Sensitive questions

Is it worth training on intimate days?

Vitamins and dumbbells

Every woman's menstruation is different. If you feel excessive fatigue, abdominal pain, of course, it is better to exclude physical activity so as not to injure a weakened body. If menstruation does not cause you any inconvenience and does not negatively affect your physical well-being, there is no reason to change your usual lifestyle.

Many women continue to exercise despite painful menstrual cramps and experience discomfort in the pursuit of a beautiful figure and athletic achievements. This is unacceptable!

Reduce your usual loads by 70-80 percent in the first three days of the cycle. The loads should be gentle.It is necessary to reduce the intensity of training in the next few days. Take care and feel sorry for yourself these days. "You don't need feats of such stupidity."

By the way, these days you need to pay special attention to nutrition: fruits, vegetables and necessarily cereals. Include fatty fish in your diet, it will provide the body with omega-3 fatty acids. Drink a lot. Limit yourself to eating sweet, salty, spicy.


The problem of protein diets

It is important to mention one delicate problem of those who keep themselves on a strict diet consisting, for example, of chicken breast, eggs, cottage cheese. Protein diets produce results quickly, but have a disgusting effect on the body.Eat fiber, give your body dietary fiber so that you can use the toilet without constipation.Many of those who are tightening their diet are faced with this issue. Such eating behavior over time leads to serious health problems.

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