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Brain versus Personality: What kind of trash is sitting inside?

Brain versus Personality: what kind of trash is sitting inside?

Dangerous delusions of thinking enslave minds. Many people who play with external awareness seriously want to dominate the brain — a powerful server on which a small, unpretentious program with the beautiful name "personality" is installed. And the brain manipulates people with ease. He has all the resources to do what he sees fit, without taking into account the opinion of consciousness. And at the same time send a signal to your carrier that "everything is going exactly as prescribed," that you are a human being "doing what is needed" and you are "always right." And a person, thanks to this brain function, is "consciously sure" that this is exactly what he thinks ...

Evolution has made it so that a person is obviously deprived of the opportunity to fully own his body. For example, to control the vegetative system — the internal organs. The body and brain are designed very intelligently: we could not live a minute if we had to give commands to the lungs to breathe, the heart to beat, the liver to maintain a constant blood composition, the brain to communicate between neurons, etc.

Our consciousness is not able to capture such a huge flow of information. It is not able to work in such a high-speed mode. The brain performs more conscious actions in a second than a person does in a lifetime. But...

A person was left with the ability to worry during decision-making so that it would seem important to him. It's a whole event.: "I made a choice!" Yes, evolution has acted very carefully with our self-esteem: consciousness seems to think that it "decides something" so that a person does not interfere with his "emotional outbursts" and "freedom of choice" for the brain to work.

Unconscious actions come from anxiety

Consciousness is derived from the work of the brain, from the dominant biological needs, from common cultural values, etc. The neural networks on which our "personality" is recorded make up no more than ten percent of all neural networks in the brain. And this is provided that the individual has a rich and eventful life.

The uniqueness of a person and the qualitative composition of his thoughts is the number of connections between neurons that make up memory, skills and the entire life experience. And the real basis of human actions is the centers of needs in the subcortical structures of the brain.

If you analyze the course of life dispassionately, you will see that any of your unconscious/typical/everyday actions come from inner anxiety. And this anxiety grows out of a complex of biological needs, which basically make a choice — where to move, what to want and what to dream about. It is the active nerve centers that make a person constantly tense up.

Studying and working so that there is money — satisfying the center of security and the hierarchical instinct — to take an advantageous position in society. The partner is the satisfaction of the sexual instinct and the hierarchical one is to be needed and important. Sex... This great and magical sex... It does not solve anything for real happiness, but at least for a while it gives a feeling of happiness. And again, it temporarily strengthens the relationship in a couple, which, perhaps, does not exist in reality, i.e. at the levels of emotions and thinking.

Children — a derivative of the sexual instinct — leads to the satisfaction of a hierarchical need — to be the main thing for descendants, to teach life. And for a partner, it's the only one: my partner is my property. And if someone from the outside tries to steal this value, then the instinct of safety turns on — to find and neutralize it.

To hurry to fulfill the purpose of evolution

Whatever you think about now, it all falls into one of the niches of evolutionary realization. And it makes you hurry to "fulfill your destiny." And what is the purpose of humans in terms of evolution? It's simple — people have to reproduce in order to create a more perfect kind of entities. And they should be forced to do it! In most cases, they themselves are quite egocentric and infantile. Therefore, a specific alarm button is built into the subcortical structures of the brain — the amygdala or, even more beautifully, the amygdala.

This area of the brain turns on excitement so that a structurally slower person does not die from an invasion of more agile predators. The Amygdala is a very useful button. It helps a person to survive in a dangerous environment and includes emotions so that he can quickly and adequately respond to changes.

Emotions are not given for suffering, but for making quick decisions! The feeling of danger — fear — the release of additional hormones — the decision: fight or escape. Winning a fight or leaving an enemy — positive dopamine reinforcement in the brain — euphoria: "I'm cool. I can do anything!"

By the way, look around... Is the tiger hiding anywhere? Take a walk around the house. Look under the sofa, the bed... Maybe he hid behind a ficus tree? No? So what are you worried about anyway? There is no reason to be alarmed. Absolutely. Nobody and nothing wants to kill you. Fact. But... That nasty amygdala keeps me awake again... I understand.

The majority of the world's population now has neither predatory animals, nor pirates, nor robbers in the vicinity who would like to take their lives, and fear does not decrease. The fear is growing. That's where the catch lies...


When there are no real stimuli, the "free consciousness" comes up with them. And he comes up with such a sophisticated way that a person is covered with a full set of sufferings and depressions. But really, everyone understands that...

If you are not at war now, then your state of mind should not depend on external circumstances. Just because you attribute importance to these circumstances yourself, you turn harmless shadows into enemies. But in fact, you are in a heated room, you slept, ate, went to work, looked at social networks, put down your phone — and began to worry ...

How a person falls into despair

If a person is free from solving important survival tasks, then it is very easy for him to fly to despair. Let's say a person got fed up with the news on social networks, put down the phone to go to the kitchen and make tea. Nothing in his personal space portends trouble, as here something inside began to worry so much that it was "impossible to think." Panic!

