The brain and depression: all issues can be resolved if they are resolved correctly

Joy and girl

If your depressing condition is associated with prolonged depression, severe depression, mental disorders, then you need to be monitored by a specialist and take medications to restore connections between neurons. To suffer depression, as well as to suffer a headache, does not make sense. Depression is in many ways a disruption of connections between neurons. And against this background, hormonal failure is already occurring in the body.

If your condition is not related to real painful situations, but you are constantly experiencing negative emotions, then this is a problem of your synapses, i.e. connections between neurons. Of course, your thinking led to this problem. But you will deal with consciousness later... And do practices, and enlighten, and heal the body. You'll make it in time. You will do everything. But first, help the brain. This will be your first global step towards mindfulness.

Do not self-medicate

Many types of depression can be treated with medication. Don't self-medicate. Go to a specialist. If you have been prescribed a drug and, in your opinion, it does not help, you need to go to the doctor again. He will prescribe another drug. If it doesn't help you again, go to another specialist from the field of psychiatry. Choose only practitioners with clinical education specifically in psychiatry. Not because they will prescribe you something "special", but because these people quickly recognize the symptoms... People recognize the symptoms, and not Google Yandex, K you asked for Council "what to take to feel better".

All kinds of practices help only in situational situations of suffering. A psychotherapist and mild types of antidepressants can also help you. It's good to do it in a complex. The choice is always up to the person who evaluates his condition.

If you are a strong person by nature, then you will not need medicines. And you will be an ardent opponent of their use. Effective reflections will be enough to analyze the situation, breathing practices, meditations, physical relaxation (massage) and physical exertion (gym).

A brain prone to depression

But not all people are the same. Not just by the composition of the mind, but genetically. For example, every twentieth person on the planet has a brain prone to depression. And such people need the help of a specialist. Yes, just to find out what's going on with them. Because...

Every 40 seconds there is a suicide in the world. Every 40 seconds, one living person becomes dead because they cannot control their feelings.

And this is in a world where the majority of the world's population is not being chased by hungry predators. And the highest suicide rates, as you know, are in high-income countries.

In prosperous countries, suicide among young people aged from 15 to 29 years old ranks second in the list of the main causes of death after an accident. Girls most often kill themselves after complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Young men because of conflicts related to aggression towards them or violence.

Who is closer: mom or iPhone?

The grown-up generation has not developed typical life skills. Young people just don't know how to handle stressful situations. This is largely due to the fact that many parents give their children phones, starting from the moment when the child begins to explore the world, and becomes very active. They give gadgets in their hands so that children do not distract!..

Here is an excerpt from an interview with psychiatrist Andrey Kurpatov: "When we are born, there are twice as many neurons in our brain as there are now. 50 percent of the baby's neurons die. Neurons keep alive only if they are in demand by natural external stimuli. If they are not in demand, then not 50 percent of the neurons in the child will die, but seventy percent.

The child's brain should form the modes of operation. Screen consumption does not allow the brain to form modes of operation associated with concentration, imagination, and designing the future. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder now affects almost every child. This is digital dementia. When psychiatrists say that a child's brain is not formed in natural conditions, it means that he does not have such modes of operation that can make him functional.


Children under the age of three should not be given phones. Children under the age of three should not be seated in front of the TV to watch cartoons. Even those cartoons that you consider educational. Starting from the age of three and although would be in for several years — not more than fifteen minutes a day in front of any screen. And buying an iPhone is only after 10 years. It also has a scientific basis. If a personal iPhone appears earlier, then the child will have such a stereotype of thinking that between the iPhone and the mother, he will absolutely choose the gadget. For him, the phone will be associated with a greater pleasure than communicating even with the closest person. In the future, as you understand, he will also be able to build friendly and intimate relationships only with a phone. Do you need this?

Deep depression

Now let's touch on the topic of deep depression. In deep depression, the brain has a confused balance between the centers of positive and negative emotions, which are located in the hypothalamus. As you understand, there are few positive emotions, and too many negative ones.

Deep depression occurs due to changes in the functioning of important genes whose work is associated with neurotransmitter systems in the brain: serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine.

In humans, inhibition begins in thoughts, feelings and actions, and, of course, disturbances occur in the work of the autonomic nervous system.

Depression can be associated with age-related changes, and with changes in the body during or after the illness. People suffering from epilepsy have a 20-50 percent chance of falling into depression, people after a stroke have 30-50 percent, Alzheimer's disease also has 30-50 percent; percent.

It also happens that deep depression is a characteristic of temperament. In this case, it is always not about situational (secondary depression associated with specific situations), but about endogenous (primary) depression. This condition is dangerous because it increases the likelihood that a person will want to give up their life. According to statistics, 60 percent of suicides are committed by people suffering from depression. The suicide rate among patients with depression is very high — 13 percent. In this case, it is necessary to use all means — and psychotherapy, and meditation, and breathing practices... And the main thing is antidepressants! As terrible as it would sound to many.

