Contrast shower

Contrast shower

Thousands of articles have been written about the benefits of contrast showers, which are based on people's personal experiences and research by scientists. It doesn't matter to me how much you read about the extraordinary effects of this event, it's important to me that you do it at least periodically.

I will provide a link for review: "Three myths about the benefits of a contrasting shower".

Well, here it is... Let's say you already know everything about how biological processes are activated during taking a contrast shower, the body receives a charge of health, etc. Many people once tried to do this procedure, but for some reason they stopped. It doesn't matter what happened before.

Let's start gradually.

I know that many people find it hard to even imagine that they need to pour cold water on themselves. This procedure is easy only in the sauna after the steam room. The body itself asks for an ice dousing. But at home and every day... Horror.

Let's turn horror into pleasure

In the first stages, you can pour hot water into the bathtub and stand in it: this way the pouring is very comfortable. It creates a relaxing effect for the brain: after all, the feet are warm. And please use pleasantly cool water.

The procedure should first become a joy for the body, and only then you can gradually lower the water temperature.

If you go to the sauna, turn on two showers with cold and hot water at the same time and switch between them. But and this is not the most important thing...

Our practices do not require excessive overcoming and fighting with oneself: in the struggle, the cunning brain usually wins, blocking the desire to engage.


During the shower, put something under your feet that will massage them. Perhaps you have a grass mat at home. Perhaps you have soft rubber balls that you bought for washing in the washing machine. Maybe something else... Your feet should be busy massaging. And even if it's hard for you to take a contrast shower, then you can do very simply hold your feet in the shower with cold water while doing a massage, and then wash your face with cold water. Great! And so it is every day. Morning and evening. Easy and fast.

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