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Evolution versus happiness

Evolution versus happiness

Many people indulge themselves with thoughts "I am good, so everything will work out for me". "Everything will work out" in the usual sense — means, I will be happy. The reason "I am good", the consequence — I will be happy. Don't you think that this formula hides a huge evolutionary trap?..

Such an approach makes no sense, because evolution did not program people for happiness. Such a formula of life is an illusion, sealed in the minds of many. An illusion, created by some people, to make slaves of others.

But... Nevertheless... The search for happiness, which in our reality implies not only material values, but also "true love", continues. Humanity does not give up. And from many wonderful people, there are calls: "Lord, why don't you give me true love, and what you give — is always not it?".

Perhaps people have invented this very "true love" for themselves, as a sophisticated form of neurosis, to give meaning to the search for "the meaning of life" under the slogan — all for the sake of love?.. And, faced with the harsh reality, they constantly have to be disappointed that it — this very true love — does not want to come...

Reproduced. Passed on genes. Free?

There is no stability in evolution. Evolution and the development of civilizations are driven only by changes. Because from the discovery of new things and overcoming difficulties, there is a qualitative leap in the development of the human species. In the development of any kind of entities.

Neither a person... Nor his decisions... Nor his search for true love... Make him act and choose partners. It is evolution that forces people to reproduce and flock together. We call flocks families, nations, states, but what difference does it make, since it is so prescribed in biological instincts...

Living in a flock is not as scary as alone. Living in a flock is more profitable — for many species it guarantees survival. The human brain does not evolve since the time of the Cro-Magnons: too short a period for history. Therefore — thousands of years and even hundreds of thousands of years — all instincts are in place. And they work, as always, on schedule.

  • The instinct of security requires social interactions.
  • The hierarchical instinct requires taking the highest position in the flock.
  • The instinct of reproduction requires passing on genes.

Evolution, of course, will continue regardless of behavior and balance of power in the flock. Evolution does not care whether males and females are satisfied with each other or not. Reproduced. Passed on genes. Free.

It's harsh, of course. But — true. Therefore, people in search of happiness are left to themselves. Therefore, they need external faith, seasoned with rituals. And, unfortunately, the illusion of faith in the "good Father" still obscures the knowledge of the structure of the "good Father".

The knowledge that the quantum God has already inscribed the real power of love in every atom at the moment of birth of our — another — Universe. And human happiness is his care and his actions. In all times and for all times.

It's simple... Happiness is wisdom. Unhappiness is ignorance. And the way out of the sphere of illusions is a real stimulus for the project of one's own life.

All you need for happiness...

  • Learning is necessary for cognition.
  • Thinking is necessary for learning.
  • Love is necessary for learning.

And these are practices of cognition, not related to external stimuli of civilization. They are originally given to everyone, as internal settings.

God is not a fool to create an entity, and then write additional instructions to it "how to live".

On the tablets of all the commandments, all the sages have written only various warnings as in fairy tales: like do not drink from the well — you will become a kid. And there are many variations on this theme in all teachings.

Therefore — I want to emphasize: the energy practices that we use are only necessary for learning simultaneous concentration and relaxation, which over time leads to mastering intention.

Intention is the consequence of accumulated personal power. Intention is necessary for fast interaction with the quantum system, not for obtaining material goods, as many are used to thinking.

And what about this famous and hyped concept of "happiness"? As always — simple.

Everything you need for happiness, cognition, wisdom, joy, relaxation, awareness, movement, is already originally inscribed in every person in every atom.

It is enough not to interfere with yourself to remember... And this can always be done in one life. And only a restless mind prevents you from remembering.

And again... To calm anxious thoughts and ignite the fire of atoms, you need practices. They do not necessarily have to be special, wonderful, special and "belong" to some teaching.

Practices are just tools that have been tested on many people for many centuries. There are more effective, there are less effective. But still — they are only tools. What really matters is the state of the person, which is recorded by the system of his electromagnetic fields. And the system of electromagnetic fields — the soul — cannot be deceived. Here you need to learn not positive thinking, but creative. And this is a huge difference.

External positivity is based on the syndrome of an excellent student: I will be good — and I will be rewarded. Creative attitude to what is happening — the natural state of a sincere person.

As I have emphasized more than once: sincerity is the basis of the Impulse. Sincerity launches all the necessary processes of transformation. Do not lie to yourself and others. Do not build illusions about yourself and others. Oh, how not easy... Oh, how many neuroses and low, high, broken, humiliated and offended self-esteem stand between a person and a Real Person. But to destroy these walls is within the power of everyone. For this there is Life.

Life, in which you need to learn

  • to think like God,
  • to feel like God,
  • to act like God.

Aaa... I almost forgot...

So how do you answer the question: "Lord, why don't you give me true love, and what you give — is always not it?". Simply: "Because you, my beautiful person, still love the way it is convenient for you to take, and not so beautifully, to give".

Tested on happy, kind and enlightened. Working scheme.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 7:50 PM 

Благодарю за такую подробную инструкцию жизни. ❤️
Мурашки по телу от этой информации! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 7:55 PM 

Это бомба. Обычно людям в день рождения дарят подарки. Тут наоборот. Спасибо. 🙏🙏🙏

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