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Secrets of love: tasting through bed

Secrets of love: tasting through bed does not work

— Galya, why doesn't anyone marry you?
— I don't know... They're trying. They praise me. But no one takes...

Many boys and girls of all ages are now puzzled by the search for "their man," but they always "come across the wrong ones." I would like to draw your attention to the fact that severe pain from being "caught in the wrong place" again appears only after a situation when an energy tube sprouts between you and your partner, i.e. after sex. Of course, if you "opened up to another person" in intimacy and "gave him the most precious thing — yourself", and then he abandoned you, changed or changed to another character — this is traumatic for the psyche. Your so—called "self—esteem" is falling into the abyss of self-reflection "what have I done(a) not so." You start to zombify yourself by not being loved, not being appreciated, not being good enough. Hyped phrases are used: "And I gave it to him(a) the best years, the best cutlets, the best money, etc. And this bastard / this slut... This unworthy member of society spat, abused, trampled on."

Questions to fate follow: "Why is this happening to me? Why do I need all this? I was(a) So good. I cared so much. I did everything." The answer, as always, is obvious: for stupidity, my wonderful heroes of illusions... You have paid with your time for stupidity. And it hurts in you — the time spent! It's not the person who's hurting, but the time that you can't get back. The soul provokes pain so that in the future you will learn to appreciate only the most important ingredient in this life — time.

...Many individuals dispersed by all kinds of practices will remind me about karmic partners who need to be "passed and released." It is necessary, friends. But it shouldn't take years. Had seen. I identified what was happening as a binding. Untied! But sleeping, eating, sharing expenses and living with a "karmic partner" is not necessary. Of course, for such a passage of fate, awareness is needed, but we are given other people to train this awareness. And every time we have to cut people off from the past faster and faster... Many of them have to conditionally "betray" us, because we once hurt them, but we don't remember it.

Betrayal is not a social principle of living together, but an exclusively internal quality of a person. Each of us knows exactly how much pain a partner will cause him. This is a feature of the Soul that immediately warns — "danger", but we are so careless... And so ready to trust your mind, not your heart.

Of course, there are options when everything is going great and it will be even better in the future. But these options are built through friendship, not through "want" and "give."

And now let's look at what you previously did not effectively for your destiny. And they "lost" months or years to live with the "traitor".

I dare say that at the first meetings "with the wrong person", you had a hormonal reaction. Believe me, you would have had a similar reaction for another couple of million people. Or more. In the superficial consciousness of many people, there are a certain number of patterns: "such a man suits me" or "such a woman suits me."

Why, exactly, is it suitable?

The answers are not striking in their variety. I will reflect only the general direction:

— He is big and strong — he will protect me and take care of me.

— She is modest and beautiful — she will be a faithful wife and will take care of me.

This is all complete nonsense! A huge number of "big and strong", "beautiful and modest" are only external images. And it is these images, and not real people, that you endow with qualities that are not peculiar to these people. They give you hormones, but the superficial mind obsequiously agrees with hormones.

No one from the other world forced you to go to bed with the "wrong person" and have sex with the "wrong person". Yes? Yes! The dark forces did not chase you with screams: "Well, give yourself to him! Well, take it!". You made the decision yourself. And you didn't like the consequences of the decision. Freedom of choice in action.

It is not profitable for you to make friends and get to know a person, it is profitable for you to choose someone recognizable. Isn't that easier? Naturally! You keep saying, "I want to!" You want it, you get it. And you get a demo version of the person.

In the first months (even years), many people try to maintain a presentation version of themselves. And then suddenly... Out of nowhere... "Beautiful and modest" turns out to be quarrelsome and depraved. And "big and strong" is lazy and hysterical.

Only the one who loves you the most will take care of you... In total, this does not mean external attributes and character traits, but in general all your features. Absolutely everything touches a loving person in you, although he may disagree with many things... The paradox of love? No. The fact of love.

You can study all the existing psychology courses, but the fate that the Soul forms does not care about your ideas about who you think you will be happy with, based on previous experiences of this life. But there is a huge advantage in studying psychology. At least you can avoid repeating past mistakes... Although it is unlikely... You might want to taste people through the bed again. And it is necessary to conduct tasting through the mind. If you make an incredible effort on yourself and find out how a person thinks and what he thinks about the world before jumping in a crib, then the chances of success in his personal life will increase enormously.

