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The Millennium question: on what date is it possible?

On which date should I have sex?

I didn't think that I was an exorcist, who sent hundreds of demons "by stage" and changed the fate of thousands of people, I would write material about which date to have sex on. But the fact is obvious. Before talking about the structure of the universe, it is important to discuss issues that concern very, very many. Therefore, we will start a series of materials on the relationship of the sexes with the "simple" one. But first, I will explain why I consider myself entitled to talk about this.

The people who came, come and will come to visit me, tell me absolutely everything. When I "turn on the third eye" while working with a person, it is impossible to deceive me. Of course, there were attempts... Of course, many people try to talk to me as a psychologist, but I have to harshly interrupt a series of their beautiful and useless lamentations. In 90 percent of cases, the creators of a dull, irresponsible and painful life are the participants in the events themselves, and not demons, magic, "dark forces" and "divine predestination of fate."

Of course, many people are used to telling their story in such a way as to look either "heroes" in their understanding, or "at least not morons" in relation to their personal lives. But... There is no condemnation of their actions in me. No acceptance of their actions. There are not even concepts of generally accepted "sinfulness". I don't care how many partners a person has had. On which date did he/she have sex with them. Actually, I don't care about that! All that matters to me is what this has led him to and what needs to be done to undo the previous "stupidities" and give him the opportunity to use life for its intended purpose — To Love and Enjoy. And intimate relationships are usually the most striking milestones in a person's life. And they can be cut off. Over the years of practice, I have collected a huge amount of information and traced certain patterns of many destinies. And all this is logical and justified. And sometimes it's so corny... But 99 percent of the world's population does not do basic actions for happiness. And he doesn't even want to do it, because it's a long time! And then you won't suffer for the rest of your life for long? Is it not long to be treated for years? Okay...

This is a planet of free choice. And everyone has the right to spend their current life in any sophisticated way. But I hope that at least some of them will "suddenly" turn on the instinct of wisdom. I am addressing them...

The most important aspect of personal life, which is now troubling minds, can be called, without exaggeration, the millennium question: "When can I have sex with a partner I like?" Then women like to throw me "convenient options": "On the first date? No, probably not... Only if it's love at first sight? It happens, after all... Really? And on the third, isn't it already normal? Or wait a little longer? But I watched a video on YouTube, they said that "you are not a whore if you „gave“ on the seventh."

...This verb "gave" is so interesting. It's always interesting, but what exactly did you give? What can you give me, my dear?

Many beautiful young ladies of all ages are now using intimacy as a means to escape from depression, fears, despondency, loneliness. That's exactly what you gave the man when you had sex with him and an energy tube sprouted between you.

Attention! We can only share with another person what we have ourselves.

Did you give it to me? Of course! What? Depression, fears, despondency, loneliness. A man feels this on an energetic level, so over time he leaves, runs away, abandons, changes. It is impossible to leave energy, which by its nature is power, love, intention, happiness, and life itself. Well, what kind of fool would leave the fire in a dank place?

The law is the same — we love only Energy — Impulse — Fire in another person. Everything else... Appearance. Manners. Personality. Charisma. Strength and other attributes of masculinity and femininity are only derivatives of the energy charge inside us.

Now let's talk about the boys. Men are usually divided into two categories. There are, of course, several enlightened stages of development, but this is a topic for a separate conversation. So...

The first category of men is more predictable — these are those "brave adventurers" and researchers of sexually transmitted diseases who are immediately ready for intimate interaction. The most common version of a proposal on a first date: "Honey, it's only through sex that we'll know best if we're right for each other." Another typical option has different variations depending on education and age: "You are my woman. I'm your man. If you need a reason, then this is the reason." Thanks to Vyacheslav Butusov for these lines, which helped many cheerful "alpha males" to "not look for a reason."

Another category of men belongs to the "experienced users". Some of them have already been betrayed and abandoned... Once or several times, it doesn't matter. Even after the first case, their brain signals that a woman, or even worse, a beautiful woman, is communication — danger — sex — danger. Therefore, they are very careful in choosing a partner. Some are afraid to get infected, others to get married, others are just in constant anxiety about anything!

Many careful men know from their own experience that after sex, a lady can dramatically change tactics and from a "goddess of sex" retrain into a "schizophrenic fool" who appointed another "promising groom" to her husband. And a man's life begins to be accompanied by vigilant control, nagging, whining and other delights of his casual relationship.

...And he thought she was so cool at the club party... The man could even view her Instagram profile, where she was in such openly accessible poses that he had no doubt that sex for her was "purely relaxing" after a couple of cocktails. Naive. But he is a quick learner.

