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High-frequency energy: cutting off energy ties

Cutting off energy ties

There are three types of energy in the human body:

  • energy that flows through the channels;
  • energy of electromagnetic fields — aura;
  • transcendental energy, which is located in the spine — looks like a thin red line.

We work with all types of energy.

Usually, the energy stagnates in the body. This happens because a person not only has a past, as a set of images, but also carries it with him, as stagnant phenomena in the physical body. Over time, past events, in which emotions of pain are concentrated, form diseases in the body, and in life — "strokes of fate". Working with the body, I open the channels through which energy can move freely.

Cutting off energy ties is an important fact of working with the past, because between people who have blood ties, and between people with whom you have ever had sex, energy tubes grow at the level of the abdomen, through which you exchange energy. In fact, as many people are connected to you — so many strangers' lives you live at the same time, albeit in a simplified version.

These tubes can break on their own when they come into close contact with death: a deadly disease, an accident, enlightenment, i.e. any life circumstances that lead to a "spontaneous reboot" of a person.

Sometimes "extra" energy tubes are burned by high-frequency energy, which is commonly called love. This is not about emotional or hormonal states that people are used to calling love, this is about the power of the Spirit, which passes through the body, ignites the body from the inside and burns the karma of a person, as a set of limitations.

Love, Spirit, Death and Life are one and the same type of high-frequency energy, one and the same Power. This is the kind of interaction with the System (God) that you cannot control.

Saturday, May 2, 2020 9:34 AM 

Добрый день, возникает пара вопросов после прочтения:

  1. Получается открыть заблокированные каналы можно либо на личном сеансе или в экстренной ситуации (спонтанной перезагрузке). Но не понятен совершенной 3-й случай — Силой Духа. Каким образом можно приблизиться к взаимодействию с Системой (Богом)?
  2. Интересно ваше мнение по практике перепросмотра, которую иногда советуют с целью отрезать энергетические связи, которые остались в событиях прошлого, где сконцентрирована эмоциональная боль.
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