What you need to start practicing

What you need to do to start practicing

To start practicing, you need to make a payment and start practicing.

You can send me questions that have arisen during the implementation of the methodology.


Don't worry if you didn't see the answer to your question right away. I'm running several projects at the same time, so I don't browse the site all the time. It happens that I leave, and I don't have the opportunity to work on the Internet. Therefore, I ask you to show understanding and continue to do the technique.

If you follow all the instructions, then you have nothing to worry about and go crazy from temporary difficulties. It is you who are doing the practices in order for these very "uncontrollable changes and states" to begin. So we cancel the anxiety and calmly move on.

General questions

If you want to ask a general question, then write to the "Questions to the exorcist" section. First, a list of answers to the questions will open, and at the bottom you will see the "Ask a question" form.

I answer questions in texts and videos, because most often global questions come up, the answers to which can make up an entire treatise.

The series of questions is long, but you can find some answers by studying the materials on the website. Attention not by reading articles like lectures, but by studying like instructions to get directions to conscious action.

Personal questions

The site receives a lot of questions related to your personal life. Only I see these questions. I can assure you that our correspondence and further collaboration are an individual process, therefore strict confidentiality is respected.

Dozens of very voluminous emails arrive on the site every day. I cannot give answers all the time, because I, like every person on this planet, have 24 hours in a day. And as I reported earlier — I run several projects in parallel, enjoy my personal life, write books, do sports, do practices, personally work with people and travel with ;various missions around the world. Therefore, I do not have the opportunity to visit the site regularly.

I need to read each letter carefully and understand the situation. Please don't wait for an answer right away. There may not be an answer within a month if I have left. Calmly repeat the letter after a while with a note in the subject of the letter "Important". Please take this into account.

The site often receives letters in which people ask to change the fate of their husband, brother, sister, child, grandson or any other relative. Sometimes your loved ones are sick with something, sometimes they don't have a job or a problem in their personal life. Of course, you want to help them. Of course, you are experiencing suffering, pain, and guilt that you cannot do this on your own. Study the material very carefully The Law of Retribution against Irreparable good. And only then write a letter if the determination to "do irreparable good" is still preserved.

If you are serious, then start doing practices. I emphasize that independent work with practitioners is given in order for me and you to understand how much you are ready to change your perception yourself. And I continue to cooperate only with those who really need the transformation process at the moment. There may be a situation that you will have to wait, because at the same time I can accompany you in practice and work personally with only a certain number of people.


For me, your independent and disciplined work is a diagnosis of who is worth working with, i.e. investing in your personal advancement the time of my personal life, which is the most valuable for me.

Each of the practices is simple and effective. They are hidden by payment from curious people who can harm themselves with this very simplicity in such a way that it would be better if they never did anything at all. Therefore, "payment" is a confirmation of the seriousness of your intention and a barrier against ignorant use.

So, if you want me to personally cooperate with you, then you need to make a payment and mark the subject of the letter "Personal support". Then do a few simple steps. The sequence of actions is important, simple and effective.

1. Write me an email and send me a photo

It is not necessary to take beautiful photos from the past. Only I will see your photos. Therefore, please send a fresh photo.

In the letter, you need to specify your age, marital status and the type of activity that you are currently engaged in. Also, if you think it's important, describe your relationship with your parents. And the main thing is whether the parents are happy now (or were) in their personal lives.

To make it easier for you, we have created a form on the website in the "Write a letter" section.

In the letter, it is necessary to analyze the current life according to three criteria: health, relationships, money. Write so that you would like to improve in these areas, which you did in the past and are doing now.

Describe the situations that caused the most pain. A few bright moments that you think had an impact on fate. Most likely, these will be situations related to past or current relationships.

It is not necessary to write that you have forgiven and worked on someone or something like that. Just state the facts. I'll take a look myself.

Also analyze what pleases you the most at this stage of your life, and what causes pain.

Before you write me an email, I ask you to study the following material The most important thing for understanding.

2. Print the Antakaran symbols

Download Antakarana symbols.

Print out any characters you like. The number of characters is from three to twelve. You can use a black and white printer. It doesn't matter. You can draw it yourself. Whatever you want.

You can read about the Antakaran symbol in the article Antakaran. The captured light. Also in the section "Questions to the exorcist" there is a short answer to the question about this symbol.

After you print out the symbols, you take the candles. Any candles. Paraffin or wax, white or colored does not matter. Take as many candles as the characters you have printed.

Put one candle on each symbol and let it burn out. It makes sense to take thin candles. If you don't have any, then take any that are in the house.

If you have thin candles, then take glasses, fill them with salt and let the candles burn out. Salt is convenient because when the candle burns out, there will be no unpleasant smell.

If you have large candles, then it is enough for the candle to burn on the symbol for an hour and a half. Then you can put it out.

If for some external reason the candle has gone out, then we are not afraid, we are not discouraged, we do not regard this as a sign, but we light it again and bring what we started tothe end.

3. Bath with salt

The salt that is poured into the glasses, you pour it into the bath. And take a bath with this salt. It is enough to lie in water for 10-15 minutes. Then you wash the salt off the body with a shower.

If you only have a shower at home, then pour salt on the bottom of the shower stall and take a shower, treading on this salt.

If for some reason you don't have a bathtub or a shower within reach right now, then fill a bucket with room temperature water, add salt there and pour it on yourselfhead so that the water gets on the top of the head.

4. Take three Antakaran symbols. Put it under the mattress or under the bed.

The first character is in the head area. The second one is in the heart area. The third is in the legs.

Now you will sleep on these symbols for the entire period while we cooperate with you. In the future, as you wish. You also need to do practices and send me reports and fresh photos once a week or once every two weeks. Depending on the intensity of the changes that will occur.

If for some reason you have left for a business trip or for a city, then it is not necessary to take the characters with you. They'll be waiting for you. There is no reason to worry.

5. The second letter

In about a week or ten days, you will write me a second letter in which you describe what happened. And you are sending a new photo.

Please don't wait for what will be "good" or "bad". The situations that have happened to you, or the dreams that you have seen, or your feelings and memories are a diagnosis for me. You don't need to interpret anything yourself, and even more so be afraid of changes. Even "unfavorable" in your understanding.

And then?.. Next, I'll tell you what we're going to do. To everyone personally.

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