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Learning about Love as a Force: higher yoga for two

Higher yoga for two

The man has the first, third and fifth energy centers active, the woman has the second, fourth and sixth. When the partners connect, the chakras enter each other, the vortices swirl and at the same time the seventh energy centers turn on in the areas above the tops of both of them and energy gushes out of them.

One stream of love runs through the energy channels, healing and enlightening. The drops of past experience that we carry in subtle bodies dissolve and you no longer need to forgive anyone. You are no longer offended by anything. The subjective world becomes harmonious and full. Another stream of energy moves through auras, like lines of an electromagnetic field around the Earth. The bodies of light turn on...An additional bonus is the development of initially inherent abilities: vision, knowledge, understanding. You are "making love" and learning wisdom. That's right!

Wisdom — from the word "mudra" — means "sign, symbol" in Sanskrit.

The different positions of the bodies during the act of love are the ritual sign language with which you communicate with God.

The highest yoga leading to a sublime spiritual, mental and physical state — happiness.

This kind of thing only comes with relaxation. And what else can relax us more than intimacy with a loved one?..

During orgasm, you stop controlling the world. This is how you enter samadhi for a moment — a state of wholeness, unification, perfection.

For a few seconds you become Buddhas — Liberated. By the way, after the peak of pleasure, you can immediately meditate. Try. It works great.

The main stream of force at the moment of unification of the inner elements of the lovers shoots out in the form of a ray, which repeatedly breaks through the exit from the sphere of illusions if you are in dense worlds. It makes it possible to travel astral together if the dream bodies are formed and conscious. By this Ray you will rise into the real world at the moment of the highest point of Life — at the moment of Death. You can even do it together if you have managed to become Liberated and choose the time of transition yourself.

When you drop your ambitions and accept the other as God, and together break through the barriers of perception, then this life for both becomes the last in the circle of rebirth. Ascension is guaranteed to await you.

The Source does not forget about its mission to make us happy. He created for everyone someone with whom you perfectly match and will be until the end of time in this universe. And in the next one, whatever you want ...

...There is a space inside everyone at chest level that feels. Look carefully — the space is enclosed in a cage. By breaking this armor of illusions and self-admiration, you will get rid of the "devil", sins and accompanying torments. And the System will start to work effectively through you.

You will learn something that you have not experienced in this life yet — you will become a God. Just not a tame complexed god, like that little cage of sensations and fears inside you, but a universal field of perception of existence. And for the sake of such bliss, it is worth going any way... There are no "tests" on them anyway... There are lessons and exams for perception, there are stupidities and funny incidents of self-knowledge, there is an inevitable movement without condemnation and censure. There are discoveries and adventures. And all this in a complex is called teaching Love as a Force.

Learning to Love is learning to wait, understand and accept.

Learning Love as a Force is doing it all consciously.

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