And now let's remember that if today, or tomorrow, or in a year you didn't walk down the aisle — great! Enjoy the time you devote to yourself. Because there will be a great "later". And the most precious thing you have — the time of your life — will be divided between you and your loved one. And it will also be delightful, as well as the periods of temporary solitude that everyone needs to get to know themselves better — their true interests, true needs and true desires.

In happy solitude, character crystallizes and a huge potential for further achievements accumulates. Only in the true happiness of solitude can you really produce the most important intention of your whole life — to love.

Only on the excess of your love can you share it with another person. No — not on the disadvantage of a dull existence, dreaming of quickly attaching to the "second half" and becoming dependent on the actions of some unfamiliar person... Otherwise, the usual and sad thing will happen: two loneliness have met, and what they can exchange — of course, only loneliness. And even during sex, they are lonely. Unfortunately, this is how many unhappy families live now. It's bleak... People are, as it were, serving their duty to be together. This is not karma! It's stupid to waste your life time on an unloved person!

It is on the excess of love that the union of minds, souls, bodies, and energies is born. And then there are no more two of you...

As correctly stated in Lao Tzu's treatise "Tao Te Ching" (The Book of the Way and Dignity): one plus one equals three. Man plus Woman equals Spirit. And the synonym for Spirit, i.e. the energy that creates and permeates universes, is Love. Everything is very simple...

Therefore, learn to wait and appreciate privacy. Love and Enjoy. That's why you came to Earth. Learn To Love.

You can share with the world, with God, with Man only what you have. And love at first slowly grows in you — from the personal happiness you have already created. In the silence and beauty of unity with oneself and with the world. And only then you can give it away. Love is the exchange of beautiful lives between two beautiful people. This is a fact.

To love is to do. To love is to take risks. To love is to act in a way that others cannot afford. To love is to live as efficiently as possible.

The illusion of a family based on melodramas

To base the choice of a partner on the fact that you like him (read — not annoying at the moment), and on the fact that you have performed several acrobatic routines in bed / on the carousel (of course, with a successful coincidence of temperaments) — It's like buying a house when you only saw the facade and refused to go inside. Like, it'll do, we'll figure it out in the process. Eh... Let's figure it out...

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Cheating: How does an ideal partner kill love?

The images of princes and princesses from their many fantasies live in the careless heads of people. These images are formed by cultural layers from the past: fairy tales, movies, books, photos, erotica, previous partners. And all these piles have tightly merged into the "ideal partner". Well, the one that Always is... But your real partner will never match the perfect one. You get used to a real person easily, but you can't get used to an ideal one — he's simply out of reach. But you persistently keep looking. And you lose the time of life and true intimacy with someone very dear. Well, who's the fool after that?

2/18/2021  181  3

Spiritual deception: How does lying to yourself lead to cheating?

The closeness between partners is the boundlessness of perception and the joint discovery of opportunities. Only with such love will you be constantly relaxed. Only with this approach to life will fate always be on your side. It is useless to pray to God and be tense, i.e. deceive yourself and deceive the people through whom you come to know God. Your loved one is a project for life, or at least for a long time. And you really should consider life as your main business, in which it is worth investing both strength, time, money, and understanding. Therefore, if you have been betrayed and you are in pain, then you do not need to delay time, but break up at least for some period. I know that this contradicts the opinion of the majority, but I suggest we figure it out without looking for "easy" ways ...

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Friday, May 15, 2020 11:37 AM 

Инна, благодарю Вас за эту статью, особенно за эти слова:

О вас будет заботиться только тот, кто любит вас всего... Всего — это значит не внешние атрибуты и черты характера, а вообще все ваши особенности. Любящего человека умиляет в вас абсолютно все, хотя со многим он может быть и не согласен... Парадокс любви? Нет. Факт любви.

Ведь очень часто нам кажется, что мы должны кому-то соответствовать, чтобы нас любили... Наверное, именно этим можно объяснить небывалую популярность пластической хирурии и курсов личностного роста в наше время.

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