Инна Иванова Monday, March 23, 2020

The structure of God: our Universe is not alone in God


We are all — manifested forms of a large-scale mathematical System. And our Universe is not the highest form in the hierarchy of diversity of universes developing in God. God is not even around our own Universe, he as a multidimensional entity immediately grows a multitude of Universes inside himself.

Tibetan lamas calculated that in the body of each creature there are 84 thousand microorganisms, which our physical shell provides a place for life. Each microorganism is a separate "personality" in the body, having its own goals and tasks — purpose. And since everything is arranged according to the image and likeness, the same situation is with God: inside him there is a huge number of Universes. Only it is not clear yet — we have Papa God a young builder of Universes, an experienced user or an Entity that is a Teacher for other Gods?

If experienced, then the number of Universes inside God is approximately equal to the number of cells in the human body, which is about 100 trillion, and maybe much more. But besides people, who have two strands of DNA, the Universes are inhabited by many entities, who have much more strands of DNA. Accordingly — their sizes, and the number of cells and atoms in organisms — are much more impressive. Therefore, if our God is an example for other Entities in the world of Gods, then the number of universes inside him exceeds the number that our superficial mind can comprehend.

So we are not just not alone in the Universe, our Universe is not alone in God.

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