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Thy will be done! My will be done?

Thy will be done. My will be done.

Many people like to talk about freedom. Most often they talk about free will, freedom in decision making, freedom of choice. And we talk about it... Only...

To make all this a reality, you need to first understand that almost everything that people do in their lives is dictated by biological needs: eat, sleep, have sex, achieve goals, enjoy the results.

All this is programmed in the brain by the hierarchical instinct, the instincts of reproduction and survival, the centers of hunger, satiety and thirst in the hypothalamus. Therefore - freedom of choice is extremely limited in fact...

But, so that a person does not feel dependent on such rigid settings, in the brain there is an interpreter, who tells the person that he is the main one and he chooses himself. And what is so unusual that a person chooses? Right - what is already loaded into him at birth.

Absolutely all the goals to get something from the outside world - to become rich and successful, loved and in demand, realized and happy - are dictated by instincts.

The progress of civilization has been going on for centuries according to one evolutionary scenario. Therefore, most of the population of the Earth lives life after life, without breaking out of this cunning circle. Although this breakthrough is liberation.

Awakening from a thousand-year sleep is the very necessary charge for the process of Ascension at the moment of transformation of death, which guarantees the exit from the sphere of illusions.

So - evolution is the enemy of free will? No, of course...

Restless mind

Evolution knows that if you leave a person alone with himself, then the individual will either go crazy or become a Master of awareness. But the option of enlightenment is difficult to achieve without special training or a special structure of electromagnetic fields. Therefore, not to throw people into the abyss of despair, and so that we could comprehend the essence of creation gradually, evolution has provided us with a brain, which on the one hand is a high-quality cosmic mechanism, which does not obey the carriers. And on the other hand - it is an engine that makes us develop, i.e. constantly pushes us to want something and do something for it.

Evolution is aware that an unconscious person who is left alone with himself without external stimuli and does not know how long it will last, falls into anxiety.

The restless mind, which does not need to fulfill the requirements of biological needs, begins to eat a person, extraordinarily aggravating fear and accumulated pain of the past. If Robinson Crusoe on a deserted island did not have to solve the problems of survival, i.e. food, water, bed were in constant access and were accompanied by the absence of predators and natural disasters, then he would have nothing left but to enjoy solitude, look at the earth, sun, stars and meditate. But...

Modern man - and only conditionally reasonable - does not know how to meditate, because he understands meditation as relaxation of the body and calming of the mind. Yes, at the initial stage of cognition let it be so. Because real meditation is the highest concentration of energy in the absence of physical and social actions. But without physical and social actions, a person does not feel his importance. But when he solves problems, i.e. is in the wheel of biological rhythms, he feels his necessity, involvement, exclusivity. As they say, he feels alive.

So what kind of freedom of choice are we talking about? Freedom to execute the program? Exactly. To execute the program of evolution.

The power of instincts

The main quantum players of the Universe - energy, including space and time, and evolution, engaged in the transformation of matter for further development of the universe, - do not care about human feelings and experiences.

This, of course, is painful to hear, but you have to accept the fact that until the cocoon of electromagnetic fields of a person lights up with awareness, the person does not shine especially.

At this stage of development - he is given to the power of instincts and evolution. God sees him, as well as any atom of any object. And - notice - loves, as well as all creation, but does not attach special importance... More precisely, he does not see the necessary competence to interact on an equal footing. For example, you can be very touched by children, love and protect them, but you will not solve current issues with them.

The quantum system through the program of evolution protects its people - its beloved children - its beloved matter from high-frequency vibrations of dark energy and dark matter, which occupies after all 96 percent of the Universe. Well, generally incomparable numbers! And this is if you take into account the fact that of the remaining 4 percent of manifested matter - 3 percent are clouds of gas and dust, in which new stars are born, and we...

We - all possible civilizations with all kinds of entities, billions of stars and billions of galaxies - make up no more than one percent of the Universe.

Therefore, all these rigid norms of evolution with all the wheels of samsara, reincarnations, karma are simply necessary for the development of entities.

People are on Earth, as in a reserve, with the most comfortable living conditions. And the fact that the electromagnetic fields of the soul track the state of each and add retribution for what has been done or burn karma, as in enlightenment, then all this is a simplified mode of cognition: plus a hundred lives or minus a hundred lives for the entity, which has no memory of past incarnations, does not matter at all. Just numbers. Just some kind of knowledge...

Break out of the plan of evolution

But then... When a person creates a shining sphere from himself, then he immediately comes to the increased attention of the quantum system. Only - as always - there is a cosmic paradox...

At this stage of development, a person has no desires dictated by biological instincts. And... I understand that it is even strange to think about it: after all, a "normal" person does not understand how he will live, if something in his brain does not dictate to him what to want and what to do.

To break out of the strategic plan of evolution is freedom. And it causes inner terror.

For example... You can easily say: "Thy will be done, Lord". And now try... My will be done, Lord.

Well - do you feel the difference? Of course...

Here it is - the inner fear of a biological creature, which "rises against its father". But!.. This is the same natural state of the quantum system - when the will of God, the will of the conscious person, the will of each atom - are one whole. It's scary even to think... But it really transforms thinking. And makes you remember - We are one.

We are Together.

Always All Together.

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