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Fate: predestination or awareness?

Fate: predestination or awareness

A letter came to our website: "Hello, Inna. I was discussing your article „Freedom of Choice“ with a young lady. In her humble opinion, the choice does not mean anything, because each of us already has a destiny, according to which everything is predetermined until the end of our lives, and we cannot influence anything.

Considering what you said, I would say that everything is predetermined, but at the same time everyone has a choice. That is, there are many options at the same time and, at the same time, there is only one — predefined. And the point is not what will happen, but to make a choice that will affect the internal state of the entity. In general, according to all the rules of a computer simulator: the scenery is digital, and the operator's reaction is real. The task is not for human perception. How are things really going?"

For most people, fate is an abstract concept. You can pinch yourself, but you can't pinch fate. And she can pinch you, and hit you, and punish you, and reward you. Someone has it scary and terrible. Someone has a great and beautiful one.

They think about her a lot, write about her, talk about her. They are trying to "attract" the happy one and fight off the unhappy one. Unfortunately, the ideas of a successful fate are now distorted in society.

An outwardly rich person is considered happy. Money, of course, opens up the fulfillment of material desires for a while, but they quickly get used to them. And in the future, "conventional units" are not the key to a happy fate. It is impossible to buy a loved and loving person. It's corny, but it's a fact. But many people do not care about the facts, they want more money and regard the importance of the environment in accordance with this parameter. Therefore, when it comes to the "predestination of fate", people most often mean the predestination of "suffering". In a similar way, they justify the results of desires that have not been fulfilled. Evil fate did not "give them something." Again, everything is predictable: a relationship with someone, money for something. Those who are offended by fate believe that they did not lead themselves to suffering... And who? The leader of the list of those responsible for fate is God.

It's good that God is mathematics, otherwise he would have resigned his authority as a decider a long time ago. He would only have to look at one Earth out of billions of inhabited planets, and he would think: "Well, what kind of moron am I? How did I bring my beautiful children to such misfortunes? At first I arranged everything so beautifully, and then I went crazy and decided to take revenge on the crowns of my own creation, imposing ignorance, sins, passions, vices on them." Isn't that how it turns out, based on human logic? God was smart enough to create the universe with quantum precision, but not to make children happy?..

Do you dream of your children suffering? Do you raise them, love them, take care of them, invest time, energy, money, and all this in order to then see how they suffer? What a joy for a parent — what a sad creature I managed to create! Watch the new series: "How to flush fate into the universal toilet, while annoying others with your whining."

From such "fatal reasoning" follows the conclusion: "If my fate is predetermined, then God is to blame for my suffering. Good luck! All responsibility is on Dad, I'm not deciding anything here. But I'm going to pray anyway and tell you, Lord, how I'm not satisfied with the current state of the universe. Do you hear, Almighty, you're not working hard there!"

Derivatives of the concept of "God" are "higher powers", "dark forces" and, of course, the Universe. Some individuals choose the entire universe as a defendant for a shitty fate at once, so as not to be petty. Many simply report verdicts on any objectionable occasion: "Fate is like this. You can't change fate."

As Stephen Hawking, one of my favorite physicists, wrote: "I have noticed that even those people who claim that everything is predetermined and that nothing can be done about it, look around before crossing the road."

My beautiful and unhappy ones, if your fate is predetermined, then why do you bother at all — study, work, fall in love, desire something, dream of something, achieve something? It doesn't make sense. Relax. You are happy people. You don't decide anything. And you don't need to do anything.

Even situations when you want to drink, eat, sleep and go to the toilet — your body tells you. The ideal state of things. Like children under the age of seven.

Children enjoy every little thing: candy, toys, praise. There is no fate in their way of thinking, but there is happiness. Their brains do not generate situations of prolonged dissatisfaction, i.e. depression, because they have not yet compared themselves, their social status, or their achievements with others. And they also don't need God to negotiate with him: any gift is a great gift, any food is great food, any weather is great weather. Everything around is ideally created for games.

And suffering? What suffering — upset, shouted, forgot, playing again! Their parents can rage, sort things out, yell — the children cry, but do not think about "forgiveness". That's great, of course... But for a certain period of childhood.

It will take another couple of decades of human games or another couple of dozen human lives to first become "important", and then come to the conclusion that such "importance" and "adult games" are only tricks imposed by society to make you a slave. God, fate, the universe — it doesn't matter.

...And only after that will there come an understanding that absolutely all the circumstances of life are exceptionally successful. And only then will you take responsibility for your choice. And only then will you stop thinking about an abstract fate. And what difference does it make that it is "written according to fate", if everything pleases me. And I make the choice to be happy myself.

So, if you currently believe that your fate is predetermined, then this is your choice. You've already done it! And yes, your fate will be the "only option" for you. And this option will depend on others. If you make a choice in the next moment that your destiny belongs to you, then this will be the next stage, and you will begin a new milestone in the history of your destiny, which at the same moment will become multivariate.

And then — hello, the unknown!

And that's the main thing that scares people who use the selfishness of suffering to justify their actions. Many people do not want to get rid of hardships, hardships and hardships and solve problems of fate only because they will have to take on everything they have done.

Responsibility for fate is equal to discipline. Discipline equals freedom. Strange as it sounds at first glance. You make a disciplined choice every day and get the freedom to make the next choice. And freedom is synonymous with uncertainty. This makes a person afraid. Me? I'm alone! Naturally! You're always the one deciding your fate. Hello, mindfulness!

...Somehow, one not at all "great", but absolutely cheerful Master, who called himself the Old Baby (we know him by the name of Lao Tzu) decided to die. The students gathered around him and well, let's pester them with questions. One of them asked to reveal the secret of his constantly good mood. The master waved away with a laugh:

— And this?.. It's simple. Every morning I wake up and ask myself, "Do I want to suffer or rejoice today? And every morning I choose to be happy."

A simple recipe for a simple person.

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Monday, May 11, 2020 11:28 AM 

Инна, огромная Вам благодарность за интереснейшие материалы. Согласна полностью с Вами. Хочу только немного от себя добавить, что пришла к выводу, что плохих ситуаций не существует. Если любую ситуацию, кажущуюся на данном этапе плохой, быстро принимать и расценивать как максимально полезную и правильную в долгосрочном плане, как она тут же исчезает и можно быстро убедиться, что всё к лучшему. Только тут дело в другом, я заметила, что многие люди просто любят страдания, хандру и с ней никак расставаться не хотят, потому что им так комфортно. Да, а это уже выбор индивидуальный, радоваться или страдать!!!

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