Zhong Yuan Qigong Exercises

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Xui Mingtang

Zhong Yuan qigong is considered the most ancient of all the open qigong directions of the Chinese art of healing the body and expanding consciousness. Zhong Yuan Qigong methods are more than 7 thousand years old. The system includes exercises and meditations combined with various breathing methods. At the moment, the successor of the line of succession of this school is Master Xu Mingtang, President of the Beijing Kundawell Medical Research Institute.

Zhong in translated from Chinese means "center", "middle ", "middle way".The yuan is interpreted as the original one. Qi is the original energy.

The system does not belong to religious trends and does not support various ideologies. It is available for people of all ages and health conditions. Zhong Yuan qigong is a holistic science that awakens human capabilities.

Master Xui Mingtang likes to tell a Chinese fairy tale: "There was a frog in one well. And she said, "I know how big the sky is. And I know how much water there is. One day the frog got out of the well and went to the sea. And she went crazy because she saw such a big sky and so much water. Therefore, a person has two ways: the first is not to go anywhere, nor to get acquainted with anything new and stay in place, and the second is; Step by step to explore this big world...".

The exercises are demonstrated by Master Xui Mingtang.

Xui Mingtang

The magic dragon stirs the sea

The exercise promotes the development of the lumbosacral spine. In this area of the body there are kidneys, which, according to the Chinese Qigong system, belong to the element of water. Energy passing through the kidneys contributes to the normalization of the genitourinary system.

Put your hands on the kidney area with your thumbs forward. Rotate the body to the left counterclockwise. 8 times. The soles of the feet do not come off the floor. Then rotate 8 times to the right clockwise. Repeat the exercise three times. As much as possible. After completing the rotation, shake yourself sharply, pushing off from the floor.


The sacred crane drinks water

Exercise to increase the mobility of the cervical and thoracic spine. It helps to increase brain nutrition, treat headaches, and improve the movement of energy along the spine.

Tilt your head forward a little. Turn your head to the left as far as possible and return to the starting position along the upper arc. At the same time, the chin describes an elongated oval. Run 8 times. Repeat the same thing in the other direction. 8 times.

Stretch your neck forward, lower your head. Then pull your head up so that your chin slides over your chest and tilt your head back a little. Thus, the spine will make undulating upward movements.


Big tree

This exercise is several thousand years old. It is practiced in many Wushu schools.

Feet are shoulder-width apart. The feet are parallel to each other. The knees are slightly bent. The back is straight. The pelvis is matched. The chin is slightly lowered. The body is relaxed. The tongue touches the upper palate. Eyes are closed. We hold our hands in front of us, slightly bent at the elbows, palms facing the stomach.

Imagine that your feet grow deep into the earth and turn into the roots of a mighty tree, and your body grows high into the sky to the light of the Sun, moon, and stars. Place your palms in front of your navel as if they were supporting a large ball. The elbows are set back from the body. The armpits are open.

Feel the energy (qi) of the earth rising from below through your legs, Yin, and the qi of the cosmos coming from above, Yang. Relax. Concentrate on the sensations in your body.

The minimum duration of the exercise is 30 minutes.

When finishing the exercise, insert the energy ball that you are holding in your hands into the lower dantian (lower abdomen) through the navel. Fold your hands over your navel.

Men put their left hand on the navel, the right palm is placed on top of the left. Women are the first to place their left palm on the navel and cover it with their right hand. Mentally concentrate and turn the ball into a dot.

Energy massage

After performing the exercise, rub your palms until you feel hot. This balances the energies of Yin and Yang. Now, with light movements, wash your face with your palms up from the chin to the hair, then to the sides and down with a lot of pressure. Imagine that you are smoothing out all the wrinkles.

Intensively, but gently pat the head with your palms in the direction from the back of the head to the forehead. This opens biologically active points. Comb your hair with the pads of your fingers in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head. At the same time, the fingers should massage the scalp with pressure. It improves blood circulation and hair nutrition.

Rub the auricles from top to bottom until the ears feel burning. Gorenje. Such rubbing is equivalent to a massage of the internal organs. Intensively pat your hand from the shoulder to the hand along the outer and inner sides. Alternately: first the left hand, then the right.

With both hands, synchronously pat the trunk from the front: from top to bottom from the neck to the pubis and at the lumbar level from the sides to the center of the navel.

Pat your feet from top to bottom from all sides. This opens active points on energy channels.

Pat your back in the spine area.

Rub your palms again until they feel hot and place them on the kidney area. Feel the warmth of your palms moving into the kidney area. Now perform a light massage of this area.


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