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How does the Soul form the blows of Fate?

How does the Soul form the blows of Fate?

The site constantly receives a lot of questions about the Soul. Today we will clarify some important aspects of this concept, which, naturally, not everyone will "like"...

The device of a person is so thought out that he "humanly" can not agree not only with God, but also with his Soul. Because to these spheres of knowledge a person relates as a sales manager: you — me, I — you.

I will be good, and you — me... Well, of course, — give... Well, then the list of "correct" desires...

Your Soul — your electromagnetic fields — absolutely impartial system. And — attention — your Soul does not love you personally. You are her another body...

Wisdom without tension

Soul — connection of thin bodies/electromagnetic fields of a person, which externally look like a glowing sphere, if a person has a developed awareness. Or — a deflated balloon.

The Soul has a size. People should enjoy the breadth of their Soul. This is very profitable.

The breadth of the Soul depends on the vibrations of the Soul, and the vibrations of the Soul, the luminosity of the Soul — on the purity of thoughts.

The thinner the fields are cleaner and wider, the more space you occupy in the Universe and the more information you can pass through yourself. And since information — energy — particles of light photons — constantly circulate through any space and dimension, then only a large pure Soul can get wisdom without tension. The most natural natural way. Everything is provided.

Experience of the Soul: create the future with feelings

Our feelings — this is the most important component of the experience of the Soul. Feelings, not emotions.

Emotions relate to past experiences of this life. Feelings are originally written in the essence.

Emotions — the past. Feelings — the present. It is the feelings that form the future, not the thoughts that are born of emotions.

The experience of the Soul — this is previously acquired skills. These can be both communication skills, and survival skills, and the ability to be honest with yourself, and the desire for comprehension. The whole range of services of the Quantum System for a person, as a tool of cognition. The main thing: in the current life you can change any skill and acquire any skill. Act. Form the future with feelings.

This is easy to understand. For example, you eat candy and feel that you like it or not. Without options. Without doubts.

You make love and feel bliss, which leads you to the peak of pleasure. Or — do not feel. Without options. Without doubts.

Now — attention! For example, you have a parent who abused you as a child. You do not love him, but you are told that you are obliged to love your parents. You try. It does not work. But it is necessary! You go again into battle. There is an internal conflict. You are torn between social norms and hatred of the aggressor. You are forced to love what is disgusting to your Soul. She has already received the necessary experience from the fact that someone, for example, beat you. All this — a passed stage. Do not drag the past into the present. In the present you are free to consciously love or not love anyone. And it does not matter how beautiful words "anyone" is called in society. Do not force yourself to love any crap. Otherwise...


Otherwise, the system of your Soul will decide that the past experience is not passed by you. And you insist on continuing. Insist on the fact that similar situations are repeated. First you are beaten by a parent, then a husband, then hooligans. This is also called: blows of Fate. So: these blows you initiate yourself.

You will beat yourself until you honestly tell yourself: this I love, and this I do not love, this person I love, and this — do not love.

Yes, now I can not love him, although I understand that he was created by God and this person is as important for the Universe as I am, and he was also needed for me... But — for a while. And I know that at the moment of liberation from illusions — at the moment of my Awakening — the obsessive dislike will be transformed. And such "human" trifles will not bother me. This will definitely happen, but not now. Now I'm just learning to Love...

Tricky question: "Do you have a Soul?"

Usually a person on the question: "Do you have a Soul?", clearly answers: "Yes, of course!". Another illusion of human perception — this is your Soul has a body. And your beautiful body for her is just — another body...

Analyze this "simple thing" and stop agreeing with the Soul. Because...

Only by your conscious actions you can change the state of electromagnetic fields and become for your Soul the most important carrier, with which she, perhaps, will decide to end the circle of rebirths.

And in this case for you will begin real miracles... Such miracles of awareness, that no human desire can compare with the new possibilities of perception.

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