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Inappropriate people

Inappropriate people

Beautiful people who have gone through "spiritual" seminars and trainings often tell me at meetings that now they "consciously give others the right to be free in their opinions, deeds and actions".

Beautiful people have been learning this "correct" state for years, and now they are proud of themselves. And I, of course, am proud of them, because they persistently strive to be independent of external judgments. But...

I have to translate their "positive thinking" into the mainstream of mindfulness with strange questions:

— Do you really give someone the right to be free? And are you sure you have what you give?..

I have already said many times — and I will repeat: many people like to give what they do not have. Because...

When you have something and it is natural, you do not brag about it. It's like breathing... Do you brag about breathing? No! But why then do you brag about love and freedom?..

So think before you say again: "I have this". Maybe you just repeat after others the popular phrases to be in the topic. Do not... All this motivational nonsense only increases the gap between illusions about yourself and reality about yourself...

Features of a cunning consciousness

Of course, you know how it is now customary to reason: "I am lonely for now, but as soon as „someone“ appears, I will give him my love". So give your love to yourself, a friend, your loved ones. Why wait for that unfortunate one, whom you are going to make happy with neuroses under the common slogan "I have been waiting for you for so long"?

The phrase "I will give my love" is addressed to the future. And this means that now "I am afraid to be self-sufficient and independent, so it is profitable for me to invent that I am waiting for love". And there — again in the future — "I will give freedom and happiness to my worthy partner". "I love" this innocent clarification — worthy...

First, pay attention to the cunning of thought — the partner must be necessarily worthy, i.e. corresponding to expectations. We translate into honest language — we get convenient.

The fear of risking — going into reciprocity with another person — is a continuation of the fear of not meeting your own illusions about yourself.

Here we cheerfully send greetings to parents, anxious childhood, frightened youth and nervous exes, who formed such thinking.

It is because of the fear of not meeting expectations that many people enthusiastically talk about what the partner should be like. Typical neurosis of hypertrophied self-esteem: "I am so cool that I know how you should love me".

Secondly, inside themselves, anxious representatives of humanity have clearly built boundaries that cannot be violated. Oh, how much has been written and said about these boundaries. Someone is constantly violating someone's boundaries...

Thirdly, most people stubbornly terrorize God with appeals: "I want... I want... I want... I want love!"

Do you want love? Or maybe you mean by this slogan getting in use a "suitable" person? And all the people around, as if to spite, are some unsuitable...


Wanting love — is to pass the tests on the ability to give, not to receive. Therefore, when a partner appears, only temporary hormonal relief occurs... And then again the "boundaries" of the precious personality, which is so easy to offend by "non-compliance with expectations", come into play.

Yes... People come into our lives and over time can hurt, because there is a battle of hierarchical instincts. And here — there are no winners, only — the injured: neurotic consciousness is clearly tuned to fight and suffer, not to joy and knowledge. And only...

Getting rid of illusions/vanity/hyperbolized self-esteem leads to impeccable comprehension of meanings. The real vision of what you were striving for only a safe life changes your destiny, future, and understanding of love.

We know ourselves through relationships with other people. We know God through relationships with other people. This is the Law. And that is why these people are always so unsuitable...

Cosmic humor. Cosmic logic. Cosmic fairy tale. Cosmic initiation of wisdom.

Only unsuitable people make us happy. Only unsuitable people make us mindful.

The only boundary — is Death

Now about the most important aspect — about the "boundaries" that cannot be violated.

Wake up — our only boundary — is Death. And I assert with full responsibility — no matter what is happening in our lives now — we all have everything going great!

Every breath. Every exhalation brings us closer to Death. This force exerts — a hundred percent effect. And the closer we are to it, the stronger the impact. The result of this impact is called cleansing.

And death certainly gives freedom and love in full measure. Therefore, now it is necessary to simply understand that a mindful person has no right to "give" freedom and love to anyone. This is not a "girls in active search" campaign under the slogan "quickly gave". This is...

The highest meaning of human life — to be free and loving oneself, and to share this power with others.

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