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How to shape the future?

How to shape the future?

I am often asked the question: "Inna, do you predict the future?". Now I say, "I'm making it." But in the old days, I really liked not acting effectively for the development of fate. This was due to the fact that, just as many of you are now, I wanted to receive confirmation of the correctness of the path, a prediction of happiness, the good news that "everything will be fine." And yet — everything at the same time became really cool when I realized that by stopping worrying about the current moment, you stop worrying about the next one, and then about the whole future as a whole. This technology of thinking only at first glance seems complicated, and the implementation is "magical". But — actions are simple, as are the laws of logic that support these actions.

People habitually regard life as a series of days and years. And they look to the future as immortal warriors with stubborn short-sightedness, thinking that they will manage everything. But if you change the angle and realize that you only have one day... And this is always the case, because your current real life is only a few hours between going to sleep and going to sleep. What happens?.. It turns out that everyone can make these watches full.


You don't need to make your whole life happy right now, you need to make only one day full. Well, any person has enough strength, abilities, and energy for this. You will stop sticking to the sufferings of the past only when you are busy with something interesting in the present. And if you are constantly thinking about the future of mythical happiness, then this way of thinking devalues the current moment, and you miss it. You're missing the day. You're missing a week. You're missing out on life.

You can predict the future yourself

And now let's look at the concept of time a little bit. Most people view the future as the time that will follow this time. Good... So it's obvious to you that there's a second of your "today" going on right now. Right now.

You don't feel this second physically. You don't know how to physically feel the time when you feel good. But if a person has something that hurts a lot, then he begins to physically feel the time. And then he prays not for a "wonderful future", but for the ordeal of pain to end sooner. So? So.

So, a second of your life is going on now. Do you know what you're going to do in the next second? Yes. And in two seconds? Yes. And in fifteen minutes. You know about it. Well, tomorrow... In this "scary and uncertain" tomorrow? It's not magic for you either. And for the weekend?.. And so on and on.

Now we can say that you can predict your future a second ahead. What's the difference then? A second, or a week, or a year, or ten years. These are just your personal feelings about time. No more. And you always live now!

The habit of laziness

Let's say a person likes to lie on the couch in the evenings and watch TV. And so he has been doing for many years of his life. The same person does not like to go to work from 9 to 6, but he has been doing this for many years of his life.

Whether he likes it or not, he does. Attention, my favorite word "to do" has appeared...

Most people do only what they are used to. With enviable constancy, and with enviable stubbornness. Why doesn't he want to do something else? Most often, laziness.

It's easier to open a horoscope on the Internet and see what the "stars say" there.

If the high-frequency energy of the Spirit did not touch people at all... If the desire for social communication did not force a person to get his body out of bed... If the desire to eat did not force a person to go hunting for money... If the desire to reproduce did not force a person to "look for a partner", then what would the majority of humanity look like? Just imagine this dreary picture! A lazy, shapeless mass of "crowns of creation" would lie on the Ground and not shine.

You see, God was not very confident in the thinking abilities of individuals, so evolution put the centers of biological needs in the brain. They somehow make many people move. But they cannot make you realize the significance of the current moment. Therefore, you have to ask unpleasant questions to a person.

Unpleasant questions

And who makes a person spend these wonderful fleeting minutes of his "happy" life on standard ineffective actions — "lying on your favorite couch" and "going to an unloved job"? These are, of course, nasty topics for a typical consciousness. Especially about an unloved job. Therefore, a person will habitually get angry and say that he is forced by need, responsibilities, the need to feed his family. Or he will say something deeply meaningless and philosophical: "This is how life works." In general, the interpreter in the brain will always find an answer that will justify both any human actions that led to suffering in the present and his current active inaction leading to suffering in the future.

You spend the same amount of time being unhappy and being happy. And it's always just your watch today. Nothing more. No less.

Therefore, if a person honestly declares that there is no one who would force him! If he goes to an unloved job and lies on his favorite couch personally, then a miracle of honesty and the highest awareness will happen in a person. He makes his own life! Ugh, you've probably said that a thousand times already... But — we must continue... Because I know that today another wonderful person, after reading this, will get up from the couch. I'm absolutely sure that every day... One person... This is how the Impulse works for those who are ready today — not to put on wings, but to act.

God saw you and something went wrong!

So, another person froze with realization, smiled and right at that second already began to change his usual "lifestyle", shaping his future. A banal conclusion. At the time, many people are satisfied to conclude: "Well, I already know that!", pat themselves on the belly and watch another enlightening and "motivating" video. Naturally, lying down — you know what your favorite is.

Well, that's how I know...

Millions of people have never heard dozens of working truths. And — they did not react to them in any way. Rather, they thought they understood something "deep inside" and now everything will happen by itself: "After all, God sees that I heard him!" But... As usual... Something went wrong. And after "knowing the truth," it only got worse. Really! That's how it works. That's why I keep talking about the danger of real spiritual experiences, backed up by strong feelings, but not backed up by actions. The danger is quite tangible. Because...

