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Stories from practice: threesome love as a gift of fate

Atheist with experience

The students met an "adult" man in a cafe. He sat down at their table. I ordered champagne, martinis, caviar, seafood and the "most delicious" of the chef's choice. Whatever the ladies wanted.

The man was not the wealthiest by Moscow standards, but he was quite well-off. An apartment with a view of the Kremlin, an officer's pension, a small business. He lived alone. He and his wife divorced after the death of their son and daughter, who were in an accident when they were driving to their cottage with their wife in a new car. The woman blamed him for buying her son "such a fast" car...

The man was still trying to start a family, but it was unpleasant for him that those women with whom he "got together" immediately paid attention to his movable and immovable property. And they themselves were "not very": either tired or loose. And all with big family problems that he didn't want to get into at all. And they quickly got tired of being just mistresses. The ladies wanted access to a bank account, not just holiday gifts. He especially disliked it when they drank too much and started telling their fates, smearing lipstick and mascara on wrinkles. Of course, this was not always the case, but the scenario was repeated periodically. After such intimacy, he gave them money and "went into an ambush."

The young students liked it. They seemed gentle, kind, unspoiled. Without the intrusive red lipstick, deep cleavage and the antics of femmes fatales. After the cafe, he invited his friends to his place for "coffee with cognac." They had a few drinks and sang songs at home karaoke. Then I took them home in a taxi. Everything is very nice and without vulgarity.

Without thinking about anything serious, he invited the girls first to a fashion exhibition, then to the cinema, then to barbecue. We went to a club once, but he didn't like it.

It was fun. And it's easy to live. It's easy, like when you were young, when it seemed that you could do whatever you wanted with your life. Everything was clearly planned for many years to come. Army discipline gave concentration and knowledge of the answer to the "most important question":

— How to live?

— Right!

But after the death of the children, the "right" cracked. Only alcohol and work saved me from hating the whole world. And a lot of tears in front of portraits of children.

There was curiosity in the eyes of young acquaintances, they enjoyed listening to stories about his stormy youth. And he also really liked to buy them something. He had savings, but spending on himself was already boring. Once he asked:

— What do you dream about? the new year is coming soon. I would like to give you a gift.

— It would be great to be models. To shoot somewhere, to travel, so that everyone would look and think how beautiful we are.

— It's easy to arrange. Because you are the most beautiful! I'll get in touch and arrange for you to shoot. Well, you will go on vacation with me for this. Choose a country.

He felt the joy fully on himself. The girls whispered about something, took off their T-shirts at the same time and came to him on the couch.

All the promises were fulfilled. And after the rest, they moved in with him. They starred for fashion magazines. Participated in the screenings. Graduated from the institute. He gave them cars and hired them at his company.

Then they drew lots. And by lot, one of them became his official wife.

He had never been so happy before. They lived together... And he did not ask where they were staying, did not interfere with going to clubs and meeting with peers. Without him. There were enough other worries: to keep fit: gym, pool, massage, jogging in the morning. Still, such a load. Although joyful, nevertheless, "stimulators of sexual function" had to be purchased.

Then children were born from each of his beloved women. A boy and a girl. Everyone was given the same last name and different bank accounts.

I met the real colonel shortly before his death. He was happy, full of energy and was going to see doctors only for the birth of new children. It burned down during the swine flu virus pandemic. He was 84 years old. He lived 20 happy years with an "unusual" family. He understood that he was condemned by women and envied by men, he understood that he was not acting "according to human law". But he didn't care. He came to talk about something that is "impossible to believe."

— I've never talked about it with anyone, not once.: I am an atheist with experience. But still, there is something behind death. I think I'll find out about it soon. And because I understand that my deadline may come at any moment, I need to say it.

Before I went to the restaurant where I met my future wives, I had a dream. In it, my son told me to visit his favorite place. This is exactly the place. I came, sat, felt sad, looked at the happy faces around. And I was going home, but I saw how the girls were reading the menu, and then counting the money "enough is not enough." And I decided to please them: let them order, and I'll pay. Believe me, I had no thought of anything seditious. They're kids. And "a soldier won't hurt a child." It's corny... It started corny.

Then I had a dream about my daughter and said: "I've always wanted to be a model for a while." And here the girls order the same gift for me before the New Year.

When we flew on vacation, I thought that I would do everything I could for them, and this holiday would end quickly. They need to go out with their boyfriends. What should they do with the old man? And I was over 60 at the time. Because it looked kind of awkward. Yes, and I felt like a child molester. Like: we'll come back, I'll give them money, I'll thank them for pleasant moments. And they will escape from the "good uncle". And I'll have something to remember before I die.

But then there was a dream in which both my son and daughter came to me. They are so beautiful and joyful. They were not clearly visible: in a kind of haze. And they say, "Father, you don't need so much money, and an apartment, and a house. Come on, share it." I invited the girls to live with me. I was still looking closely, I thought that they would run away a little more. I always told them that they can choose any man, they can date anyone they want. I think we've met, of course. But they always came back.

And then the children came again and said, "Get married. Come on, hurry up. As long as you can pull. Children should be born in marriage." I was stunned, but I made an offer "by lot" so as not to offend anyone.

The girls became pregnant almost simultaneously. And then there was the last dream. The children were already very close. Not in the haze. They came up, hugged and said: "Dad, thank you for believing me." There were no more dreams. After the children were born, I immediately baptized them. I gave them the same names as my departed children. Or the newcomers... here I am already confused in the definitions...

Such is happiness. To lose. Despair. To gain.

— Is that who loves me so much up there? God?..

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Инна, великолепные статьи!!! Благодарю!!!

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