Are men afraid of losing their illusory freedom? Very! And they run from their pursuers, and block contacts, and go on long business trips, and send "sex goddesses" to the very three letters that they so unsuccessfully disposed of themselves. Although the same man thought a couple of months ago: "Sex? It's nothing. Why waste time on such an elementary issue, especially if she agrees." And once upon a time, the "winner of chicks" was so happy that she "gave quickly"! And so he bragged to his friends about his victory. Now he's enjoying the story of his own stupidity.

The men and women of our blessed planet are at a loss. They tried different options: the first date, the second, and the third. And still, in most cases, it all ended with someone becoming a stalker and someone a victim. Shitty divorce statistics also confirm fears that there are only "fools" and "goats" around.

So when do people who like each other have sex? Ah, what a difficult human dilemma! The angels flew away from the Earth so as not to see or hear this insane orgy of "freedom of choice."

And here's the answer you won't like.

It is necessary to have sex with a well—known person, i.e. a character whose quirks and nuances of behavior are pleasant and touching to you.

Your philosophical views on the structure of the world may not coincide. Your habits may not match, but for each of you it is not important that, for example, a man likes to watch action movies, and you like tearful melodramas. A man likes to spend Friday evening with friends in a sauna, and you and your friends in a pizzeria. For a man, the best vacation is to go fishing, for you — to lie on the beach. These little things are solvable. But only between friends. Without compromises and concessions. We just sat down and talked. That's about it...

— Darling, what do you want?

My beloved tells me about the delights of fishing, the beauty of nature, the night sky full of stars, the amazing life in a tent, morning coffee when there is only fog over the river. And the two of us, my love, have sex... Together, of course, and a couple of snoring men nearby ...

My beloved knows. She's already fallen for romance somehow. And, of course, after that she said that she liked it. Her lover is very attentive and wants to repeat this desperate experiment for her.

My beloved says tenderly:

— Okay, I'll do as you want. Because I love it when you're happy. But, the joy of my life, can I wait for you at home while you drink vodka with friends and feed mosquitoes on a fishing trip. I'm so afraid of these mosquitoes... And I don't want to interfere with your male company. I understand that you have completely different conversations with women. Take a break without me. And I'm going to miss you. Very, very much. And when you come back, I'll be burning to meet you. And, of course, your favorite dishes will be waiting for you for dinner.

— Of Course, My Love. Stay at home. I'll call you often, often.

Can you regard this dialogue as manipulation of your Beloved?.. No, this is a regular training of female wisdom, which then develops into an instinct of wisdom.

The woman did not deceive the man. She said what she didn't like, but not in an aggressive way, but in the form of a discussion. And her Lover made a decision that made her happy. He loves her. And he doesn't want her to be bitten by mosquitoes. After all, she has such delicate skin...

So, you understand the logic — first you become friends, and then you become madmen and experimenters in bed. And already on this basis, "your strong community" is being built.

Of course, what is written in the previous paragraphs will cause passion and indignation. But what about love at first sight? What about feelings? But what about "divine providence": "We saw each other — and a spark flashed between us. We immediately realized that we were meant for each other. And then the fire of love ignited in our hearts!"

Yeah... Sure... The "fire of love" has ignited in your loins. Hello, hormones!

You need to accept the fact that you are not in control of your hormones. You don't control your thoughts. You are not directing your energy. You can only learn to do it over time.

But how do you learn how to do it? As usual, consistently and for a long time. We will talk about this in one of the following materials.

Monday, May 11, 2020 7:57 AM 

После Тантрического контакта секс стал священным, сокральным действием.. это близость двух Душ... Вокруг только и слышу... «что ты себе напридумывала... какая Тантра..смотри сколько мужчин тебя хотят.. секс нужен для здоровья!» И уже было подумала, что со мной что-то не так.. пока не попалась статья «Секс в четвертой касте»... оказывается просто каста поменялась)) Там пишется все о чём потом у Вас прочитала. Благодарю, Инна!

Про управление гормонами очень интересно.

Видела ваше видео с Зайцевой. Хочется Вас слушать снова и снова. Есть ли у Вас канал на Ютуб?

С уважением, Яна.

Monday, May 11, 2020 11:51 AM 

Вот надо же было столько прожить, чтобы придти к этой простой истине! Раньше я думала именно так, что самый главный фундамент отношений — это физическое влечение и только к 40 годам поняла, что самое главное — это дружба и психологический комфорт рядом с человеком, а не всплеск либидо. Теперь я всем подходящим ко мне мне мужчинам с горящими страстью глазами говорю спокойно, будем дружить, а там посмотрим и что вы думаете, страсть проходит и все больше никаких точек соприкосновения оказывается и нет и какой же тогда смысл сближаться и растрачивать себя! Мудрость приходит с годами!)))

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