Patting body massage

The perfect massage for every day. Qigong Master Mu Yuchun teaches you to pat the areas on the foot that are responsible for the work of internal organs: kidneys, lungs, intestines, uterus. The heel area is responsible for the quality of sleep.

The navel is included in the area of the lower Dantian energy storage center. Translated from Chinese, the cinnabar field is an energy warehouse. And the place between the ankle and the knee is responsible for the blood.

So, you massage yourself according to the conditional triangle: feet legs navel. You can add pats on the head and on the upper areas of the lungs.

Patting massage to get rid of cramps

Patting massage to improve coordination

One of the options for a patting body massage is shown by Vladimir Fedortsov, a student of master Mu Yuchun and president of the Odessa Regional Wushu Federation.

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