How the System works

Ascension without death.
Love without limits.
Freedom without ambition.

I am often asked about my purpose... Perhaps you are asking yourself about this...

I think the three clear intentions outlined above are an expression of the most conscious purpose that every person can achieve in one lifetime. These words came to me during the writing of the book, and now I want to share with you my discoveries: what I have been doing myself for many years and passed on to others.

System Structure

I have the technology to move from unhappiness to happiness. And I suggest using these practices to get rid of the traumatic emotions of the past and to improve the quality of life.

Read about the concepts of happiness and unhappiness in the material Your life does not belong to you.

The system is based on knowledge about the work of the brain, the physical body and the movement of energy in the body. These technologies have been formed over years of personal practice and have helped thousands of people overcome an internal crisis, which has resulted in successful changes in their personal lives and social achievements.


Although — in fact — you don't care what happened to others yet. What matters to you is how you personally work with these techniques, and how you personally discover new areas of perception of the world and create for yourself a bright, beautiful and rich destiny.

And the main thing for me is that each of you become a Master of Bliss yourself. And we will work on this together.

Always All Together.

The System presents practices from my personal methodology and the practice of Teachers of Qigong, yoga, Zhong Yuan Qigong, San Tao, Sufism, etc.


Before you start training, read the material Practices for the Masters of Bliss. There are certain states of mind and body in which strong transformational methods cannot be used.

Practices from world teachings

Open access practices

The system includes the practices of Teachers of Qigong, yoga, Zhong yuan Qigong, san tao, Sufism, etc. These are the practices of those wonderful people whom I absolutely trust. I give links to them on the internet. These practices are in the public domain for everyone. They train gently and gently. And they do not represent the dangers of transformation.

The world's teachings are not "secret knowledge". I chose the most effective methods from these technologies because I studied and did many exercises and meditations for a certain amount of time. These practices will certainly help. Therefore, if you want to enlighten someone, then I recommend offering practices in the open access. They are extremely effective for calming the mind.

Though... I am sure that ninety percent of people will not be able to bring these simple and effective practices to a result. And great! You can also check it out in person. But before you decide to bring knowledge to relatives and loved ones, read the material Crisis of Power and think about why you need it?.. Because...

Not everyone needs to change "right now". Really! If you or your loved one leaves the distance in three days or a week, in no case does it mean that you or heweak or not spiritual enough. Everyone on this planet is equally "spiritual".

It happens that the moment has not yet arrived... It happens that what caused pain is gone and you start to like everything... It happens that you fell in love, found a new job, went on vacation... They just switched over. Don't bother about this. And don't torment yourself that you stopped training.

Many people still have a considerable number of lives ahead of them and at the right time you will be able to do everything. If you are not interested in the practice, then just be glad that you don't need anything else right now except what you have. Everything is fine — live and enjoy! That's all that matters, and which way you achieve it is absolutely not important.

I checked it out. I know.

I know that when a person feels bad, he/she is looking for instant changes: "I want it to be good and immediately!". I guarantee that if I personally conduct a practice for you with the maximum effect, as you usually wish, then you will feel ill immediately. Therefore, we are gradually increasing the impact. And we work quietly on our own, without expecting an instant result of "enlightenment".

Most people's bodies are not prepared to let a lot of energy through themselves. This is only possible in the case when I take a person to the table and adjust his condition. Therefore, if you are not with me at the moment, then we are working slowly, beautifully and progressively. Stage by stage.

I know that many people like to ask for help in the genre: "I feel bad. I want it to be good. What can you do for me?".

And only rare individuals who really want to understand the essence of things and change their worldview turn to the question: "What can I do for myself?". By the way, the difference in these approaches clearly divides people into rich and poor. I do not mean temporary financial gains, but the speed of information processing, analytical thinking and breadth of perception.

Therefore, I responsibly declare that I cannot help many people: our approaches to work at this stage do not coincide. But those with whom I decide to continue to cooperate, I bring to the result. The result that you can't count on. Because your initial desires are always based on past experiences that already provoke suffering, so we must expel it from you. And this is always only the initial level of work for primary energy pumping.

