back.

— So what do you want, beautiful? Repeat.

— Here's a photo. I want him to get divorced and then marry me.

— All? It's good that you want so little, you don't have enough strength to withstand more ...

Was life a success?..

Six months later, her lover divorced his wife, and they had a lavish wedding.

Everything was perfect for several years. Like in a dream. He is constantly working, she is constantly resting. Houses, cars, yachts, islands, cocktails...

From idleness, she fell in love with humiliating the servants. More precisely, she believed that they all needed to be educated. She enthusiastically told her friends about what incompetents and freaks come to hire "her" for work.

I did a "tuning" of the figure, I corrected something in the face. Now all this beauty had to be walked. Her husband had long been accustomed to her appearance and paid little attention to the "quirks" of his new wife.

The man started having problems in business, so he had one answer to her whining tone: "Take the money, just leave me alone." She became a regular visitor to fashionable hangouts.

In the captions to the photo on social networks, she was invariably called a "socialite." It warmed up my ego. She thought life was a success.

...And suddenly there came an unexpected turn in the fate of our arranged and thoughtful girl. At one of the parties, she met a well-known metropolitan musician. Oh, how different he was from her aged and tired husband: light, tanned, fit macho man with huge blue eyes.

After the club, they went to see him. The apartment has full-length windows. A careless environment, a slight mess. There are a lot of funny people around. To defuse the situation, he brews tea with "wonderful" mushrooms and, closely assessing her cleavage, offers to try it.

She is afraid, but everyone around laughs and says that it's not drugs at all, but just pampering for the mood. Then someone takes out a white powder and beautifully, like in a movie, makes tracks on a glass table. There are so many new things! What a pleasant nutty taste! That's why it's called a "nut.".. And a little bitter! And it's so great!.. He takes her into the bedroom.

Returning home. Boredom. We have to go to the club again. Her real friends are there. There she tries something nice again. Oh, yes, the "green apple" is called. It's easy to remember. Then a little more and they go to her new friend's apartment. Now it's just the two of us. The best sex of her life... Here it is — love!

She divorced her husband. He left her an apartment, a car, and money in the account. And he — with relief — returned to his first wife, begging her forgiveness.

She thought it was love...

Real life was beginning. It turned out that her new lover is also a co-owner of the club. They slept during the day. We hung out at night. But it came to intimacy less and less often and only after drugs. The process began to be suspiciously delayed. At first, she took it for great masculine strength, but over time she realized that for so long he could only have sex under stimulants. Without the drug, he had no desire at all. They got drunk and had a heart-to-heart talk. He said that his feelings from sex had long been dulled. And it's getting harder for him to have an orgasm. But it is necessary, otherwise he will not fall asleep.

The man was very worried, promised to be treated. Then, more and more often, he did not come to spend the night. She was calling people she knew. I found it in various vipers. I was taking her home. He was crying and apologizing or trying to break away and run away. He was breaking down more and more often. He sat in the shower and poured hot water on his head for hours. Then I drank vodka, watched porn, smoked and dreamed of falling asleep... Several times she wanted to pack up and leave, but something held her back. She thought it was love...

Just a couple of steps...

Soon she needed a hot shower to relieve the tension. Otherwise, nightmares came to her more and more often from taking drugs: she was strangled, then she was chased with a knife, then "just" someone invisible walked around the house, and his steps measured the time of her life. One day she was so scared that she ran out onto the balcony and even wanted to jump, but looked down and was afraid that she would look ugly down there.

The man found her shaking with fear. He said something about a bad trip — a bad trip... Things happen... But she was only thinking about how she was flying from the balcony and easily dying of a broken heart in flight, if only not from hitting the ground.

The girl was interested in only one question: "Is it possible to die easily because life has become unbearable?". She imagined that she could finish everything quickly. She's going to do it now. He's going to get up and do it.

Just a couple of steps... And the pain will go away, she will float in a black velvet space and smile.

She closed her eyes and for some reason decided to pray as best she could before going to the balcony. And then I saw the face of the old sorcerer, and I heard his question again:

— So what do you want, beautiful? Repeat.

— I want to die. Give me the strength to die.

— That's it?

— Excuse me. I was such a beast and a fool. Did you do all this?

— No, baby. I didn't do anything. You did everything Yourself...

Then the "grandfather" laughed and said:

— Live a little longer, beautiful. Just don't do any more bullshit.

On the same day, she moved into her apartment. We met after these events and canceled her past "inappropriate actions" so that they no longer affect the fate of people. The sorcerer was also thanked separately, although I would call him a mystic and a philosopher.

At my insistence, the girl underwent rehabilitation at a private medical clinic. She also hopes that she will be able to get her friend to be treated. She hopes, but she's not sure. Unfortunately, I am sure that heroin is more pleasant to him now than life.

But the girl got a job after rehabilitation, took preparatory courses and.. I did one of my favorite and "hardest" practices — I went to study!

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