Is a reusable diet useful for weight loss?

Vegetables on forks

I am often asked about multiple meals. And supporters of this system, however, as well as fans of all other nutrition programs, directly insist on its "healthiness" and "usefulness." And here are the advantages they bring:

  • The stomach does not stretch. And when the stomach is small, then saturation comes faster. After all, the saturation receptors are located in the upper part of the stomach.
  • "Lack of hunger. A hungry man can swallow an elephant. Hence overeating.
  • Frequent meals boost metabolism, because food is constantly supplied, and there is no need to store substances in reserve. A clear sign of a hyped metabolism is fever. You have allowed yourself to eat an extra amount of calories, and the body does not put them in the depot, but burns them out. You get very hot.

Such a nutrition system is often offered during workouts in the gym.

Does it work for weight loss? Yes.

Does it work for mindfulness? No.

At first, you can use it. Exclusively for weight loss. With frequent meals, you will not be afraid that you will stay hungry. Although, I'm sure that few people in this life really starved. I don't mean therapeutic fasting. And they were starving... This is one of the fears imposed on you, which comes from the fact that something is not enough for someone in this world. You won't get it... You won't have time...

Perhaps modern people don't have time to live because they eat all the time! And if they don't eat, then they view and share photos of food on social networks. And if you have already eaten, then you feel guilty that you overdo it... A vicious circle of "diabolical logic"!

I personally am not a proponent of frequent meals, because I welcome lightness in the body and I do not like to devote a lot of time to what is so logical and not worth a lot of my time.

We all live in countries where food is available. At any moment, you can satisfy your hunger. And this knowledge is enough for a reasonable person not to be afraid to stay hungry.

Of course, I understand that it is still difficult for many to understand that you can eat a small amount of food once or twice a day in order to always be full of energy. Always! But this is how the body works only when there is enough personal energy. Therefore, we monitor the quality of food and do practices.

It won't work out fast. And we are nowhere and not in a hurry, because...

Our main principles of mindfulness:

  1. We do and do not depend on the result.
  2. We are enjoying what we have now.
  3. We take actions every day so that the next one "now" inspires us even more.
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