Consider that you are going to the gym, in which you will pump energy through yourself. It is not to accumulate, as many people used to think, but to pump through themselves. And the flows of this energy will increase over time. And energy has a wonderful property. It does not divide people into "good" and"bad". She's just walking... Therefore, I recommend calmly going through the practice of getting rid of suffering, not wanting to speed up the process.

And only then proceed to the practices of increasing and redistributing energy.

Practices from a personal methodology

Closed practices

The site contains a block of practices and explanations that I have formed over the years of work. I observe the implementation of these practices if the person was on my desk. After working with me personally, a person may have conditions that he cannot explain and control himself. It is ok. The pain is removed from the person gradually and layer by layer comes to the surface.

The practices that are presented on the site, I have formed a System in such a way that the states of sadness, sadness, and devastation from the pain coming out of you pass as gently as possible. Regardless of the degree of immersion in pain. Therefore, I ask you to follow the instructions clearly.

I want to warn you that what many people used to call "spiritual practices" is a weapon that, if used inept, will primarily be directed against the seeker himself.

People often turn to imaginary spirituality to create an aura of being chosen and to be able to influence the environment and situations. This is very, very dangerous.

In the phrase "spiritual practices", many have stopped paying attention to the word "Spirit". It has become so widely available that the original meaning has been erased. Now it has become fashionable to engage in spiritual practices.


Spirit, Love, Life and Death are the same force. And this force has a fiery nature and does not have human concepts. Therefore, do not play with fire, wanting to satisfy banal material desires. For example, you want to achieve financial well-being. Great. I fully support you. And I suggest using your skills, charisma, and analytical thinking... Everything is available to you.And in order for your inner intention to cooperate with the outside world, you must get rid of unsatisfied passions. Otherwise, using practices will be like throwing a bomb into a swamp. Deterioration may begin in all areas of life. Many, of course, will call it a purge...

Yes. Now people like to actively "clean up", but real work in this direction is not associated with convenience. The pain accumulated over the years and the heaviness should come out. And when they leave a person, it can be painful again. You will really see it happen that way if you work hard and hurry. Therefore, please practice in a relaxed and conscious manner. Consciously in this case means that in the course of practice you only think about what you are doing. Your superficial mind does not cling to thoughts about how well I did and does not anticipate the result. You are just doing and enjoying your time and yourself.

And now about what you can achieve if you perform the necessary actions progressively and consistently.

Perception levels

At the first level

You will get rid of the emotions of the past, which provoked the same suffering. You will begin to clearly define how you feel. You will not be afraid of suffering, because you will begin to regard it as the best conditions for work. You will stop fighting with people and the world.

On the second level

You will no longer be influenced by external circumstances. You will stop evaluating them as favorable and unfavorable. And you will see opportunities in every problem.

On the third level

You will understand from personal experience that mindfulness is not a figurative word, but a state in which you are able to control your thoughts and emotions. And will you control the world around you? No, of course not. Yes, and why would you do that if you see that everything is beautiful and logically arranged.

At the fourth level

What you think, say, feel and do will become one.

At the fifth level

Your will will become the will of the System. And you will get a job with God.


What's next? And then it will be more fun and more interesting.

Liability Warning

Liability warning

You can offer practices from the Internet with pleasure to your friends and acquaintances. You can also distribute practices from my personal methodology in any way you like. After all, as your brain correctly tells you, you bought them and they are yours. I won't be upset. And there will be no action on my part regarding the copyright issue. If you want, do it. At least organize a circle...

Practice will give the maximum result. They are so verified that they work like a surgeon's scalpel, only the operation is performed on fate.

What's the difference then?

Practices from the Internet are techniques for pumping energy. This can be compared to the fact that you showed beginners how to do exercises correctly in the gym. They learn and become stronger and more beautiful over time.

Practices from the System have the effect of expanding perception, but certain events must occur for this to happen. Quite specific changes in life.In this case, you take responsibility for changing the fate of another person.

Any change in fate goes through pain. At this moment, you are exchanging energy with a person, so some of his suffering can instantly become yours.

If you are not able to accept the pain of another person and transform through yourself, then you will begin to suffer together.

Using the analogy with the gym: you put a weight on an unprepared person that he is not able to lift. Yes and you are not able to hold this weight yourself, even if you sincerely try and support a person "morally ". Therefore, both suffer from ignorance. If you are ready to check how much you are ready to let someone else's pain pass through you, go ahead.

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