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Stupidity Ceremony: a battle between loved ones

Stupidity Ceremony

After a series of materials on the site that touch on the topic of relationships, the messages do not stop. There is an irreconcilable battle between the sexes in the letters. Both men and women express their positions, but do not want to draw attention to themselves personally. This is understandable. It is unacceptable to talk directly about painful problems in public access — in comments on the website and on Instagram: "halves" can be read, and this is a direct path to divorce for many. Because...

Listening and hearing from loved ones can be very difficult. Each side begins to perceive the opponent in the dispute as an opponent.

This is confirmed by a remarkable psychological experiment in which scientists sat children opposite each other at a table in a separate room. And at first they asked one boy to hit the other easily. And then another boy was asked to hit the first one with exactly the same force with which they hit him. And every time this experiment ended in a fight...

Drama of someone else's opinion

People are so built that when they are hit — physically or emotionally — they take the blow with a vengeance.

This also applies to the field of psychological interaction. In general, it applies to any societies, to any "normal" citizens, except for the masters of mindfulness. Everything has been repeatedly checked and rechecked.

This means that if you express your opinion to a person, and he sees a claim in it, then he really perceives your voice twice as strongly as you uttered the phrase. Therefore, he responds to you with the intonation and force that he "heard". And you can already hear that people are shouting at you. Therefore...

People create drama even from an elementary exchange of opinions. You're like, "I know how to live. Do so!" And he says to you, "No. I also know how to live. Do as I do." Here is the ordinary beginning of a typical ceremony of stupidity.

Conclusion?.. Global withdrawal!

Do not argue with people for the sake of raising self-esteem, you will not be upset about the improvement of humanity.

Do not invent images of the future in which other people are involved, you will not be upset about the inconsistency of the Universe with your expectations.



How do people usually listen to you? What is pleasant to the interlocutor is regarded positively, and what is not pleasant immediately connects you with characteristics — you are a fool, you are wrong, you do not understand anything...

But, note, everyone who disagrees with you is absolutely sure of the sacred significance of their comments.

Now it's so easy to become a home psychologist and a healer of souls! I turned on YouTube, listened to a couple of lectures and let's treat others with my opinion. Yes... It's a dangerous strategy if a person doesn't ask you questions personally, but has to listen to the answers. Answers that are aimed only at maintaining the vanity of uttering the "truth".

Are there many people around you who understand absolutely everything?.. I think it's a lot. The main thing is that your relatives do not experiment with you like that, but simply can say whatever they want, without fear of seeming stupid and ignorant ...

We don't teach our relatives, we love our relatives... Well, we have a heart-to-heart chat... At night... In the morning... In the evenings... And these sincere conversations are much more important than all the important words from all the smart books... Because they're just for you... And forever — only for you.

People in families seem to be unhappy with each other for years, but they still stick together. Separate the swearing partners — and immediately they will awaken an incredible attraction. Immediately, love will be remembered, and understanding will come. Because it hurt!

Pain solves a huge number of surface problems. Pain perfectly cleanses the mind of discontent.

A person does not like you yourself

A person does not like you yourself. He doesn't know anything about you.

The other one can't read your mind. The other can't feel the way you feel. The other cannot sense smells, tastes, sounds and touches as you do.

The other one can only read your state. Mirror neurons are responsible for this. So — a person does not like you as a person, not your appearance, not what you think, not what you do. These are only the consequences that are visible. And — either pleasant or not pleasant. It already depends on the consciousness and the picture of the interlocutor's world. But I can guarantee that...

A person only likes his condition next to you. And his feelings directly depend on your energy — your condition.

And then the deception will always be revealed, even if you have been in the demo version of yourself for years, i.e. you adjust to your partner. We have already talked about this in the material Spiritual deception: how does lying to yourself lead to betrayal?. But I want to clarify the topic a little more in terms of energy.

The danger of false modesty

Any adjustment consumes energy. Energies are not important to the brain's interpretation. Like, I submit to circumstances for the sake of a future together, children, mutual love.

Adjustment is often expressed in such a hyped version of behavior as assumed modesty: "I will be a good / good girl/boy, wife/husband, lover/lover, and then the man/ woman will give me for it... And more!"

External modesty is the highest level of vanity. His invisible side. It is usually expressed as follows: "I do not shine here, I do not contradict, I do not arise, but still I condemn those arrogant upstarts who have filled the space. Oh my God, where are you looking? We, the humble, vegetate. And the arrogant ones are basking in luxury. The world is unfair. Humanity is mired in sins."

If you marry a "modest girl" or choose a "modest boy" as your husband, then you will live a tedious life.

Energy will be spent on maintaining vanity, which requires huge energy resources, because it is based on hatred.

As you know, many people have a similar "modest" attitude towards To God: "I'll be good, and you give it to me." I have already said this many times, and I will repeat it — this scheme does not work. The quantum System does not read your "conditional goodness". Only the state of electromagnetic fields is counted. And there is no way to deceive... The sphere of your electromagnetic fields is either glowing or not.

Strength... The real Power of awareness cannot be deceived by manipulations of thinking and behavior.

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