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How do I find out my energy level?

How do I find out my energy level?

The worst crime in the world is indecision.


People are attracted by the level of their energy. And it gives hope to everyone, because... Who now seriously thinks that his energy is weak? Only the one who is in severe form of depression. And the majority of citizens have exaggerated ideas about their importance and about their energy sector. Therefore, we will change such a beautiful word...

People are attracted by the degree of inner madness. And this, at the lowest level, is a wide range of accumulated complexes, fears, neuroses and prejudices. Well, at the highest level of cognition, this is inner freedom and the absence of restrictions, which in real life manifests itself in ease of perception and creative achievements. Because only truly extraordinary individuals in their thinking move the history of civilization.

One has an active recklessness and is expressed in a set of a huge number of connections in neural networks, which indicates talent and an unconventional approach to solving problems.

In another, the extravagance is dull and borders on stupidity: the connections between neurons are only enough to satisfy basic needs. And, unfortunately, in recent millennia, there have been a majority of such people and they are the ones who choose fashionable values that others "need" to follow. Today these are cars, yachts and villas, brands and trends. But for any society to progress and survive, those whose views and cognitive abilities surpass social logic are necessary...

Yes, this is energy...

Extraordinary people intuitively know that they have great potential, but... Often, the majority opinion forces them to adjust to their usual views so as not to seem crazy. Although inside they suffer from misunderstanding and loneliness. But!.. If they are true to their impulse, to their inner madness, then there must come a moment when the force explodes in them. And they are the ones who make discoveries in science and explore space, write songs and books, create paintings and music, make films and take photos that make others feel. They see the secret that lies in everyone and make them think. Seekers live so fiercely in their work that they give the stingy majority something that makes it tremble — strong emotions. Yes, this is energy...

You are relaxed — and you are invulnerable

The question in the title: "How to find out your energy level?" can be answered very simply — look at the person/people you have sex with — this is your energy level. Perhaps you think you have a lot more personal power. But if there is an understatement between you now, infidelity, jealousy, claims, then — no, no more. Lying to yourself and lying to each other equalizes you. Deception, even in small doses, makes you weak, drains energy and makes you sick in order to clear your mind a little and give you the opportunity to change.

Another nuance. You look at your partner, and it seems to you that you have surpassed him in some aspects of existence. It's also a common mental wiring. If you surpassed him, then you would have already parted with him and lived either alone or with another more energy-intensive individual.


If you are not having sex with anyone right now, then look at your environment — it also reflects your energy level. Specifically, your friends are an analogue of your personal power. And if they are enthusiasts and explorers of life, then you are a triumphant one. And if there are people around you with other tactical and technical characteristics, then shut up your sense of self-importance and examine them carefully. Perhaps you have come up with some kind of sky-high paradise of your own energy. And when your energy level rises, you will begin to get rid of the old environment and meet people close to you in spirit. And it's not a miracle...

The quantum universe always gives us exactly what we deserve at the moment.

In total, we have no more than five close people. Naturally, they change over time. According to them — by their actions, thinking, sense of humor, achievements — evaluate yourself impartially.

Very simple. But it is often painful for self-esteem. But you are honest with yourself. Let it be at least one minute of understanding, but you will meet with comprehension.

There are ten or fifteen other people in your environment with whom you often communicate: business partners, work colleagues, friends of friends, relatives... In this case, an important indicator of energy is how you interact with them.

For example, you consider your boss / customer/ partner to be a narrow—minded person, but — please note — you work under his guidance or in close conjunction. And it is you who agree to carry out his orders and tolerate his whims and stupidities. In this case, it is somehow not logical to say that he is an idiot and a brute. And then who are you?..

Therefore, either change your job, or change your partner, or change your worldview and start considering another person as the most important simulator in your life. The most important one is temporary. He makes you nervous and resist, and you learn to be aware and see in front of you an unhappy person beaten by neuroses.

If you just change jobs, it's not a fact that the new simulator will be better, but if you change your approach, you won't care how others behave. It's pretty simple...

You don't put labels on people and it's easy for you with everyone. You are relaxed — and you are invulnerable.

Walls of logic or walls of fear?

The qualities of an extraordinary — energetically strong — person do not fit into the stereotypes of the existing society. Of course, society does not agree with such people. Because the majority of the population calls their limitations logic. But such logic is the walls that people trembling from any changes build in order to make it less scary to live. And it's scary to live, because every moment brings you closer to death. Only to death. And always to death. And people don't have rules on how to act after death. Therefore... In order not to think about the main event in life, in order not to prepare for this great transition, they try to organize the small insignificant details of existence and live "normally". What does he consider the norm now?

It is normal to spend most of the time alone with the phone, it is traumatic for the psyche to communicate in person. It's okay to insult someone on social media, it's not okay to say what you think to a person's face. It's okay to change partners, it's not okay to love one person. But such modern views are imposed out of fear.

Yes, other people... Real people cause discomfort because you can quickly get an adequate response. You can understand in a second that you are not cool in a real fight, although you have a lot of experience defeating enemies in computer games. You can realize in a minute that you are not so smart and witty... You can learn a lot about yourself with other people. And this, again, causes fear of violating the boundaries of such a "beloved neurotic personality." What about without her? She's so quick to give out advice on how to live, she's so quick to decide that you're always right. She whispers so comfortably that nothing needs to be changed... Otherwise, "suddenly" something will happen!

Yes, unfortunately, most people have rather low energy levels. It's easy to understand. They are afraid of change and advocate such an outwardly attractive stability, i.e. they dream that nothing happens to them. Or rather, only what they can control was happening: what doesn't annoy, doesn't excite, doesn't bother... But such a senseless approach to life is hell!

You need to try yourself

Life should happen to each of us. It is so short to even get to know yourself a little, and what can we say about knowing another person or the whole world!..

Fate forces us to strain, move, and decide for this purpose. And never give up. And over time, never fight with anyone. Then... Only then...

The moment will come when life will present a gift: it will make the beyond accessible — and light a fire inside. It is this fire of atoms that everyone will need when leaving this body. Output...

You need to ask for life so that more variety happens to you. So that you can fully taste the full intensity of emotions — pain, ecstasy, hatred, love, humility, rage, and bliss. Otherwise, how will you know that you are alive if you don't live?

You need to test yourself. You need to realize yourself with such reckless force of intention that at the moment of death you do not cling to the images of the extremely used past, but joyfully shout: "Well, finally, let's fly for real!".

Thursday, February 25, 2021 8:59 AM 

Очень сильно. Пробивает на эмоции. Взгляни на себя, мужик. Не все так круто, как ты о себе тут придумал. Давай вперед, до джедая 80 уровня еще далеко. Мой юный и не очень далекий падаван...

Вдох. Выдох. Собрался. И пошел думать над жизнью. Думать и действовать.

Спасибо. 🙏🙏🙏

Friday, February 26, 2021 12:01 AM 

Инна, благодарю!

Столько сразу щелкнуло, окружение на работе, да! Это отличный тренажёр быть в наблюдении и балансе. В личном окружении стали появляться очень интересные и развивающиеся люди и это порадовало, значит я на верном пути. Чувствую перечитаю не один раз статью.

К последней фразе хочется присоединиться и прийти к такому состоянию, что с радостью сказать: «Ну, наконец то, полетаем по настоящему!». 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖

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