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The importance of the physical body and fast neurons

The importance of the physical body and fast neurons

The concept of Mer-Ka-Ba combines awareness (rotating Light), Spirit and physical body. Now I will separately emphasize the importance of the physical body.

The stronger your muscles are, the more electric current passes through them, and the brighter the subtle fields glow. Mens sana in corpore sano — a winged Latin expression. Its translation is known: "In a healthy Body — a healthy Spirit".

The closest to the physical body is the subtle etheric body. It resembles a white-blue smoke around the entity and completely repeats the bends of the physical body. A strong etheric field does not allow the "enemy" emotion of fear to penetrate deep inside and cause depression. Of course, you can be scared, but the body will react instantly to the danger by releasing norepinephrine — the "hormone of rage", which will provide the body with fearlessness and courage. So real warriors are supposed to have a good physical shape.

But still... Strong muscles alone will not give you the brightness of awareness, i.e. the activated field of Merkaba.

The brightness of awareness — the speed of rotation of the star tetrahedron — depends on the speed of work of the neurons of the brain.

People use the limited capabilities of the brain, necessary for survival only in our world, so the representations of the beauty and fullness of the Universe are greatly reduced. And as paradoxical as it sounds, if you want to travel between worlds — train your brain!

We have fast neurons, which have a high frequency of oscillations of axons — about 100 Hz. And for flights between dimensions, it is necessary that this frequency exceeds these 100 Hz, i.e. that the speed of conduction of the electric pulse is very high and subsequently becomes higher and higher. Then you will be able to not only observe the "parallel" worlds in dreams, you will act there with the same efficiency as in the dense body. With all the accompanying abilities. I will not add the prefix "super", because all the skills are laid down in you initially. You know how to act in any dimensions of the Universe.

The more fast neurons you have, the more aware you are: you simultaneously receive inspiration from the subconscious and use the analytical abilities of the consciousness. The two hemispheres of the brain work as a team. The logic of consciousness (left hemisphere) and the original intuition (right hemisphere) are necessary for effective life, and subsequently, for the process of Ascension — going beyond the worlds of illusions.

Thus — the activated field of Merkaba includes all the necessary knowledge for moving between dimensions. Then the power of intention is connected. And — oh, miracle — you look at the Earth from above!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 4:11 PM 

В статье обосновывается важность тренировок физического тела и мозга. Как тренировать физическое тело, в целом, представление есть у каждого, а вот как именно эффективно тренировать мозг? Могу предположить, что тренировке мозга способствует любая интеллектуальная деятельность, но прошу Вас привести несколько конкретных примеров тренировки мозга с наибольшей продуктивностью. Благодарю.

Saturday, April 11, 2020 9:44 AM 

Очень актуальный вопрос выше! ❤️

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