Facial massage according to the Qigong system

Girl's face and hands

Master Wushu Mu Yuchun tells you how to massage your face and head, accumulating energy.
The best remedy to get rid of wrinkles is your hands.

1. Hands should be warmed up before massage by rubbing each other well. To enhance the effect, massage on the wrists. Now you separate your hands and feel the tension between your palms. A pulsation will begin in the palms, which has a rhythm in tune with the heartbeat.

2. Bring your palms up to your face and make slow circular movements without touching your face. You should have the feeling that your face is attracted to your palms.

3. Now make movements with your palms "like a pump": closer to the face further away from the face.

4. Tilt your head forward a little. Cover your nose and mouth with your palms. Just don't press your palms tightly against your face. Breathe deeply and calmly. Inhale a little faster than exhale. On the inhale, open your palms, on the exhale, close them.

5. Massage your face again in a circular motion, without touching the skin.

6. We make 7 rings: circular movements around the eyes, nostrils, mouth, ears.

7. We connect the little fingers with each other, apply them to the eyebrows. Gently guide the little fingers to the temples. Each movement starts from the center of the forehead and ends in the area above the ears.

Now, with each finger in turn, make smoothing movements under the eyes.

8. We change the direction: move our fingers over the head, bring our palms together in the area above the back of the head and smoothly return to the eyes.

9. We stroke the forehead with our fingers from the center to the temples, then the area under the eyes, cheeks, mouth, chin. Smoothly and rhythmically.

10. We open our palms like lotus petals under the chin and move upwards, leading our hands from the chin: we pass the ears, the area above the back of the head, massage the occipital tubercles with our thumbs and return to the chin in a circle.

Massage of the occipital part of the head

This massage is very important. If there is a spasm in the occipital region, then the blood does not fully flow to the head. Because of this, the appearance naturally deteriorates.

Eye exercise

Close your eyes and control that the pupils look clearly forward. Keep them in suspense and count to 40. When you open your eyes, your visual clarity will improve.

Ear massage

Warm up the palms again, apply them to the ears and make 8 turns of the palms. Now we move to the back of the head to massage the occipital protuberances.

Exercise "Ball of Energy"

We make circular movements with alternating changes of hands. When your hands are even more warmed up, you gently move them over each other. No touching. Form a ball between your palms and roll it between your palms. Soon you will feel warmth and attraction between your palms.

Now put this energy ball on your head and move your hands around your face without touching the skin. You close your eyes and feel the pulsation between your palms and your face.

It is important to relax after such a practice and stay calm. You have just accumulated energy and at one point you can lose it if you start making sudden movements. Do not interfere with your body's ability to be healthy. The master asks you to take this practice very carefully.


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