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Finding your destiny by the plan of three priorities

Finding your destiny by the plan of three priorities

In the material How to shape the future? we looked at time from the perspective of actions. Now it is necessary to realize that the future is not only the time that will come, but also the energy that comes from that time. After all, for God — the quantum System of the Universe — our future has already come. But not in the form of deeds, but in the form of energy, which is already allocated for creating effective actions. This is called — opening new opportunities.

And since most of the population strongly resists change, because they perceive them as alarming and uncontrollable factors, then the high-frequency energy from the future forcibly cleanses the present of humanity as a whole and each individual in particular. Usually — quite harshly by human standards — through the loss of money, breaking up with a partner, illness. But in energy there is nothing human...

Cleansing from the past is done by means of certain "problems" that need to be solved. To solve and means — to act.

Every day of pleasant efforts

Any movement for effective development of destiny begins not with a dream of future results, but with your own investments.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky has an expression: "Are you interested in the process or the result? If the result — you will have to pay".

You will have to pay with the time of your life. And since this is the highest price possible, you need to choose the right priorities. Your priorities.

For this you need to understand yourself — to know exactly what from the so-called "work" unconditionally pleases you at the moment. Because — you will have to repeat it regularly. Because — this is the easiest way to live a happy life — to create interesting and meaningful things.

You need to do what is important. Important — for you, not for public opinion, which imposes on you the postulates of "successful success". Therefore, at the initial stage of "finding your destiny" I suggest using a simple scheme — three priorities a day. Every day. But — none of them should be the leading one.

  • Exercises for neurons to form a new skill and to improve the acquired knowledge.
  • Exercises for the physical body.
  • Exercises for expanding perception — well, what is commonly called "spiritual practices".

Every day of pleasant efforts. Pleasant because you should like what you do, and you do not need to force yourself. There is no need to fight with anyone. And — first of all — with yourself.

All that is included in the current priorities should be a source of pleasure, i.e. the process of getting dopamine. Otherwise, burnout will occur — both emotional and physical — long before you can enjoy the results.

It is also important to consider that exercises for neurons, physical body and expanding perception should be diverse and exciting. For example, I do not keep track of time. This is easy to understand by analogy with exercises in the gym.

Keep your attention in the body

You can do strength exercises like everyone else, i.e. count the approaches, the number of repetitions, keep track of the time between the approaches. This is a common technique. Or you can give the body a chance to determine when you have reached the limit. In fact — this is not as easy as it seems.

You will automatically try to count how many times you lifted, pushed, squatted. Not to count — is difficult. Very difficult. This is where a violent inner dialogue would not hurt: let the consciousness run through all the nooks and crannies of memory, but just do not count.

For example, if you are emotionally attached to someone right now — in the people this is called unrequited love — or suffer from a breakup, then it is good to exhale every time you imagine that you exhale the pain from yourself.


At first it is easier to do exercises with your eyes closed. And imagine the pain as fire. In your imagination, make yourself a dragon that copes with any difficulties of consciousness. As you understand, the image of pain fits any problems with loved ones, children, colleagues at work and business.

If everything is fine in your personal and public life, then you can use another technique: while doing the exercises, read to yourself your favorite prayer, mantra, poem. And direct it to the heart. The point is that both prayers and mantras and poems have a rhythm. You get into the rhythm and do the exercise, focusing on the sensations in the body. You felt that you reached the maximum, stopped, breathed. And repeated.

So you will effectively not only train your muscles, but also learn to keep your attention in the body.

Keeping your attention in the body — this is exactly the coolest practice of mindfulness, which is easy to describe, but hard to repeat.

I suggest you master, of course, the easiest option, but it is really hard to achieve.

And then — by the same technique — you act and in mastering any skill. Reached the limit — switched. Repeated again and switched again.

Time is energy

People were imposed the concept that time should be considered only from the perspective of "destiny", i.e. energy, which a person can control or cannot control.

In this issue, humanity was divided into two camps: "I do not decide anything — everything is in the hands of fate" and "my destiny is in my hands". And — you know — to which camp you belong at this stage — it does not matter. Because now you are learning to interact with fate in the present and shape the future. You learn on simple human things — to know what you like. Doing what you love, you will stop dividing life into work and rest and thus create joy.

When you reach inner goodness, it will naturally spread to others. Your happy state — the best reward for everyone who is around.

You understand... It is impossible to resist happiness, but everyone runs away from misery.

And if you yourself are now trying to catch up with someone or something, then maybe he runs away from your misery, not from you... Therefore — if you want the people around you to change their attitude towards you, do exercises according to the above technique. This technique will help you get rid of many psychological problems.

And after a while you will be able to adequately assess whether it was worth chasing after someone or something at all, if everything best comes into your life by itself, when you do not depend on circumstances.

The main goal is to feel pleasure from what you yourself create with your life. And mindfulness and other wonders of perception will come naturally, when you learn to understand what brings joy.

Yes... That's how "simple" the future is formed, from which the destiny is composed...

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