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I'm a girl. I can do it!

I'm a girl

Today we will look at a typical female technique under the general name "I'm a girl." This manipulation works flawlessly, because it knocks a man out of the country of his logic.

But that's exactly what girls need — to translate "unpleasant" circumstances in their favor, when some nonsense has already been clearly done or said, and the situation needs to be urgently changed. Therefore, a common expression is: "I'm a girl" should be read with the continuation: "I'm a girl. I can do it."

Such an argument in communication especially infuriates a man, because the opponent in conversation proclaims the obvious truth. This is equivalent to if a man asked:

— Honey, how did you manage to crash a car in the parking lot again?

— I'm a girl. The earth is round. The car rolled down by itself.

After such a frankly idiotic mess, in which the consequence does not follow from the premises, the man hangs in amazement. And he thinks that his lady completely lacks logic.

No, my thoughtful men, who naively believe that they can easily read the "simple thoughts" of the opposite sex. No. Your girl understands everything perfectly. Only understands how it benefits her...

Evolution has given women a gift

Until the moment when the lady "said something stupid," she calculated a couple dozen possible answers in a second. This is a feature of the prefrontal cortex.

This area of the large hemispheres is responsible for choosing behavior, planning, and decision-making.

The prefrontal cortex coordinates thoughts and actions with internal goals and predicts the consequences of what is happening here and now. She constantly monitors the surrounding space and people: "If I do or say this, will it be better or worse? Is it good or very good? Is it bad or very bad?"... And this part of the brain works better in women. Proven. It's useless to argue!

Evolution has made such a gift for women, as for physically weaker creatures who need to find ways out of traumatic situations faster in order to save themselves and their offspring.

Women adapt better to any circumstances. And the main "traumatic" circumstances for women are related to men...

Therefore, even the stupidest lady on the planet likes to think that it is a man who is stupid, since he does not catch up with "simple things".

He should first feel sorry for her — she was "scared" when she hit the car, and then promise to buy a new car. She's wanted to for a long time... And he asks her about such nonsense — why did you crash the car again, read — did you do something stupid?


Why do ladies do "stupid things"?

  • If a woman were an avid neurophysiologist, she would say that her abstract thinking is better developed than that of a man, and spatial thinking is worse.
  • If a woman were a quantum physicist, she would say that it has long been mathematically proven at the subatomic level that there are no accidents. And the car was supposed to crash.
  • If a woman were a magician and a magician, she would say: "Why, dear, are you so dependent on material values? After all, everything in life is predetermined from above."
  • If a woman were a philosopher, she would say in the style of Ecclesiastes: "All is vanity of vanities and longing of the spirit."
  • If a woman were a Zen master, she would silently smile at an unconscious entity: "They say, your time will come. Wait." After all, everyone knows that answers to empty questions waste the time of a Master's life... And they multiply the sorrow of the seeker.
  • If a woman is just an ordinary woman, then she says, "I'm a girl." And according to her primordial logic, which she herself does not fully realize, she is offended by a man.

Female resentment

She is offended that he does not understand her, does not feel her, does not support her. And only the man brought the situation to such a blatant "extreme", measures of influence follow from the girl — a dissatisfied look, pouting lips, looking into the distance, sad sighs and eloquent silent disregard. Well, and anything else that she comes up with or subtracts on social networks. The main thing is to show offense.

The main thing in a woman's offense is to make him feel guilty. The main thing is to consolidate your hierarchical instinct.

Of course, in order not to see this unhappy face, a man "in a relationship" is ready to make concessions in order to stop the "women's rebellion". Give me money. Buy. To clothe. To give.

Women, as avid businessmen, are drawn into the taste of touchy behavior, because it makes a profit over and over again.

And so it goes on for years, until he either leaves, or dies, or she finds a "better" for herself.

What does he want? I don't understand...

Mikhail Zhvanetsky has a great performance on this topic:

"A man has to feed me, clothe me, give me gifts. Otherwise, what does he want? What does he want? I don't understand. That's all. And he can't explain. I explained to him what I wanted... And he can't explain. Why are these meetings? Why are these dates? Tell me, what do you want? If you can't, use the Internet, have sex by correspondence. And what do you want from another person?.. If you can't explain, then don't forget to ask what the other one wants? That's it. Go. Otherwise I'm afraid I'll understand you"...

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