Инна Иванова Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Make God laugh with your spirituality

I often have people come to me who have visited many ashrams, monasteries, shamanic camps, places of power and regions of worship of the holy. Many of them consider themselves spiritual, or even highly spiritual, or following the path of spirituality. There are also "eternally seeking" citizens, who do not yet have such a number of prayed-for places for enlightenment. They constantly want to go somewhere else, and worship someone else, and pray to someone else, to get closer to the great paths that have long been passed... And they, telling about their travels, evaluate the degree of spirituality of others. Of course — accidentally. Of course — it slipped out. Of course — they could not resist... And they ask, ask, ask: "How to become even more and more spiritual?".

I ask a counter-question: "How can you assess the degree of spirituality?". If you start to evaluate it, then you, as a person, have a state of duality. Duality is the absence of awareness, i.e. understanding the essence of things. And the main point of spirituality is that it does not exist.

Spirituality, as a concept, was invented by people. It is in our "developed society" as if an indicator of "high personal development". "Spirituality" is not a level of intelligence and good manners. It is a mark of distinction!

Can you say who is "more spiritual": Buddha or Jesus, Krishna or Lao Tzu, Confucius or Muhammad? By what criteria will you evaluate? There are no such criteria in the Universe. Not provided.

But if I ask, who is "more spiritual": you, singing mantras under the hot sky of India, or your neighbor-alcoholic, drinking alcohol and performing "Vladimir Central" to the delight of the whole entrance, you will unequivocally choose yourself. Why? Because you have advanced further in the spiritual quest? And you know a lot of tricky names: "samsara", "karma", "chakras", "point of assembly", "nagual" and so on?

...When you "do spirituality" in a "spiritual place" with "karmic brothers and sisters", you choose a "clean" platform for practices, where you will not be disturbed. You tune in to the process and sing mantras. Everything around is so well arranged for sacred texts. Ideal people. Ideal atmosphere. You feel the unity and connection with something incomprehensible, which everyone around calls "divine"... True, right? True! "Spiritual people" are usually so sensitive to the environment that they try to avoid "low vibrations" and unworthy members of society. But then you return from the trip to your home or apartment, where, of course, everything is "feng shui". Everything, except him...

He is waiting for you — the real neighbor-alcoholic. And he does not care about you, and your practices, and your spirituality. It's hard to sing mantras under the "golden domes" and "the northern wind, a lot of evil". And a heavy burden falls on your heart: anger, rejection, agony... Spirituality is blown away by the wind. Oh, I have to leave again from these nasty people!..

In place of the neighbor-alcoholic, as you understand, you can put the boss, wife/husband, lover/lover, children and everyone who "distracts" you from the spiritual path. In a global sense — this is the country, and the government, and the weather, and the crisis...

If you are in such a state, then think about what you are exchanging with God? Right, your rejection of His world, i.e. you transmit to God that he was wrong in creating such disgusting and vile individuals. And, based on this logic, Papa God is an idiot. Yes? Yes! Here it is — His — reality, which constantly irritates you.

But! Do not run away from it to warm countries and places of power. You are always in the place where you should be. You will become a place of power yourself, as soon as you stop judging people, and their paths, and their opinions.

Want to cleanse the space, lighting candles and incense? Burn human perception. You do not need sacred texts for this. You only need you and the fire inside. It is always in you. Let him do his job. But it will be a sequential work.

Go out on the street and 10-15-20 seconds look at people — and do not judge. Look at yourself in the mirror — and do not judge. At your loved ones — and do not judge. This is a really hard practice. If you can hold out for at least a couple of tens of seconds — you are a superhero. Without exaggeration.

Start with small portions. Do not try to speed up the process through willpower. On the contrary — slow down. This practice has an accumulation effect. Today 10 seconds. Plus tomorrow 10 seconds. Plus... Plus... Plus... This comprehension of non-duality always goes in plus.

We do non-doing: we observe people, watch TV/read the Internet, but do not form any images, do not give any ratings. And a few seconds (tens of seconds) do not get distracted. This is a real challenge for practicing the state of silence of the mind. And in simple terms — practicing happiness. Because the silence of the mind comes only after your mind has become your friend.

And now let's go back to the neighbor-alcoholic. What attracts me to his image?..

First, let's remember the parable-anecdote about the "real spirituality".

The priest and the drunk bus driver find themselves at the gates of heaven. Saint Peter tells the priest:

— Before you get into heaven, you will have to wait two years.

Then Peter turns to the bus driver:

— And you go ahead, please, they are already waiting for you.

The priest begins to protest:

— But how is that? I have been preaching for so many years, and he just drove the bus drunk!

Saint Peter answers:

— When you preached — everyone slept, and when he drove the bus — everyone prayed.

When you follow — any — path of comprehension, you always need irritating factors. Necessary! Otherwise, how will you track your progress?

Bring cake, wine, sausage, beer and recordings of mantras to the neighbor-alcoholic. Maybe he will start listening to them too... Not right away... And right away you will learn something new about yourself in the cheerful obscene language of the "simple people". And laugh.

When something irritates you — do not try to switch and distract from the world. This world is your personal territory. Act: absurd and fun. Without stopping...

And the silence of the mind will come when you yourself will cope with external circumstances... And for this you do not need to connect with the divine. You consist of all the necessary ingredients. To solve any problems.

Without options.

Without doubts.

...And the neighbor-alcoholic? Are you really so spiritual that you want to change the direction of his path?..

One of the great masters of Ancient India achieved comprehension, drinking days and nights on end. His name is Virupa. What is the grandiose secret of the Master?

When Virupa drank, he was so desperately bright and brave that, without stopping the libations, he constantly shared with God the joy. He actively poured alcohol into himself and recklessly loved life.

Without conditions.

Without restrictions.

And even God was not needed for such sincere joy! And he amused the representatives of the so-called "higher civilizations". Really... If you make the Archangel laugh, you will get all the variants of the future. None of the entities with a large amount of DNA want to communicate with dull beings, and the Angels are already tired of answering questions about "destiny".

Therefore — act and make God laugh. It really works on him.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 8:44 AM 

Иногда, когда молишься или медитируешь, ловишь себя на мысли, с каким серьезным или скорбным лицом это делаешь.... то же самое происходит, когда порой вглядываешься в лица людей на улице...вот, наверное, Богу весело наблюдать за нами, людьми с физиономиями суперважных ребят, будто только что в очередной раз спасших мир... думаю, именно легкости и радости нам часто на духовном пути и не хватает. Мы становимся тяжелыми и грузными от нашего самомнения, что мы адепты 80 уровня и негоже нам с праздными лицами бродить по свету, мы ведь люди серьезные...

Духовная работа редко ассоциируется с легкостью и радостью. Думаю, стоит начать менять этот стереотип. 

Monday, April 20, 2020 6:47 PM 

Да, полностью согласна, можно с утра до ночи молиться в храмах, сидеть в медитациях,читать духовную литературу, поститься, это не приблизит человека к духовности, разве что вырастит гордыню. Только радость и любовь в сердце является индикатором «духовности». Не помню, кто-то из великих сказал, что радость так же свята, как молитва!🙏

Friday, December 18, 2020 5:31 PM 

Всё так! Честно, открыто и в точку! Спасибо, Друг! Буду практиковать😉 

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