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How to find your person?

How to find your person

Now many people use the expression "I want to find my person". And one of the most frequently asked questions, when people come to visit me, sounds like this: "How can I find him?".

You don't need to look for your person! You are not a search dog. Your Soul does not seek anything. Love and enlightenment are written in it as original programs. Only your anxious mind tries to look for something. Don't worry, Fate — in a more global understanding of the System of God — has already taken care of you. Even before you were born on this beautiful planet.

Meeting with your "person" is determined in the fate of each individual. If you have not met him yet — the one you love and who loves you — then this meeting is in the future. You need to work on yourself and wait. Working on yourself means learning, having fun, enjoying life.

Yes, I also used the terrible word "wait". I don't like to wait myself. But — I can. I learned. Not right away though.

...Now imagine the System of God as a huge restaurant. And each person has their own table. You placed an order. Your order is Love.

I emphasize the importance of this definition — Love, not to meet "someone, just to not be alone". The words "I want to meet my person" — "my man" — "my woman" — also need to be urgently removed from consciousness. Because you will meet many of your people... These can be new friends, new nice colleagues at work. There are a huge number of options.

Don't you enjoy spending time with a friend? Of course. So, this is your person. That's it. For the brain, body, soul — an indisputable fact that the desire is fulfilled. There are many "your" people around you. Always.

So, the correct order for the System of God sounds like this: "I ask to meet a man/woman who loves me and whom I love for a happy family life". And forget this social nonsense about "your person" forever.

Let's continue...

The waiter — the Soul — accepted the order. (Although the Soul already knows what you need, but this is a topic for a separate conversation.) Now we turn on the logic: what do you need to get your order? Right — time.

You sit in the restaurant and wait. At first you wait relaxed. Conditionally you are young (in the human understanding of age) and everything is still ahead... Time goes by. You look around and see that someone has already received their order... Or they are carrying it... And suddenly it seems to you that they have forgotten about you. You start to get nervous, fidget and make a stupid mistake — you run up to the next table, grab someone else's order and run away in full confidence that you were lucky to take something away from the one who was not as quick as you. The usual human state of anxiety of the mind. The Soul and God have nothing to do with stupid actions.

What happens next? You take someone else's — you get suffering. I emphasize — you always get suffering! In a month, a year, ten years... It doesn't matter to the Soul, because everyone has the original right to choose to create any crap with their life.

But! Suffering in this world is not a mandatory program of development. This is an ordinary retribution for taking what is not yours. You harm your own fate by stealing part of the fate of another person.

Or — God forbid — you start fighting for someone else's, because it's "banal" to feel sorry for the time and energy spent on this very "someone else's". And you need to go back to the beginning. To that same restaurant... Again make an order. And — wait.

The future is like rubber. By your actions now you either attract or repel your love, or postpone it to the next life.

There is a wonderful expression that reflects the essence: "Everything that is yours will remain yours. Everything that is not yours will disappear forever".

You interfere with the effective development of the future. And you don't let the Soul make you happy in the shortest possible time. In its "understanding of time", of course...

I also want to draw attention to the fact that in most cases you meet in this life those people who you already knew in past lives. This happens in order to complete karmic situations. And this needs to be understood and consciously used. You don't have to live with a person "from the past". You don't have to endure and suffer. You can pay off the debt and go on easily. It's just a debt... But if you start dragging on with him a dull existence again, the situation will repeat itself. Until you get out of the vicious circle yourself.

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