You will not be able to play Spirituality with the Spirit. The stake is fate. The Spirit does not consider you as a person, only as an energy from which a request for change has been received.

If you sincerely turn to God with a "request for spirituality" and "knowledge of your personal great destiny," then the System responds immediately. The exams for seriousness of intent begin.

To human understanding, they look harsh and unpredictable. Usually, everything in personal and social life begins to crumble. Therefore, most seekers quickly leave the distance and begin to live normally: earning money for a strictly defined time, relaxing on the couch for a strictly defined time and devoting themselves to some kind of unencumbered practices. Well, so that the appearance of movement "along the way" is created for the mind. And then the System weakens the impact on the "sufferer", and then it lets go altogether. Until the next request, or the next life.

Knowledge through Action

Why does God be so "inhuman" with those who strive for such a seemingly "right" choice?


God sees that he gave you the information at your request, and again you did not use it for action. Although you know that...

Information becomes knowledge only through actions. First you hear, then you do, then you understand, then you do it again, then you realize and do it again, but without getting attached to the result.

When you have learned not to get attached to the result of your actions, then the System itself begins to work through you, without encountering resistance in the form of discontent, stupidity and vanity about your exclusivity.

You have already been pumped up so much by "taking everything in a row" that you no longer care about personality, property, or significance. And only at this moment do you really begin to learn and understand. And only in this case does your faith in God become knowledge of God.

In this article, we talked about the formation of fate and time from a position of action. In one of the following, we will consider the future from the point of view of energy and talk about the formation of a skill for action.

In the meantime, I recommend reading the article in Forbes This is an epidemic of digital autism. You will learn the Sadhguru's opinion that "suffering is one of the best skills we have." And also the opinions of Dr. Andrey Kurpatov about

  • why the brain chooses a simpler task — lying on the couch;
  • that constant consumption of visual content turns off thinking;
  • that meditation and awareness can improve the number of social connections and the quality of communication.

How do I find out my energy level?

People are attracted by the level of their energy. And it gives hope to everyone, because... Who now seriously thinks that his energy is weak? Only someone who is in a severe form of depression. And the majority of citizens have exaggerated ideas about their importance and about their energy sector. Therefore, we will change such a beautiful word... People are attracted by the degree of inner madness. And this, at the lowest level, is a wide range of accumulated complexes, fears, neuroses and prejudices. Well, at the highest level of cognition, this is inner freedom and the absence of restrictions, which in real life manifests itself in ease of perception and creative achievements. Because only truly extraordinary individuals in their thinking move the history of civilization.

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Typical misconceptions about freedom and awareness

Mindfulness is an energetic quality of a quantum System, not a personal quality of a person. Therefore, to practice awareness and freedom for yourself personally is to introduce additional illusions about your exclusivity into your consciousness. By practicing mindfulness/spirituality/meditation from a human point of view, you practice your importance because — well, you really want to be different from others. Others don't suit you for some reason... There's something wrong with them... They are not "conscious" or "sufficiently aware." Therefore, many who have appointed themselves the "chosen ones" believe that they urgently need to become knowledgeable and practicing in order to teach others. Only these "chosen ones" with irrepressible stubbornness do not want to understand that God also created others. And the quantum System, unlike the human factor, does not make mistakes in choosing those who should live on this planet.

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Thursday, January 14, 2021 1:35 PM 

Инна, спасибо! Интереснейше. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2021 5:50 PM 

Мы часто живем в состоянии, когда убегаем от настоящего. Ждем чего-то. И в ожидании занимаем свой ум социальными сетями, чтением, разговорами.

Классный способ определить, в настоящем вы или нет. Просто сядьте и ничего не делайте. Если вы так сидите несколько минут и вам абсолютно комфортно, то поздравляю. Дзен достигнут. Если нет... вы бежите. Поэтому остановитесь и подумайте, куда или от чего. Спросите себя, что меня не устраивает в настоящем моменте. Чего я хочу. Чего мне не хватает.

Ответы прорабатывайте. Практик соответствующих достаточно. Постепенно расчищая свое внутреннее пространство, вы окажетесь в состоянии... Когда вы будете довольны всем и освободитесь от результатов всех мастей.

Есть, конечно, экстремальные способы чистки. В статье о них как раз сказано. Это когда Дух обращает на вас внимание. Удовольствие на любителя. Зато быстро и эффективно.

Thursday, January 14, 2021 5:56 PM 

​«Вчерашние дни — они в нашей памяти, а завтра — это просто наше представление, наше воображение. Если вы знаете, как справляться с этим моментом, вы знаете, как работать с вечностью, вам не нужно справляться с завтрашним днем».


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