What is protein and how is it better than chicken breast?

Man drinks protein

Many people still consider protein to be almost a hormonal agent. Protein is a protein concentrate from whey or eggs (albumin). If you decide to buy protein, then take it with 65% protein content (not less). The more protein, the better, but the taste is worse.

Why is protein, and not, for example, chicken breast? Protein is fast and complete assimilation, and in the breast100 grams is only 18 grams protein, yes and it will take much longer to digest, and you need fast protein after training, yes and a cocktail is easier and tastier to drink than chewing meat.

Calculate your diet: an athlete weighing 80 kg needs a minimum of 160 grams protein. With food (chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, fish), he received 100 grams of protein, and the rest was protein 60 grams of protein. If the protein is 80%, then it is 80 grams of powder. Therefore, sports nutrition is called supplements to food, and not a substitute for it, as many people think.

It is very good to take protein before going to bed. There are special night proteins that are slowly digested, giving away amino acids and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance for a long time, which promotes muscle growth.

Eat well, drink protein and vitamins — and you will have simple happiness — a beautiful body and a healthy body that is ready for serious practices and receiving large flows of energy.

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