Nutrition after cardio

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If you have only cardio today according to the program or according to your desire, then you completely exclude the intake of carbohydrates for the whole day, only protein food. Do not eat for two hours before training. If you have a workout in the morning, then drink a glass of water + amino acids before training and that's it. On the day of cardio training, it is very effective to carry out interval training.

What is the interval load?

The principle is as follows: we walk on the treadmill for 3 minutes, then run for 3 minutes. And so, from 30 minutes and up to how much can you stand. The time interval can be changed from one workout to another. For example, today 3 minutes of walking and three minutes of running, next time 4 minutes of walking and 4 minutes of running, then 2 minutes of walking and two minutes of running. We change the time every time so that the body does not get used to the same load. Walking speed 6-7 km per hour, running 11-13km per hour (you can run faster, everything is individual). Interval training allows us to accelerate our metabolism to such an extent that calories will be burned for several more hours after training.


I want to draw attention to the duration of your workout and it doesn't matter if it's an interval training or just cardio.

The body switches to "fat" fuel only after 15-20 minutes. Try to analyze your feelings: start exercising, and when you feel a slight heat, this will be the signal to switch. At about 20 minutes, you will start burning fat.

Everything that happened before this, regard it as a warm-up, like heating the stove inside yourself. It's not worth doing an interval of 40-60 minutes or more right from tomorrow: the more gradually you accelerate the body, the better the result will be in the future. Add the load gradually, from week to week.

When you are in good physical shape, do not limit yourself to just one interval, mix it with something else. For example: we made an interval machine, add any cardio load to it: a bicycle, an ellipsoid, a stapler, etc.


I often observe in the gym that many people practice on treadmills, but they put their feet absolutely wrong, methodically killing their knees. Please, if you don't know how to run properly, or you are overweight, which can be assessed as overweight, or you are not a fan of running at all, then use an ellipsoid. This is very effective and will protect you from the problems that can be caused by improper exercise.

On the day of cardio, it's great to do exercises on the abs, both at the beginning of the workout and after. But without fanaticism. We must always follow an increasing trend, it is impossible for an amateur to constantly work at the peak of his capabilities. Having taken on excessive loads, sooner or later you will break down psychologically and physically. Do not rush, you need to deal with yourself efficiently and with pleasure!

When should I close the protein window after cardio?

30-40 minutes after the training, take protein in the form of protein (preferably with amino acids). After another hour or so, a meal of protein+salad. As previously mentioned, no carbohydrates on this day, only protein foods and vegetables. And fill up your glycogen reserves tomorrow.

Why shouldn't the protein window be closed immediately after cardio?

The body will burn calories at its peak for at least another hour.Don't mix it up... This option of closing the protein window is suitable only after cardio loads. And if you had a mixed training (strength+cardio), then the option described in the material "Nutrition after strength training" comes into force.


Why shouldn't you take carbohydrates before cardio?

Thus, you will delay the time of fat burning. As energy, the body will use the incoming carbohydrates and only when their reserves disappear, it will take up fat deposits. Therefore, on this day you need to give up carbohydrates altogether.

What time is it to do cardio?

In any case. I like to study in the evening, but that's just my preference. Many people like to do cardio in the morning. And there are excellent reasons for this.

When you wake up, your body has a reduced amount of glycogen. Therefore, the body mobilizes fats due to its lack. Food causes the release of insulin, and it prevents the mobilization of fats. There is little insulin in the body in the morning. That is why more fat is burned.

If you do cardio in the morning, your metabolic rate remains elevated for a while after training. If you do cardio in the evening, you will certainly benefit from it, but you will not be able to take advantage of afterburning, because your metabolism will slow down dramatically as soon as you fall asleep. But! If you are still active for a couple of hours after your evening workout, then everything is fine. Active — it means — You are working on projects, studying, doing practices, and not lying down and lazily browsing the Internet.


There are several other benefits for those who like morning cardio workouts:They give you a good mood for the whole day, thanks to the release of endorphins. "light up" and wake up, help regulate appetite during the day.The circadian rhythm of your body adjusts to morning loads, which makes it easier to wake up.They increase the metabolic rate within a few hours after the end of the workout.


You can be sure that you can get rid of excess weight only with the help of a rational diet and strength training. And it's easy. But if you want maximum results, then add high-intensity cardio.

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