Magic techniques from Taisha Abelard


All our emotions are reflected on the face to a greater extent than in all other parts of the body. Therefore, we must release the tension that accumulates here, using magical techniques and the intention that accompanies them.

From the book by Taisha Abelard "The Magical Transition"

Taisha Abelard is a well-known anthropologist and one of the female warriors of Carlos Castaneda's group. In the book "Magical Transition", Taisha described simple and effective exercises with which the magicians of ancient Mexico trained intention. The facial massage described in this book is often called magical, because the result of beauty and health is achieved through the disclosure of additional energy resources.

Now I will give some excerpts from the 10th chapter of the book "Magic Transition" for a better understanding of the material.

"The point of magic techniques is to help a person look young and not to let wrinkles form. This meaning is determined in advance by the force itself. Wherever the energy is concentrated, as happens in the case of using magic techniques, we call it power. Power is a concentrated energy that accumulated by itself or by someone's will.

"Each of us has enough energy to achieve the result of a magic trick with the help of intention: to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, for example. That's all we can do, because the result is maintaining our vigor and youthful appearance.

"There should be nothing careless or accidental in your movements. Perform them while in a state of complete concentration, as if you are doing a very important thing.

"This set of magical techniques should be performed every day until they cease to be massage-like movements and turn into what they really are: The techniques of magic.

Technique of execution

1. Place your left palm on your forehead and make circular movements with it. Then pass your hand over the top of your head and further in the direction of the back of your head, and then shake your hands and fingers in the air.

Repeat these movements and shaking several times.

These circular movements prevent wrinkles from appearing on the forehead.

2. Rub each thumb intensively against the palm of the opposite hand and place your fingers on the bridge of your nose. Now start making light movements in different directions along the eyebrows in the direction of the temples.

This technique helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows.

3. After quickly rubbing your index fingers against each other like sticks for making fire, apply them vertically to your nose from both sides and gently swipe them several times on the sides of your cheeks.

This will help to clean the internal cavities.

4. Quickly rub your palms against each other, and then with long, strong movements, run them over your cheeks from your chin to your temples. Repeat this movement seven times, making it smooth and slow.

This technique will help prevent sagging cheeks.

5. Pressing your thumb to your palm, bring the inner edge of your hand to your upper lip and rub it from side to side with intense sawing movements.

If you quickly rub the place where the nose and upper lip connect, then you can feel the influx of energy in small, even portions.But if large amounts of energy are needed, then they can be obtained by tingling a point on the gum above the upper teeth, which is located just under the upper lip below the nasal septum.

Remember this technique is very effective when you feel drowsy: rub this place quickly, and it will temporarily restore your vigor.

6. Move your index fingers under your chin, again using quick sawing movements.

Massaging the point that is under the chin helps to calm down and concentrate. We can act on this point in the position of sitting on the floor with our chin on a low table.

After a while, you may feel that your body relaxes, and tingling sensations rise along the spine, which reach the head itself. Breathing becomes deeper and more rhythmic.

7. Another way to activate the point under the chin is to, lying on your stomach, clench your hands into fists and put them under your chin, placing your fists on each other.

While doing this exercise, you should strain your fists in order to create pressure on your chin, and then relax them, reducing this pressure.

Tension and relaxation of the fists creates pulsations that direct energy in small portions to the vital center, which is located at the base of the tongue. Perform this exercise carefully so as not to cause pain in the throat.

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