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Stories from practice: a million shades of black

Stories from practice: a million shades of black

A businesswoman. She put her life on the "good of her daughter." I raised her alone.

In her youth, her first husband abandoned her after she could not bear their first child. She hated this man. Betrayal. Loneliness. I started working a lot. She made a career. I earned money. She didn't let men near her. I didn't believe it.

But over the years, it became more and more scary to live alone. I found a married man and started dating. She immediately told him that she only wanted a child from him. But the child did not turn out, although the tests were good. She was advised by a "kind man" to go to one "haunted place" and ask for help, but you need to sacrifice a rooster.

The "good man" asked:

— You don't mind killing a bird to get a baby, do you?

— It's nothing.

— Nonsense, not nonsense. But who do you want?

— I would like a girl. We'd be friends when she grows up. What kind of place is this? Why is it cursed?..

— A... Don't be afraid. I just call it that. You can name the place of fulfillment of desires. They say that the old sorcerer's house used to stand there, and then people burned this house together with the owner when all the cattle in the area died and the babies began to die. Don't worry about it. It was a long time ago. There's not much left. It's even beautiful. A huge boulder stands by the road, a small pond, a clearing, trees. The thing is: we'll buy a bird, we'll come, you'll do everything quickly.

— I can't kill a bird. I've never done that.

— I will help. I'll hold it. You'll just cut with a knife, blood will flow, you'll say your wishes out loud. That's all. And when you get pregnant, you will need to repeat it as a thank you.

When a pregnant woman came to thank the "place" for her help, she asked her daughter to be very beautiful: "I want my daughter to be so beautiful that men howl in pain". She said this phrase out loud several times.

Daughter. Model. Covers, trips, catwalks. I have met with many businessmen. She broke up several families. With ease, based on a simple postulate: "those who are more beautiful than their wife can do anything"!

Her mother, looking at her, sometimes joked sadly that she had given birth to a daughter with a heart of stone. To which the daughter replied: "Mommy, it's easier to live this way. I don't want to love anyone. I want to use it. I want to hurt men and watch them beg for my love. And then take their money and live as I want."

Besides being confident in her appearance, this girl was also confident that having sex with her would make any man happy. Therefore, without hesitation, I undressed on the first date, cynically emphasizing: "Boy, why would I listen to your reasoning and waste time on you if you're bad in bed. Let's act."

At one of the foreign fashion shows, I met a handsome handsome man of 45 years old. She was stunned by his beautiful and romantic courtship, a huge hotel room, watching the movie "Pretty Woman" together and, of course, strawberries with champagne. It had been a long time since anyone had treated her so respectfully. Like a lady. He kissed my hands. He showered the bed with rose petals. After a week of "mutual love", he gave her a diamond pendant. And, lowering his eyes, he said that he had unusual desires for sex and if she was ready to fulfill them, he would shower her with these trinkets.

— Strange desires? — I thought the "experienced in sex" girl. — Yes, it's nonsense. Let's see...

The man took her to his house in a small village. Introduced to the neighbors. Everyone was very friendly. The man explained that he himself is not from this country, but lives here sometimes, because he really likes the local mentality: mow the lawn, smile and no one will meddle in your business.

He immediately warned her that she could leave at any moment. He showed her a room for "stress relief" and asked if she wanted to stay. Doubts arose. But then he led her to a collection of jewelry that could become her property if she stayed for a couple of months, plus a substantial fee.

In a special room, he placed the diamonds in a prominent place behind illuminated glass. They sparkled beautifully. He explained that he was a serious person, and they would arrange a deal through lawyers so that she would not think that she was being deceived. The papers were signed to the satisfaction of both parties.

...She was tied up, gagged, beaten, stabbed. And it didn't look at all as cute as it was shown in the movie "50 shades of Grey". Pain and humiliation have nothing to do with the disturbing sensations of watching Hollywood movies. Although humiliation on the third day does not count anymore. Just pain, pain, pain and sparkling diamonds on the wall. The shame of what was done to her also passed quickly. It was replaced by the fear that she would not stand it and say the "magic word", after which everything would stop immediately, but she would have to leave, having received only a third of the amount stipulated in the contract... And without diamonds.

She had a master, but other men came too. Sometimes with his companions. Their women were especially sophisticated in "permitted" tortures: cauterize breasts, genitals with a cigarette, strangle and look into the eyes, beat with a whip with a sharp tip, drown in an ice bath. By the way, they didn't hit me in the face on purpose. So — sometimes they hit her or she herself fell unsuccessfully. The food was good. They gave me vitamins. The wounds were treated. In her spare time, she had her own room in beige and pink tones and a personal maid. Any alcohol and light drugs for stimulation were allowed.

A few months later, she returned home. I bought an apartment, a car. I put the diamonds in the bank. She lived alone. I drank to avoid insomnia. Panic attacks began. It seemed to her that she was being watched to steal and kill. She completed a course in a psychiatric hospital. I left the hospital, got behind the wheel, bought alcohol, drank and immediately tried to throw myself off the bridge by car, but the fences turned out to be strong. Then she cut her wrists in the bathroom. Mom returned home on time. I called an ambulance.

The mother blames herself for her daughter's misfortunes. All her wishes were fulfilled.

She asked for a child, but not for love. She asked her daughter to be beautiful. But not happy. Well, there's something about pain... The daughter is really very beautiful. And her daughter is sick. She was ill when we first met.

My mother found me after some time of their joint suffering with her daughter. I cured my daughter of "suicide attacks.".. It doesn't work as fast with humans as it does with demons, for whom once is enough. But — the situations of the past are over for both women.

I would like to write something "encouraging", but the most important thing is that they will live. And they will prove with their lives that they have stopped "killing" other people. And yes, for at least 10 years neither the mother nor the daughter will have men in bed. Then we'll see...

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Инна, спасибо, что делишься историями из практики! Очень наглядно, доходчиво и жизненно!

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