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Kill Cinderella and become happy

Kill Cinderella and become happy

People often dream of the wonderful time that awaits them ahead. A common belief is that all the bad things will end someday, only the good things will remain. Of course, this interpretation of reality helps not to go crazy in the present. World events follow each other so quickly that anxiety worsens in the majority of the population.

I often hear from people I meet that they want stability.

Stability in the existing worldview is associated with comfort. Many people are afraid to live now, so they want to isolate themselves from the rest of the world with numbers in bank accounts and surround themselves with walls of large houses. And there is hope that nothing "bad" will happen to them, their loved ones and their property. You know, these are very good people: smart, kind, prudent. Just "a little" scared and, as a result, "a little" unhappy. As it is, everything is fine with them, except for one thing... Understanding the obvious — the evolution of mankind is not programmed for stability. Evolution is constantly building and destroying, erasing and creating anew.

Dozens of civilizations were on this planet before us, and it also seemed to them that they were "developed". But as soon as consumption rose to the level of comfort, and the next "new technologies" appeared, total stupefaction began. At first, of course, progress moves civilization and gives people more opportunities for creativity and knowledge. But...

Only a person does not need to fight enemies and run away from predators, then, having found the coveted free time, he begins to waste his life on nonsense. That's what 90 percent of the population does.

Food is cheap and affordable, there is no need to build shelter from the weather, there is no need to get heat, entertainment and virtual communication on the Internet are available. Therefore, a person opens the news and begins to be afraid. New fears arise in the mind.

Fears are reinforced by public opinion and stress and depression creep up. A few hysterical characters wrote something for the rating, others picked up on it. And since most of humanity usually has nothing to do after work, a massive apocalypse of madness begins. So, watching disturbing news, a person strengthens in suffering. On a soft sofa, in a sheltered house, having eaten and drunk, he sincerely suffers! And, of course, he dreams that "all this will end as soon as possible" and stability will come. But!

Stability for constantly working neurons and for continuously operating electromagnetic fields of a person is directly related to death.


For the brain and body, stability is seen as death. When death occurs, consciousness knows for sure that everything has arrived — nothing more "bad" will happen. The absolute achievement of peace. No more responsibility for your life, no more making decisions, no more building relationships, no more dreaming and getting upset. Illusions of suffering and happiness have been abolished. In the human understanding, of course.

So, the desire for stability is a dream of death.

It's not people's fault that they have such "strange" desires. It's not their fault that their dreams are the same. Most people's dreams are based on three biological needs prescribed in the subcortical structures of the brain: safety — money, place in society — power, preservation of the species — reproduction. I wrote about this in the article Neural sex: People don't need money.

Biological needs are driven by genes. There is a great theory of the selfish gene. And it is absolutely true: genes make you act. Genes are driven by evolution, forcing them to interbreed and produce individuals with new sets of DNA. Everything is logical and understandable here. But besides the natural biological needs, there are also so-called "cultural values". And here everything is gloomy... Cultural values impose nonsense that everything will be fine in the future...

There will be a prince sometime in the future. Sometime in the future, a Savior will come. In general, someone will come and decide everything. And if you don't have enough life to wait?.. Then the dreams will be transferred to the next life, to heaven, to other worlds? Oh, the ways of stupidity are inscrutable.

The dream of a future paradise

Most of the "dreamers of good things" stick to the Cinderella version. The tale of Cinderella has entered the subconscious of many. What is her success? In inaction! Cinderella is kind. The evil stepmother and stepsisters offend her. She endures. She is helped by higher powers in the person of a fairy, because she is... Kind. She's running away. They're catching up with her. Caught up. Hurray! The prince is marrying Cinderella. Poor Prince! And the "happy ending" is the supposed "happiness" by default off-screen.

So, what do we have? I am good/good. And higher powers are an indispensable attribute, when I don't want to make decisions myself, they will definitely help me. I'll rub it... I'll wait... It will work itself out. It will definitely work out, but not what you expected!

Favorite human crap — you don't have to do anything. Again, the dream of a future paradise, because we always have "higher powers" on hand to solve all issues. As always, they have nothing to do but help people!

Well, why?.. Why do people need to be helped? Is it possible that we have such a helpless God that he was smart enough to create the Universe and billions of biological species, but he did not think of prescribing a program for solving problems in each creature on his own? And "out of desperation" he created "higher forces" so that they constantly steamed with humanity, which was hanging in suffering.

Convenient interpretation

I wrote in the article Who is good here or who is happy here? that the most difficult thing is to learn to think, endure and wait. Many people remembered this phrase and sent me messages.

  • "My husband drinks, but this is my cross, and I put up with it."
  • "The girl doesn't pay attention to me, but I'm waiting for her to realize that I love her."
  • "The teenage son tried drugs, but I accepted it as atonement for past sins, suffered pain and now I pray that God will bring him to reason."

All these letters have a subtext: "Am I doing everything right?". No!!! As always, you choose what suits you. Pay attention to the first word — to think. For some reason, no one doubts that he can think?.. But if you adequately analyze what you are not doing, it will become obvious to you that you are living in suffering by your own choice.

  • There is no "cross" in the world that makes you live with an alcoholic...
  • There is no power in the world that creates love out of patience...
  • There is no God in the world who looks at your son and thinks about how to reason with a fool...

Everything is simple. It is beneficial for you not to take responsibility.

  • In the first case, at least make an attempt to cure your husband, because he was clearly not born with a glass in his hand, but most likely started drinking during your life together.
  • The second is to tell the girl about your feelings, and not wait until she acquires the ability to read minds.
  • The third is to take my son to the doctor. Maybe he just needs a good therapist before the situation goes too far.

In the meantime, you wait like Cinderella. Although this wonderful girl became interesting to the prince only in the form of a beauty. But she became a beauty through the influence of higher forces, without making any effort to do so. And what prevented her from sewing a dress herself, as she sewed for her stepmother and sisters, and going to the ball herself?..

You interpret what is happening in the way that is convenient for you to justify your indecision and inertia. By the way, this cute interpreter is located in the left hemisphere of the brain next to the speech center.

I am writing this so that it is clear: a convenient interpretation of reality is not an abstraction. This is the work of the brain. And it's not God tells you the reality, and you create it yourself.

Lubricant for the mind

God has become such a nice girlfriend. You can ask for a deal, business, love — yes, anything. Many people often say that they often think about God. They speak so beautifully, measured, sometimes they look up, cross themselves and prayerfully fold their hands. Believe me, the Quantum System of the Universe is extremely pleased with your thoughts. Everyone is fine — and To God, and — first of all — to you. You do all this for your own comfort.

Now think about it... Gradually... Consciously... Because you won't like what I'm saying.

You use the idea of God as a pleasant lubricant for the mind. Like, if I think about him, then he thinks about me. Is he your distant lover/mistress?

Thinking about God will not make you stronger, more beautiful, richer, more successful, more spiritual! Never. It's just that the doubts of a cunning mind suggest that it's not so scary to live this way. You've already agreed. And again, you can negotiate.

God is such a favorable structure that whenever you think of him, he is available. Your loved ones, when you need them, are not always there. And God is always in place. A convenient God. Of course, use this idea while you are afraid to act on your own...

And if you are already ready to take a chance and be happy by your choice, then we finish fiddling with the quanta and act. Business... Love... Fate... Life... Everything — absolutely everything —is in your hands.

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Заканчиваем теребить кванты... Очаровательный космический юмор. За все вышесказанное. «Дорогу осилит только идущий»...

Отличная статья. Супер! 🙏

Friday, November 6, 2020 11:36 PM 

Спасибо, Инна!

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