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Astral travel and the way home

Astral travel and the way home

When you travel in your sleep, you use part of your energy shell for movement. It connects to the physical body with the help of a pearl-silver cord. Thanks to it, you can move away to any distances and easily find your way home. And if you are suddenly awakened, you may feel a shock from the inside: this is how a sharp entry into the body occurs.

The height and depth of flights depend on the level of development of the subtle bodies at the moment, i.e. on the level of development of the Soul. The soul and the subtle bodies of a person are synonyms. The soul is not in the area of the heart, as many are used to thinking, but around you and inside you. The width of the Soul is the size of the glowing sphere around the physical component.

Physicists have made interesting calculations: if you consider a person as a multitude of separate atoms, and then remove the distances between the nuclei of atoms and vibrating electrons, then... The weight of a person will remain the same, and he himself will be the size of a grain of salt.

Attention! It is the "emptiness" around you that shines, which you fill with Love, because this force is radiant by its nature. And all the material you — with all the energy funnels and channels — is just a frame for the "emptiness".

The luminosity of the Soul depends on how pure the "emptiness" is inside you. And purity depends on the speed of vibration of atoms. The higher the vibration, the more you are capable of flying and all kinds of energetic miracles.

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