At first, some thoughts came up about money, loneliness or an unwanted partner, politics or "how to live on when everything is heading into the abyss." Thoughts hooked emotions. Emotions have fanned the fire of new reflections on the "meaning of life" or the "meaninglessness of existence." It doesn't matter... It's important that...

A closed ring of "diabolical logic" is formed from the flickering of an untrained consciousness: nothing kills you, but it's so bad that you don't want to live!

And you're already suffering. And the mental pain is gradually transformed into physical pain.

How the brain "grabs you by the personality"

Anxiety, anxiety, eternal anxiety, registered in the brain, makes people irritated. Get annoyed to do something, and get annoyed when it doesn't work out as planned. Really, what kind of trash is sitting inside? This urgent question was asked by a beautiful woman in a comment to the article I want love: sex, hormones, neurons and money.

What she called "trash" is called in neurophysiology cells of the reticular formation. This is a plant for the production of psychic energy, which is located in the brain stem. The "disgusting behavior" of this cluster of nerve cells is that they are located very close to each other. And when one of them gets excited, the biochemical environment around it changes, and the cells begin to violently jostle like drunken citizens at a party.

So, the cells of the reticular formation wake up with you, start moving, and an impulse arises. The pulse enters the subcortical nuclei and penetrates the centers of biological needs. Then the impulse is directed to the cerebral cortex, where it uses the accumulated experience, i.e. "grabs you by the personality."


If you did not have time to realize that your feelings are now being manipulated by the cells of the reticular formation, and you did not stop the flow of disturbing emotions and thoughts with a mental order, then... These cells easily grab an irritant from the outside world or from painful memories, and generally go into overdrive. An impulse hit the amygdala — hello confusion! Long live anxiety!

This is how the neuropsychic tension gets directed and keeps a person in the grip of fear.

Victory or defeat

Now the main thing is: from your everyday thoughts, i.e. from your current attitude to the world, either victory or defeat turns on.

Defeat is when you translate the neuropsychic tension into despondency — inaction. Inaction triggers the anxiety-thought-emotion-suffering construct. And then there are a lot of restless thoughts that lead to despair.

Victory is when you translate the neuropsychic tension into action. To win, you need to know that disturbing emotions are based on three components.

The first is mental stress, which manifests itself physically — blocks and clamps appear in the body. You need to go for a walk, go to the gym, go dancing, go to the pool, sauna. Well, at least right now you can take a contrast shower! In general, go and run the resources of the physical body.

Secondly, to extinguish emotions, you need to breathe deeply and responsibly. Breathing practices are available on the website. Choose and use it.

The third is to learn how to analyze what is happening to you at the moment and understand how consciousness is deceiving you. Your "personality" deceives you when you suffer violently because of circumstances that do not lead to death. If a loved one has died, yes, this is a period for suffering. All other options are solvable. Think and decide.

Conscious mind control

It is impossible to dominate the brain and consciousness while they easily manipulate your behavior, your feelings and fears. But it is possible to control disturbing emotions, thoughts, and feelings with the help of consistent training of neural networks.

It is necessary to practice conscious mind control, otherwise you will be enslaved for the rest of your life. By the way, I remind you that the site has the practice of conscious control, which works very effectively.

Your life — your desires must be fulfilled. But — not about external events — leave the world alone. And about the internal state. Everyone is capable of this.

I already wrote in the article Your life does not belong to you that "your thoughts cannot be considered personally yours: they are often built on the basis of the limitations of those people who instilled in you their „correctness“ or „wrongness“, „sinfulness“ or „righteousness“. Thoughts depend on the external environment in which you are immersed."

Many attitudes that exist in society have become the basis of consciousness. And depending on the area of residence, on the living conditions, on gender, on the language of thought used, people's consciousnesses differ. Sometimes it is very radical. I suggest you get acquainted with an interesting article on this topic: Pirates are the happiest people on the planet.

They can't count—not even to one. They live here and now and do not make plans for the future. The past has no meaning for them. They don't know the hours, the days, the morning, the night, and even more so, the daily routine. They do not know private property and do not give a damn about everything that is valuable to a modern civilized person. They are unaware of the anxieties, fears and prejudices that afflict 99 percent of the world's population. They call themselves "the right people", while everyone else for them is "brains awry". They are absolutely happy with their lives. They are a very happy people — the people of the Piraha tribe.

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Статья — огонь 🔥🔥🔥, очень здорово.

Понять, что почти все зависит от нас, очень трудно и страшно. Тогда ведь придется что-то делать... Исчезнут последние отмазки. Типа я бы с радостью, но дело не во мне...

Если бы все мы хотели действовать сами, в мире не осталось бы не счастливых людей... А пока что... Волшебных палочек и чародеев вечно на всех не хватает... Ох уж эти планеты эконом-класса в 3 звезды...

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Узнаю в этой статье себя. Имея замечательную жизнь, эпизодически нахожу причины пострадать. Ведь так привычней. Благодарю, Инна, хороший пинок взять своё настроение в свои руки. Мне отлично помогают тренировки, когда ты погружаешься в комплексы Ву-Чи, отрабатывая точность исполнения, все тревоги и страхи растворяются.

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