The need for antidepressants

In severe depression, antidepressants are necessary: they affect various components of the action of serotonin synapses.

There are two main classes of antidepressants: monoamine oxidase blockers and reuptake blockers.

Mild antidepressants

Antidepressants serotonin reuptake blockers are mild antidepressants that are currently the most in demand by society. Now it's as simple as possible about how they work. The neurotransmitters responsible for joy have norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, similar pump proteins that provide so-called reuptake. Therefore, with the help of drugs, you can block these proteins, then "happy mediators"; They will not get out of the synaptic cleft, but will continue to press the buttons of the neuronal receptors. Thus, positive emotions will increase, and negative ones will go out.

Now doctors often prescribe amitriptyline, a strong compound. And milder acting compounds fluoxetine and similar drugs that are used for mild types of depression.

Fluoxetine is best known to everyone under the name prozac. It is the most hyped antidepressant in the world. By the way...


You should not engage in self-diagnosis and take medications based on the opinion of the Internet or on the advice of friends, because it helped someone. Without working with an experienced specialist, you will only worsen your condition. All issues can be solved if they are solved correctly.

The doctor is obliged to analyze your reaction to different compounds and choose the drug that is most suitable for you. And keep an eye on the course of treatment: antidepressants can provoke undesirable effects such as, for example, euphoria or insomnia. And there's a lot more. In addition, in the first weeks of taking the drugs, you may feel a deterioration in your condition and decide to cancel the treatment yourself. Here I don't even suggest turning on your brain!.. Just go to a specialist and bring your rushing body to him for consideration.

Evaluate your condition impartially

Sure... I know that there are many studies that question the effectiveness of antidepressants in the treatment of depression. There are also studies that prove that the difference between taking antidepressants and the placebo effect reaches clinical significance only in severe types of depression. But I also know that not every person in suffering can adequately assess their condition. Therefore, many people need to go to a doctor. Meditations, of course, will also contribute to recovery, but they will not work instantly. Neither one system of getting out of suffering — does work like a "magic wand". Yes, you need to make efforts to learn how to live happily and relaxed. And at the first stage of building relationships with your body and brain, the most important thing is to learn how to assess your condition impartially. Learn to think.

I write about it over and over again because I get a lot of emails about black magic and demons. And one of my important and tangible achievements over the years of work, not directly related to practice, is that I just listened to many people and sent them straight to the doctor. They resisted... They didn't want to... They talked about the voices... They talked about the "dark forces". But they talked as if they had seen enough Hollywood movies and read a lot of the Internet. Of course, this has nothing to do with reality. But now these wonderful people have been treated in special clinics and can control their condition. And the main thing is that they know their diagnosis. This, believe me, is much better than seeing a monster in every shadow under the bed.

As I have already written in the material The law of retribution against irreparable Good

The devil is not for who is not running skipping, flashing red eyes and yelling: "Give up your soul!". But the conditional devil was registered as "dependence on fear" in the neural networks of many people.

This aspect should be taken into account by all those who, in their vanity, have appointed the Devil, demons and dark forces as the main culprits of their troubles. Think about it... Go to the specialists... Find out...

It is possible that your body is genetically arranged in such a way that your nervous system needs systematic help. The main thing is to understand and act. And solve problems with the transmission of impulses between neurons. Thus, your mental state will be built up. And leave the dark forces alone until you begin to perceive reality adequately. Don't worry, they'll wait for all the Warriors who want to fight with them! In our universe, there is enough good and evil for everyone... And victories, and battles, and bliss...

And, perhaps, you will hear from doctors the terrible word "schizophrenia". But it's also not a reason to fall into despair. Schizophrenia is a brain condition in which the dopamine system works very powerfully.Every hundredth person on the planet suffers from schizophrenia of varying severity. Schizophrenia usually begins to manifest itself in the period of 20-25 years. And it is the excess of dopamine that causes hallucinations, voices and does not allow you to concentrate. Jumps in thinking are similar to pressure jumps. But!..

If you know about such a feature of your brain, then you can benefit. An extraordinary benefit. Because this state can be used as an energy boost for quite specific achievements. This is well described in the film Mind Games, in which mathematician John Nash (played superbly by Russell Crowe in the film) with a diagnosis of schizophrenia used his excess energy and;received the Nobel Prize. Here you can read the story of this man with an amazing fate. The real story of John Nash, which was much scarier than the one we were shown in "Mind games".

Of course, in order to cope with their brain, people with schizophrenia definitely need to take dopamine antagonist drugs and learn how to adequately assess their condition: understand hallucinations and try as much as possible to keep them under control.

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