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Taking responsibility: who owes whom and to whom?

Take responsibility: who owes who?

Men should take responsibility. Otherwise, they are not men... Several beautiful women have already sent me phrases of similar content after the article Sex and money: what do people have under masks?.

The most common one is: "If a person doesn't take responsibility for you, it's not your person." I don't know where the girls read it and listened to it at the same time. Although... Now there are enough women's forums about what "men should do". But on these sites, the opinion of the opposite sex is usually not present. And men are unhappy... And men are indignant...

Men believe that they should take responsibility only for those women whom, by their definition, they have already "absolutely" chosen. For those who make them happy.

In the male sense — and in the long—term perspective of living together — it's simple: not to take out the brain (this is a controversial definition for me), not to demand daily declarations of love, not to terrorize financially... And "in life" — to be kind and loyal.

Loyalty, by the way, is in the first place of the rating of a female personality. And, of course, men agree that they first fall for looks, and then evaluate internal qualities. But they always evaluate. And... well, yes... I almost forgot about the notorious sexuality! After all, she is now such an important "component of success"...

So that everyone wants me!


The main indicator of typical female sexuality for a man is to want him and only him, because all other males have the right to exist, but compared to him they fall short or "just suck."

The main indicator of typical male sexuality for a woman is to want her more than anyone else in the world, because she is "the only one". And keep telling her about it... And worship her... And to please in every possible way. But...

There is a nice nuance in the attitude of the majority of modern humanity towards themselves.

Many women and men need to be wanted by everyone!


Do you think that we are talking about the powerful libido of these people?.. By the way, Freud insisted that libido is the main motivating force of behavior and cognition. Ha!..

Self-importance is the main driving force of humanity, and sexuality and all other quirks of behavior already flow from it. But what is hidden under such a vivid vanity? Fear.

The condition of people who seek universal worship can be characterized by the term "infantile neurotics." They can be irritated by any external stimulus. Any dropped word can bring them to a boil. He is used to being offended about anything. And also...

They always consider themselves to be right and knowledgeable. They create "wonderful" neurotic families! And they really like to talk about someone else's responsibility when they themselves suffer from constant internal helplessness.

Desires and anxiety

For a woman's perception, the statement about "must take responsibility" looks simple, clear, accessible. Only men and women understand the word "responsibility" differently.

Many women mean that men have to pay for their desires. And this is acceptable. Often a man cannot emotionally express feelings, but shows his concern through gifts and money. Only — as always — there is a "small" catch...

A woman's desires grow in direct proportion to her anxiety!

That's why women dream of heroes from novels and TV series. Indeed, a strong-minded man can calm a woman just by his presence. Only, unfortunately, many ladies dream of strong ones, but agree to any, justifying themselves with the stupid slogan "if there were a cute one nearby."

Burn bridges with the past

For a strong man to "take responsibility" for the woman he loves is to burn bridges with the past. And when he commits himself to such obligations sincerely, under the influence of the impulse of love, then he becomes happy from this state. Because he is important, necessary, necessary.

And the woman he patronizes becomes relaxed and creative on such a drive, and the man... A man can become a fairly successful representative of society, even if he did not particularly strive for this state.

Men become rich out of desperation! Because it's either him or no one. All. It must be so necessary.

A man goes into business like a barricade and wins because he has a family behind him. He has his Homeland behind him. I know that this expression sounds pathetic, but it's true. Some women do the same if circumstances have put them in a difficult financial situation. We talked about this in more detail in the article "Women's money: do you want more or have more?".

A strong man is ready to die for his Homeland, for his Family — for a Global Idea.

A strong woman is ready to die for her children. Children are her Global Idea.

Strong men choose strong women. Because only a strong woman can fill a partner with energy for achievements.

Strong women choose strong men because only such people inspire their admiration. Strength in this context is a mentally healthy approach to reality. At this stage of civilization's existence, it is a rather rare phenomenon.

Conscious people always take responsibility for the condition of their partners, for their actions, and for their happiness.

And, of course, when I talk about strength, I mean mercy, acceptance, kindness ...

Yes, it is from these qualities that lightness develops, which outwardly manifests itself as the most exciting and charming sexuality... Well, what could be "sexier" than kindness?..

The danger of sex: the exchange of karma

People habitually say that they are losing energy... Yes, but think about what this concept includes? That's right: everything: health, youth, beauty, money, etc. Because mdash; about what you would not think, what you would not touch, it's energy. From sex without love, people grow old and get sick, because they begin to live through parts of someone else's karma, someone else's fate.

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One-time love

The number of happy people on the planet is steadily decreasing. But there are a lot of "alpha males" and "sex goddesses" to stupefy. This behavior stems from a clouded mind. People just don't know how to live beautifully. They don't see great stories around them that they want to take an example from. Therefore, their lives flow along the beaten path: another partner — another sex — another disappointment ...

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Sex and money: what do people have under masks?

In the articles "Classics of the genre: you want, but he pays" and "Women's money: to want more or to have more", we touched on the vast field of gender relations on the basis of misunderstandings about money. Dear men and beautiful ladies continue to write, express opinions and indicate desires. For many, there is material for reflection. It would seem that there is nothing new in this topic?.. But, you know, most people are used to thinking that only they know and only they are right. Let's figure it out...

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