What to eat at night to lose weight

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Not eating after six?

The most common myth is: "Don't eat after six." And if you go to bed at two in the morning? Eat after six, but eat protein. And even better is protein and fiber in the form of vegetables, only not starchy ones (for example, fish and salad).Moreover, protein contains the amino acid glycine, which calms the nervous system.

Several anabolic hormones are secreted at night, and their work needs protein. Many people eat carbohydrates at night. This is the most common mistake. At night, the maximum period of tissue repair. Metabolic channels deliver amino acids to cells much more efficiently. If you don't eat carbohydrates overnight, the protein synthesis process will be more efficient. In addition, carbohydrate foods usually have a high insulin index.


To effectively use the night period for weight loss, you need to start the day with carbohydrates and a small amount of protein. During the day, the proportions should change in favor of proteins, i.e. there should be more and more proteins, and fewer and fewer carbohydrates. It is necessary to gradually replace carbohydrates from the menu with vegetables and proteins.

Many people know these recommendations. But for effective night weight loss, it is important for us to know how the insulin index works.

The importance of the somatotropic hormone

Now we will consider the option of eating just before bedtime, if you really want to eat, and the protein dinner was four hours ago. For the logic of nutrition, it is important to understand how the pancreas reacts to certain types of foods.

Every person is born with their own genetically programmed pancreatic response to different foods. The product entered the body, the pancreas felt the sugar and it immediately threw out the insulin. There are also such phenomena when insulin jumps from such low-calorie foods as, for example, cucumbers. These are already special cases. Remember, almost everyone's insulin is released into cottage cheese and fermented dairy products. Even low-fat cottage cheese raises insulin levels more than chocolate and cakes. These products have a high insulinemic index. They cannot be eaten at night: insulin is released, which blocks the action of the somatotropic hormone.

Somatotropic hormone is also called growth hormone. While we are growing, he is responsible for growth, in adulthood he is responsible for burning fat at night. It only works for 50 minutes and burns 150 grams of adipose tissue per night. And it's cool.

The hormone is well done, but you don't have to stop it from working. In order not to interfere, you need to eat foods with only a low insulinemic index at night. If insulin is released in large quantities before bedtime, then it will block the action of the somatotropic hormone and fat burning will not occur at night.

Many of you know about the glycemic index, which is the rate of blood sugar saturation. Each product has several glycemic indices. And their performance depends on many factors: how they were cooked and with what products they consumed. Glycemic and insulinemic indices are often parallel in products. But not always. There is a catch in this.I recommend studying Dr. Kovalkov's article You wanted to know about the glycemic index, but you didn't know who to ask.

For effective weight loss, it is important to know exactly how the insulinemic index works. For example, many people like to eat such a healthy and low-calorie product as asparagus beans at night. It contains up to two percent vegetable protein, which is well absorbed by the body. It has a low glycemic index and an excellent set of minerals (potassium, iron, magnesium) and vitamins (A, E, B6, B2, C, PP). But with all the positive qualities, green beans have a high insulinemic index, which means that the pancreas will secrete a large amount of insulin and you will not lose weight at night.Read separately about products with a high, medium and low insulin index in the article Insulin index: how a fat cell grows.


At night, you can only eat foods with a low insulin index. You will be surprised. Such products include black bitter chocolate without sugar, pearl barley, peanuts... Insulin will be released in small doses and will not inhibit the somatotropic hormone that burns fat.If you are very hungry, and you already need to go to bed, eat hard cheeses (and the average is 45 units) and egg white (AI 31). It will be great — you will quickly get enough and lose weight at night.

I recommend using black bitter chocolate without sugar and peanuts not at night, but at times when you urgently need to raise your energy level. These products are ideal for so-called "snacks" during the day. And — remember — on night we do not eat fruits — even with a low insulin index.

When making a diet, take into account the presence of contraindications. For example, cheeses are not recommended for stomach diseases, colitis, urolithiasis, gastritis with a high level of acidity.

Products with a low insulin index

Boiled chicken eggs — 31. Pearl barley — 22. Grapefruit — 22. Dark chocolate without sugar — 22. Cherry — 22. Peanuts &mdash 20. Apricots 20. Boiled liver and chicken fillet 10. Cabbage 10. Garlic 10. Broccoli 10. Bell Pepper — 10. Eggplant — 10. Greens — 10. Mushrooms — 10. Onion — 10. Tomatoes 10. Sunflower seeds 8.

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