Breathing to remove pain

The divine breath of Al-Siesat Kutoh. Short breath

The simplest and most effective method of dynamic meditation, in which pain and fear are removed from the body.

It's like a dog breathing after a fast run. It is performed freely. No load. Short identical breaths and exhalations with an open mouth. Slowly at first. Then the exhalation comes with a sound from the depths. Without using the throat.

It is useful for falls, bumps, bruises, and muscle sprains. Saves from seizures.

Helps to remove pain from the body. With pain and cramps, a person cannot take a deep breath and exhale. And the body turns to stone from fear, so the information about pain in the body remains.


If you hit hard, then by starting to perform this breathing immediately, you will make sure that the information from the body does not have time to gain a foothold in the brain. Of course, you will feel pain, but after performing these actions, the body and brain will be spared from storing further information about pain. Naturally, it is well suited for athletes whose training is associated with injuries and bruises.

This practice has also proven itself well in emotional experiences. They can be so intense that they feel quite physical. Mental pain and fears are thrown out of the body.

During the execution of this breath, the suffering hidden for years also rises from the body. You may feel discomfort in some part of your body. Massage this area and continue the practice.

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