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Business: the pause of the great Master

Business: the pause of the great Master

There is a common trick of the mind that I observe in most business dreamers. Many of them like to talk about how they will rest, what they will drive, in what houses they will live. There is no money, but people spend it selflessly. And, strangely enough, — this is logical from the point of view of neurophysiology.

The brain does not care that the person does not have "colored paper", encrypted in a piece of plastic, the brain still releases dopamine. And the dreamer is in ecstasy from his future achievements. True, for many they then turn into unrealized desires, which slow down the fate, but — Oh! — for the "free" dopamine you have to pay.

The past is forgotten. The future is closed. The present is given

In real business, you will not have as much time to rest as in your dreams. And in general — business for most professionals becomes such an exciting game that beaches, palms and seas for them are sheer torture. This does not mean that they do not know how to rest and they will inevitably have emotional burnout. There is just a category of people who do business as a hobby, and they have no division between work and leisure. In the brain of such passionate personalities, the bet is made not on money, but on victory.

Business is a game of speed of perception. Excellent businessmen are excellent psychics. They can quickly adapt and adjust their plans. They have no time for the "lament of Yaroslavna" about how good it was once or will be in the future...

You have to learn to let go of the past faster than the Masters of Zen teach you... Otherwise — you will be overtaken by the syndrome of "businessmen from the past", which is expressed in constant conversations about "do you remember how it was". How it was — it will never be.

"The past is forgotten. The future is closed. The present is given" — so wonderfully said in one of the cartoons about Kung Fu Panda. Real businessmen think exactly like that and act accordingly.

If you have not done a single action for your future today, you have lost time. And time — it is not only an additional dimension of our three-dimensional world, as we know, but also money, i.e. those opportunities that you have not used today.

The conclusion "I will have time tomorrow" — it is eternity for the brain, which has neither past nor future. This is a fact. The brain always operates only in the present.

And only the superficial mind of a person constantly wanders either in the depths of memory, or in the hopes of "everything will be fine". Good will only be what you do yourself.

Businessmen, like athletes, are very superstitious in matters of fate and luck, but they do not stop training. Good business is also a well-trained mind. Analytics, speed, reaction. Everything, like in sports. You either won or lost.

The pause of the great Master

And now the most important thing... When you have played enough in business, you need to regroup and take a break. Such a pause of the great Master, who looks at the path he has taken and understands that all material accumulations are illusory and not worth all the time of this wonderful life. And then you distribute the money and invest. You give part to the development of civilization. You can define yourself and your family's content... But always — necessarily — you need to stop yourself. If you start to devote your life only to making money, they will stop you in any case...

The inability to stop in accumulation will be regarded by your karma as a fear of losing. Fear, as we have repeatedly said, blocks the future. This means that a person must either lose money, or get sick, or both, or... or... or... Especially anxious owners are stopped by death.

Business... Money... For the quantum field of awareness, this is just a children's game, in which people measure the sizes of ego and capital.

When money loses its meaning

What do you think, why is the cosmic mind not tuned to communicate directly with humanity?..

Yes, because the Quantum System is directly "in ecstasy" from how people dispose of their freedom of choice!

Most of them constantly ask "give me money"... They would better pray that in the crowd of voices, God would not hear them. Otherwise, everything that starts "well" will end "badly". There will be money, but they will take away what the person will love more than money. But first — years will pass, and they will take away only when money loses its meaning.

No... This is not a punishment.

How can the Quantum System teach people who persistently broadcast desires that lead them to losses? Only by fulfilling them, so that people understand how meaningless their desires are.

If you do not grow out of children's games yourself, you will stay in the sandbox. Until the end of this life... Lost time. For adult cosmic representations, you are not interesting...

You know, how "rich" people are offended: they have money and power, and those who do not care about money and power travel through worlds and dimensions...

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Спасибо за статью, рад снова новый материал в этом блоге. И, конечно, есть вопрос: как понять, что нужно остановиться и переключиться? Для кого-то это может быть доход в 1000 долларов. А кому-то и миллиона будет мало. Или жизнь как всегда подскажет, то мы вышли из бизнеса слишком рано или слишком поздно?

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