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What is Antakarana?

Antakarana is one of the most powerful mathematical symbols of the universe, which is simplified for the matter of dense worlds.

Translated from Sanskrit, Antakarana (Antah-karana) means an inner tool, which in general can be described as a tool for self-knowledge.

Antakarana is a symbol of three sevens. The troika is the interaction of three forces: male energy, female energy and the Spirit that holds them together. Seven is the number of our three-dimensional world.

The Antakaran symbol does not belong to any of the exercises. He gives each person exactly those changes in fate that are necessary at this stage of development.

Antacaran Antacaran
Antacaran Antacaran


For more information, you will get acquainted with the material Antacaran: captured light.

How do I know what purpose God has chosen for me?

We and all entities from all worlds and all Universes only exchange ideas about God, because we are inside him and at the moment we cannot go beyondits limits, i.e. to look at it from the side. Therefore, "multi-faceted" communication about God helps to justify our existence to some extent by chatting about our purpose.

The purpose is the same. Love and Enjoy. Live and develop. Rich and effective.

That's it! Do it.

They say that the future is not in our power. Is that true?

They say, but they forget that it is in our power to change the present.

Every day is one life. Every falling asleep is a little death. You are being prepared every night for the fact that falling asleep is not scary to die. And sweet sleep — the process itself — is loved by the vast majority of us.

Remember, one day is one life. And you will not be able to fly from today to tomorrow, no matter what plans you have made for the next day and no matter what spiritual practices you haveThey owned it. And no matter how much you resist, you'll fall asleep anyway. And tomorrow is a new life. Therefore, any future can be changed today. And when you change something every day, it's real power.

The law of the three-dimensional world can only be changed in the present, because time is linear here. Being on other planes of existence with a different level of awareness and with all the superpowers included in the network, it is possible. And this is your future. And it's very tempting. But to get there the shortest way, you need to work now.

Everything is available to us.

And all that is available to us is to make a choice.

Love and Enjoy. Now.

It is believed that only 5 percent of the human brain works. Is that true?

Of course, I'm also familiar with this cute illusion. Rubbish. The whole brain is always working, and people broadcasting this kind of thing just don't know what the other 95 percent are doing yet. And instead of saying, "We don't fucking know!""... They arrive "usually";: If we don't know, then it doesn't work.

There are 96 percent of dark energy and dark matter in our universe. And only 4 percent of the manifested matter. Draw a parallel with the human brain. Official science also does not know what dark energy and dark matter are doing at the moment. It is only known that due to the gravity of this "dark part" our universe exists... And the stars in the galaxies don't fly apart.

So... "It is believed that we consciously use 4 percent (someone 5, someone 8) of our brain. "Unexplored percentages" are commonly referred to as the unconscious or subconscious. And although we don't get SMS messages from our brain on our phones, but right now billions of neurons are doing their job perfectly: we breathe, we walk, we feel, weWe live.

Signals from the Matrix, to which a person is attached, directly enter the spiritual heart center of the Atman, and from it to the brain. The brain is the interpreter of the reality into which the entity falls. The whole brain, not just a part of it.

What do "unexplored percentages" of the brain do? And where is the information about my past lives?

Think of the brain as a huge flash drive that interprets reality based on the entity's past experience. And where is our past experience?

All information about past experiences is in the Atman heart center, which distributes it through electromagnetic fields, i.e. through your Soul.

When you die, information about past experiences is transferred to a new life, of course, only through the Atman. We don't take the body with us.

Information... One can even say that karma moves in the form of droplets through energy channels. And by clearing the channels, information becomes available to the brain.

But! It is important for understanding. The information is archived for you. This is a protective function of the Soul from human idiocy. I can write beautifully the protective function of the Soul for developing civilizations with two strands of DNA in biological bodies.

Every day, only a part of the information is available to us, intended for the superficial mind of the mind to which you are accustomed. Notice that you are used to thinking that this mind is you. No... This is a huge illusion.

By purifying your Soul, you get more and more access to information on your main analytical site. A trained superficial mind is logical to use for data processing. It won't work the first time, of course. Analytical skills need to be developed. But it's worth training to make your brain your friend!


How can a person achieve enlightenment?

Neither darkness nor light are primary. These are too "human" definitions, because from them follow such illusions as "light is the absence of darkness", and "darkness is the absence of light". What do such postulates give you? Nothing. Abstraction.

The system of our quantum universe is also neither light nor darkness.

The system is a clear mathematics, which, of course, includes all known and not yet known sciences. Can you not say that the multiplication table is light or is there darkness? No... Although... For someone, perhaps, she is absolute darkness, if that someone did not study well at school.

The system of our quantum universe is the interaction of manifested matter of 4 percent of the universe and dark matter and energy of 96 percent of the universe.

Please note that all matter that can be conditionally touched, — and this is us with you, stars, galaxies and planets with all kinds of entities — is only one percent of nbsp;"manifestations". The remaining three percent of the manifested matter are clouds of gas and dust, in which new stars are born. Well, you've seen them on beautiful photos of space!

Of course, there is something fundamental to matter, which is quark-gluon plasma. Please read about it in the answer to the previous question.

Quark-gluon plasma is a fundamental manifestation for matter, because matter is designed to constantly transform. Matter is transformed by Spirit. Synonyms of the word Spirit are cosmic energy, qi, prana, ether, love, life, death.

And, of course, there is the fundamental unmanifested dark energy and dark matter.

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