Music for practices

Girl listens to music

Understanding music is a huge human value on Earth. Animals, of course, react to sound waves, but they cannot recognize music. And understanding music is an indicator of well-trained neurons.

We have been learning music since childhood. This is one of the features of brain development. At first, we can only repeat simple songs from the category of "having fun walking together" and "tired toys are sleeping". But with the development, a kind of division of humanity occurs: someone continues to listen to "two clops, three clops", and someone grows up to complex works. I do not specifically focus on classical music, because there is a large set of complex, bright and interesting compositions in the world.

Now each of us has a huge selection of music for every taste. And, as I wrote in the recommendations to many practitioners, you can use any compositions you like for work or practice in silence. This is your decision.

I suggest you get acquainted with the music that has become my favorite over the years.


The criterion of "liking" music is very simple: music should have a good effect on the brain, i.e. create new more complex neural connections. I consider compositions as high-quality and brilliantly made intellectual objects that act perfectly on the expansion of perception. That's exactly what we need. Listen. Understand. Enjoy, discover new sounds and receive positive reinforcement in the brain in the form of dopamine, the pleasure hormone.

In order to make it convenient for you to work with music in practice or just enjoy it at any time, on this page of the site it is made so that each next track automatically turns on after the previous one.

Music to expand perception

To begin with, there are several separate works. They help well in periods of painful thoughts, and in those moments when you need to quickly switch to inner perception, and in those happy periods when you just want to please the soul.goodness.

The 50th Psalm

This work is certainly a religious classic, but as I have already said, this is not a criterion of choice for me. It is this psalm, it is in this performance that it is created in such a way that it has a great effect on the brain. Therefore, for any practice, you can run it in a circle.

Our Father's Prayer in Aramaic

First, the prayer is recited in English, then you will hear the performance in Aramaic. Nicely. It's just beautiful.

Prayer "Our Father" in Aramaic. Another version

The Jesus Prayer performed by the sisters of St. Elizabeth Monastery

Prayer of the Indians

Favorite Georgian song

Of course, it's a drinking one. Of course, it opens the soul!

Isaac Dunaevsky. Overture to the film "Children of Captain Grant"

It helps exceptionally when you need to hit the Road again and again. In any Way... Risk and travel!

The ringing of the Spiritual Church of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra

If you are overcome with despair, had a hard day and are restless inside, then put on headphones, turn up the volume at full power and listen in a circle.

Indian rituals music

Shamanic music

I have heard many wonderful songs performed by shamans... It was especially delightful in Peru:Lying at night on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, looking at the bright constellations and listening to the singing of shamans. And these were real people. And real improvisations, which were performed in gratitude to nature for her generosity and benevolence to all living beings.

But the selection that I offer you for practice is special. This is my favorite shamanic music. I have used it very often and I use it when working with people, and it has always worked great and works on the brain.

Neurons dance slowly and send you sailing through the sea of awareness...

Have a nice trip and deep dives.


Sunset over the sea

Vangelis is a famous Greek composer, one of the first authors and performers of electronic music. You have certainly never heard his exciting works, including in the soundtracks to many famous films. I offer you a selection that I work with during the practice.


Milky Way

Delicate compositions for traveling through the inner dimensions of space.

Music for vivid impressions

Thomas bergersen. Cry

Thomas bergersen. Empire Of Angels

Two steps from Hel. Victory (1 Hour Version)

Two steps from Hell. Archangel

Extreme action uplifting motivational epic music collection. Workout gaming

"Our Father" in Aramaic

2CELLOS. Benedictus

HAUSER. Ave Maria

HAUSER. Song from a Secret Garden. Alone, Together

HAUSER. Libertango

HAUSER. Adagio Albinoni

HAVASI. Prelude. Age of Heroes

HAVASI. The road

Vanessa Mae. Storm×74k

Shamanic music. Harp

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